I got bored with the lack of Manga for Highschool of the Dead. My story takes place directly after the last printed version of the manga, as of 11/3/2011.

"We've got some company," Kohta said as they made their way down a side street near the blockade of furniture that had prevented Rei's mom from getting back to the other suriviors.

"Let's get moving," Takashi said, "Saeko, I guess you're still walkin' point."

The female Samurai nodded as she began to walk in front of the group, Kohta moving a few paces behind her close by was Saya, followed by Alice, Ms. Shizuka and Kiriko, with Rei and Takashi holding the rear.

"I'm glad we found you mom okay," Takashi said to Rei as they began navigating the winding alleys in the rain.

"Thanks! It's really good to see her," Rei said beaming at Takashi.

"It's good to see her, gives me hope of maybe finding my mom alive at the school," Takshi said watching his surroundings, and giving Saeko directions when they either came to an impasse or an intersection.

"I'm sure we will," Rei said concern tinging her voice.

Takashi nodded, being able to find little comfort in her words. "Getting there is going to be the tricky part. Do you think we should go through the park on our way there? It's kinda small, and it's got the one water-fountain, but it's really open. It'll give us a good idea of what roads to take to get to the school, what with it being on a hill and all."

Rei nodded her approval. "Yeah, it's not far from here either."

"Hold down the rear for a sec," Takashi said moving up the line toward Saeko.

"Hey Saeko," Takashi said falling in step beside the swords woman.

"Yo," she said moving her parasol a bit over Takashi to extend a little extra shelter from the rain.

"Listen, we're gonna want to take a left at Peace street, and head up the hill to the old park. It's really open and overlooks a good bit of the town. We can get some bearing before we make our way to the school. Help us pick our path, so to speak."

"Gotcha," Saeko said winking at Takashi. "It's good for a man to look before he leaps," she said with a smile.

Takshi nodded, a small rosiness forming on his cheeks and made his way back to Kouta and Saya. "Gonna take a small detour. Get our bearings better," he said falling next to the gun-freak and the self-proclaimed genius.

"Good idea," Kohta said the evidence of his combat fatigue still evident.

Takashi nodded and lost a step to look at Saya and mouthed, "watch him."

Saya nodded. "It's about time you thought of something useful," she said in her usual catty manner.

"Yeah, for a genius, I don't see you coming up with much," Takashi said catching her small fist on the bicep. "Hey now, just jokin'," he said in a playful manner, trying to lighten the mood around Kohta.

As Takashi fell back again, he merely patted Alice on the head before heading back to Rei, unwilling to leave her alone to guard the rear.

"How's Kohta," Rei asked.

"Still a little rough," Takashi said adjusting the Benelli's strap a bit.

"I see. I hope we can get some rest or something, that may help a bit," Rei said looking for a bright side. "Maybe my dad can help. I'm sure he knows something about it."

"Yeah, I hope so. Kohta's a good guy, dead walking or not i'd really hate to lose him," Takashi said as they they turned left at Peace street, now climing up a fairly steep hill.

"Ms. Shizuka may think of something," Rei said patting Takashi on the arm.

"Yeah, and maybe we'll grow a set of wings soon," Takashi said laughing.

"Good point," Rei laughed.

It's good to see her in such a good mood again, Takashi thought to himself. She took Hisashi's death so hard... Well, so did I, he thought to himself thinking of the guilt and the pleasure he had felt at killing his best friend.

It wasn't that Takashi had felt bad about the necessity of killing Hisashi, he was already dead, it had been the fact that he had enjoyed doing, just for a second. The man who stole his girl away.. Mr. Perfect... Whenever it was brought up, he was nearly overcome with grief and guilt. It was why he tended to snap at Rei...

Moreover, Takashi was confused about his feelings for Saeko as well. With all this idle time, just watching his surroundings, checking on the group, and keeping everyone moving, it left a lot of time for thought. Scenarios ran through his head like a track runner in a marathon. He'd even had a nightmare recently where he'd had to make a choice between saving Saeko and Rei, on or the other. That dream had nearly broken him. It was just by sheer willpower that he hadn't cracked.

Saeko led the group upwards until they made it nearer the hill's crest, an open gate before them, to which the park lay within. Takashi had been right, there was no cover, and it was completely open, some playground equipment was scattered about, and a fountain lay within its center. Leaning up agains the fountain, was a woman smoking some kind of cigarette.

"Got a live one in there with some kind of rifle in a military get-up," Saeko said as the group congregated around her.

Peeking around the gate-post, Ms. Shizuka squealed in delight. "Rika," she said bouncing her way through the gate toward the dark haired soldier resting at her ease in the park.

Saeko laughed to herself. "Well, I guess we found her friend," she said laughing all the while.

"At least that one looks smarter," Saya said crossing her arms beneath her breasts.

"Sensei finally found her friend," Alice said chiming in cheerily.

