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Chapter 1

Harry Potter appeared in front of his destroyed family home in Godrics Hollow. There were two faint pops signaling apparition and Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom walked up behind him.

"Are you sure its here Harry?" Neville asked.

"Yes I can feel the dark magic that's coming from the Horcrux" Hermione grasped his hand.

"But it could be left over magic from the killing curse, right?" She asked him. Harry kissed her hand.

"Trust me its here I know it. This would be the last place any one would think to look."

"So then I guess it the perfect hiding spot." Neville drew his wand and opened the gate.

The trio went into the house and began searching. "If you find it don't touch. Voldemort might have set curses on it." Harry reminded them.

Harry and Hermione walked up the stairs and went into the first room that they came across, which was Harry's.

"This is where she died Hermione. Right here" Harry pointed with his hand. "He was standing were you were and I was in the crib." Tears formed and they began to fall.

Hermione walked over and embraced him in a hug. "It'll be all right Harry. We'll find the last horcrux and then we'll be able to kill him." She looked at him and then pressed her lips to his.

The two of them had been married for three years and their love for each other had never diminished. They held their lip lock until they heard Neville calling them.

They rushed down the stairs. "I'm in the kitchen hurry up!" He shouted and Harry noted the excitement in his voice.

"Where is it Neville?" He pointed to some uprooted floorboards and tossed Harry a dark detector.

"That's it all right." Harry said gleefully when the dark detector glowed red. "Hermione levitate it on the table" Harry reached into his robe pockets and half of his hand vanished inside of it.

Finding what he needed Harry withdrew his hand and from his tattered robe pocket out came the sword of Gryffindor. "Who wants to do it?"

"It should be you mate. After all the prophecy did say, you were going to kill Voldemort." Hermione nodded in agreement and smiled at Harry. He smiled back the first real one in years.

He raised the sword above his head and bought it down onto the horcrux.

BANG! The giant wooden doors in Riddle manor were pushed in forcibly and with too much gusto causing it to hit the walls. "My lord something terrible has happened"

"What is it Weasley" asked a ticked off Voldemort.

"The wards around your horcrux have been triggered." Ronald Weasley said to his master.


"The wards-" started Ron

"I heard you!" Shouted Voldemort, "Who set them off?"

"Its Potter my lord" Ron saw the hate build up in Voldemort's eyes and he slowly backed away.

"Gather the Death Eaters Weasley. Its time for Harry Hunting!" Voldemort ordered. Ron happily went. This was finally his chance to try to kill Potter and the other two traitors.

"Incendio" The spell hit the two half's of the horcrux (the diadem). "It's finally over" Neville said in a disbelieving voice.

"Almost Neville almost. All we need to do now is kill Voldemort and we'll finally be free." Hermione told him.

He sat down on a chair his back to Harry and Hermione. "I love you Hermione." He whispered to her

"And I love you too Harry." She whispered back and she buried her head in his chest.

They stayed in each other's arms, "Um, er Harry" Neville called.


"We should get word out that Voldemort can be killed now." He nodded and the two of them separated and followed Neville out of the house still holding hands.

When they got to the gate the shit hit the fan. "Avada Kedavra" shouted Ron Weasley.

The killing curse hit Neville in the chest and sent him flying past Harry and Hermione.

There were about thirty pops and Death Eaters surrounded them. Harry and Hermione had their wands out in a flash.

"Harry Potter, it is time for you to die" Voldemorts voice came from behind


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