"That's right little Sis," Kohta said cheerily, cheerily enough that at least Alice wouldn't be able to tell it was merely feigned.

Saeko met Takashi's eyes for a moment and she knew what they were saying. "That's a hornet's nest we'll have to deal with soon," and Saeko agreed with his eyes.

"Right, but shouldn't we at least make our introductions to Sensei's friend, that is, before Sensei's smothers her with tit," Saeko said trying to lighten the mood.

"I agree, " Kiriko, Rei's mother, said cheerily. "Well, with this open area, they won't be able to come at us without ample warning, and it's easy to get out of here. Might as well take a short break."

Takashi nodded.

"You're going to choke me with those thing," Rika said hugging her friend tightly despite her own voiced protests.

"Rika, I'm sorry. It's good to see you," Shizuka said finally disentangling themselves, which lead the bouncing of breasts of epic proportions.

"S'ok, sweetie. I see you've brought friends," she said indicating the Shizuka should introduce them.

After the introductions were over, they gathered by the fountain, and began to exchange stories of survival, good natured jokes, and enjoyed a small snack.

Leaning over, Rika caught Shizuka's attention and began to whipser. "What's wrong with the boy with glasses, the one with my AR-10?"

Recognizing the need for the whipser, Shizuka related the story of the young police woman, the events that had transpired. "The combat-fatigue is really getting to him," Shizuka finished.

"Doesn't sound like combat-fatigue,it sounds more like P.T.S.D. or shell-shock," Rika said watching the young man carefully.

Kohta was occupying himself with Alice in his lap, happily playing some child's game with her, Saya still carefully watching him.

Saeko, Takashi, Rei, and Kiriko moved up hearing some of the conversation.

"Is there anything we can do to help him," Takashi asked.

"Rest is the best thing," Rika said taking a drag from one of her miniature cigars, "but some people never recover from shell-shock. It's broken many a good soldier, and he's still young. He hasn't had much experience with this kind of thing, so it's very hard on him. Only time can tell," Rika said finishing her cigarillo.

"That's not good news," Saeko said glancing over her shoulder. "He's been keeping us alive, being the only one with any real experience with firearms. Maybe once we get to Shintoko 3rd, he can get some rest there."

"That would be best," Rika agreed. "I've been out of contact with the SDF for a bit, now, but last I heard, they were still evacuating from there, though there seemed to be some problems with it..."

"That's not surprising," Kiriko said. "People always panic, and crack under strain, and this is some serious strain. No telling what kind of crap the SDF and the police are having to put up with there."

"Anyway, Rei, Saeko, could you check our supplies, I'll check with Kohta to see how the situation is for ammo," Takashi said moving away form the group, as Rei and Saeko began to check on their food and miscellaneous supplies.

"I'd better go with him," Rika said following the teenager away.

"Some friend you got there," Kiriko said to Ms. Shizuka.

"Yeah, we've known each other for a really long time. And we've always been there for each other as long as i can remember.

"Oh yeah," Kiriko said with a sly smile on her face.

"Well, you see, yes and no," Shizuka said laughing.

"It's okay, I was the leader of an all female gang in my youth, there was a time I detested men," Kiriko said with a wink.

"Well," Shizuka said blushing, "We do have that relationship, but we both also date men. It's just that when things go bad, we always find ourselves back together. Kinda like our own little broken-heart's club," she said still blushing furiously, and biting the back of her thumb in embarrassment.

"Make sense," Kiriko said laughing. "I was much the same way till I found my Takashi," she said laughing.

"Hey, Kohta, how are we for ammo," Takashi asked picking Alice up from Kohta's lap and sitting her astride on his shoulders, much to her great delight.

"Well, got about two-and-a-half mags left for my Ar-10, three for Rei's Springfield, a single magazine left for the MP5 saya's got, the luger's got a 25 round drum on it just about full, and Saeko and Ms. Kiriko have yet to fire their pistols, so they've got one mag apiece. How much ammo, do you have left for the Benelli," Kohta asked.

"What's left in it, and about one more reload's worth," Takashi said exasperated.

"I've got about 200 rounds of 7.62 spare in my pack, that will fill up the magazines on the Sprinfield and AR," Rika said kneeling and beginning to pull the ammunition from her pack.

"That'll help, but we'll still want to avoid as much fighting as we can," Kohta nodded. "Give me and Rei about five extra magazines apiece, but we don't know when we'll be able to find more, so we should conserve it as much as possible."

"Good analysis," Rika said hefting her silenced bolt-action rifle. "I've got about ten reloads for this just on me. If we need to clear some out, I can reach out and touch them, and it'll cut down on the noise some. But you're right, until we find a reliable source of weapons and ammunition, we'll conserve, fighting as little as possible. We might be able to get resupplied at Shintoko, with my influence, but I'm sure they'll be needing it as well."

"Chances are," Rika continued, "since you're civilians they may confiscate your weapons at the elementary."

"Yeah," Kohta said with a sigh. "They'll probably disarm most everyone not a soldier to better be able to maintain the discipline until they can get a good evacuation plan in place."

"Right," Takashi said a little put off. They'd earned this fucking guns. "We should get moving soon. Ante up," he called out to everyone, giving the signal they were about to move on.

Stepping up to Shizuka, Rika nodded at Takashi. "Kid's got some balls, ain't he?"

Blushing from their time on the motorcycle in route to Rika's place, Shizuka nodded. "Yeah."

As they moved up toward an intersection, Takashi heard the report of a gun and incredibly close. Even as he took a step to the side, and prepared to raise his own weapon, he found that his foot wasn't where he had thought it would be, and fell to the ground, his vision going out.

"Takashi," Rei cried, as she fell to the ground next to Takashi. It was then that she noticed the blood coming from his side. "Takashi's been shot," Rei said looking back toward the rest of the group, and was shocked by what she saw.

"Move and I'll cut her ear to ear," came a nasaly voice from behind Alice, the man using her as a shield.

A few other men came from hiding, one of them holding a revolver, it being the only one present Rika could only assume that had been the man to shoot Takashi from hiding.

"Drop your weapons, and the rest of your shit on the ground," came the nasal voice again.

Rei placed her rifle on the ground, and then noticed Saeko on the ground, the round that had passed through Takshi had embedded itself into her leg.

The other soon followed suit and began to place weapons, and the rest of their gear on the ground.

"Such big men, aren't you," Rika said defiantly, "hiding behind a child."

A big man then back-handed Rika hard, her head whipping back as the muzzle of the gun cut her cheek.

It was then that they heard some sort of hollow pop, and the man with the revolver fell to the ground, blood running from the hole in his forehead.

It would have been comical, but the strange sound came again and again, in rapid succession until only the man holding a blade to Alice's throat was left.

Everyone picked up their weapons and held them at the ready, a stand off apparent.

Kohta heard a scraping sound from a walled house to their left as and readied his weapons as a man slipped out of a tree to stand on the wall a silenced MP5, Kohta suspected, held in his hands.

"Anyone got a shot on that prick," he said hopping down from the wall, nodding to the kidnapper.

"Bad angle," Rika said slinging her rifle and drawing her pistol.

"Not much fo one," Kohta said his teeth being audibly ground.

The hulk of a man merely raised his and let out part of a breath as he fired once more, the shot, to Kohta and Rika's ears, sounding suspiciously quiet for a 9mm.

Blood spurted from the man's groin, as the knife fell from nerveless fingers. Alice, tears running down her face and a cry from her little throat ran over to Rei and Saeko, who were hovering over the wounded Takashi.

The man, screaming in agony, made to scrabble away on his hands, his small form making good time all the while leaving a blood trail down the street.

The big man with the supressed weapon fired once more, and the screaming man halted in his attempted escape.

It was then that Rika noticed him. He wasn't Japanese, he looked like an American, perhaps even Irish, he wore a tactical vest, black tactical clothing, and had two tomohawks hanging one on each hip.

"Name's Reed," he said as he let his weapon hang on its sling drawing one of his military-style tomohawks and advancing on the screaming man.

Reed merely stepped down on the man's back, causing his scream to change in pitch, and sunk the tomohawk deeply into his head. "Piece of shit," Reed said pulling his weapon from the bandit's skull with a sickening crunch.

Shizuka was in the process of checking Takashi's wound, trying to keep an eye on both him and Saeko.

Rika pointed her pistol at Reed. "Your timing seems a bit convenient."

Reed merely shrugged, slowly placing his tomahawk back into the ring at his hip, reaching slowly into a pants pocket, he pulled out a picture. "Someone I was told to look for was here," he said offering out the picture.

Kohta, while Rika kept him covered, moved up and took the picture.

"It's a picture of Rei and her parents," he said dumfounded.

"God damn cop's been driving me batty. Won't let me go scrounge for anything without that shit. He's holed up in my place, and it seems we need to get your wounded there," Reed said holding up his arms, indicating Kohta should take his weapons, just in case.

Now unarmed, Reed, regardless of the weapons pointed in his direction, nodded to Kiriko. "Your husband's safe. I'll take you to him, but we these kids can't walk."

Shizuka, now checking on Saeko's leg. "There both okay for the most part. Takashi's wound is clean through on his left side, it broke some ribs, but didn't hit anything vital or pierce his air cavity. Saeko's not gonna be able to walk well for about a week, but the bullet just tore a little muscle and went out," the buxom nurse announced to the group.

"I can carry them," Reed said, lifting Takashi up beneath his right arm, and grabbing Saeko not to kindly and flinging her over his left shoulder.

"I own the old mansion just around the hill," he said nodding towards Kiriko.

"Lead on, Yankee," Kiriko said holding Reed's own weapon at his back.