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Life is full of surprises. Some are good and some are bad. Sometimes with the bad comes good. Naturally, we want only good surprises in life, but if we aren't willing to take a risk, we may never find the good that is sometimes hidden. I've learned this lesson more than once… the first time being my view on Jamie Sullivan. Was her good hidden? Most definitely not. Was my good hidden? Definitely. And who was it that saw that buried good? Jamie Sullivan.

Falling in love with her was a surprise indeed, but it was…a good surprise. Finding out she had leukemia…now that was a bad surprise…or was it? Because with it came so many wonderful things: marriage…faith...and a love much deeper than I could have ever imagined. It was something that I wanted to hold onto so desperately, and I found myself searching…praying for a miracle. Maybe that's what we're all really looking for...that special miracle. It may be small or it may be large. Nevertheless, we want something amazing to happen in our life. And so we look and hope…and sometimes, just sometimes, we get the miracle we're looking for.

Chapter One

Seasons change with time. It's inevitable. And so as summer came to a close, I worried that Jamie's life would as well. But the leaves began to fall, and the grass in our front yard died loosing its lush green color, but Jamie…Jamie was still very much alive. In fact, she was better than she was at the beginning of the summer. I would wake up every morning to see her smile and end every night with it too. Day after day, week after week, prayer after prayer…Jamie was still with me. I soon forgot that she was supposedly suffering from a terminal illness because she simply wasn't suffering. And talk of death ceased. I was attending school and working only part time because of my situation with Jamie. She had insisted that I go ahead with college not wanting to hold me back, and although I hated to leave her, I knew she was right. What am I saying? She was always right.

In early December, Jamie decided that she needed to get a full check up seeing how she was experiencing new energy. I held her hand as the doctor told us her latest test results, expecting the worst. Little did I know that I was about to get the best news of my life. The cancer was gone. There was no trace of it left in Jamie's body. In short, we had gotten our miracle.

We sat in silence for a few moments, letting it all sink in. I had dreamed about something like this so many times, and now it was coming true. Jamie…my sweet and beautiful Jamie wasn't going to leave me so soon. She turned towards me, her eyes shining as they did when I proposed, and then a smile slowly formed on her face. A smile I had grown to love more and more each day. I smiled back, joy overflowing in my eyes. We spoke with the doctor for a little longer, though I can't remember what was said. All I knew was that Jamie was going to be okay, and that was all that mattered.

When we were finally alone, Jamie and I stood on the sidewalk in the cold winter air and stared at each other. I don't think either one of us had words to describe what we were feeling at that moment. Jamie shook her head, laughter of joy coming from her mouth. I soon joined in, taking her in my arms and spinning her around. "Yes!" I remember shouting as Jamie squealed in delight. I set her down, taking her face in my hands. "Oh Jamie…you're going to be okay…you're really going to be okay!"

"I can't believe it."

"It's a miracle." My eyes roamed her gentle face. "You're a miracle." I whispered as my lips fell to hers. And I kissed my wife on the street that day with such bliss and love. Jamie's hands tucked around my upper arms as mine entangled themselves in her soft hair. It was a kiss filled with new hope. Hope in a bright future together. Granted it would not be perfect. Life would be hard, but we…we had been given another chance, and I was not going to Jamie Sullivan Carter for anything less than she was…a miracle.


We called everyone to tell them the good news, and they were all thrilled. Being able to say that Jamie's cancer was gone was the most wonderful feeling…I can't even put it into words. I took Jamie to dinner to celebrate at the restaurant where we had our first date. We danced, talked and enjoyed our new freedom. Everything was perfect until later that night at about 3 A.M. I turned over in bed and realized Jamie wasn't there. I sat up and turned on the lamp to find her sitting by the window. "Jamie what's wrong?" I asked as I rubbed my eyes.

"Oh I'm sorry. Did I wake you?" She asked absently, her eyes distant.

"What are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep…I couldn't stop thinking."

"Come here." I softly commanded scooting over in the bed. Jamie complied and joined me. "I can tell something's bothering you so what is it?" She shook her head, her eyes falling. I gently lifted her chin with my finger to find tears surfacing in her chocolate eyes. "Baby what is it?" Her eyes dropped to her lap again as she bit her lip. Seeing her cry always made me want to cry with her. When she was hurting, I always wanted to find the quickest way to help her. She took a quick breath and looked up at me.

"Landon… are you sorry…that you married me?" There was no hiding the shock on my face. How could she even, for one moment, think that? I tried to recover from her question quickly, and assure her that I was NOT sorry.

"Why would I be sorry?" She shook her head again, her eyes falling and rising in a brief movement.

"Because now…that I'm okay…it's a lot more to commit to. I just have to know if you regret marrying me now that everything has changed."

"Why would I regret the best thing that has ever happened to me?" I asked in a hushed voice. When Jamie only stared at me, I continued. "Listen to me…marrying you…was the smartest decision I have ever made. It was the best day of my life Jamie."

She let out a slight gasp as a fresh tear rolled down her cheek. She looked at me then, her brow slightly furrowed, her eyes brimming with tears and holding the look of honor in them. "That day I promised myself to you in sickness and in health…all the days of my life. And Jamie I meant those words will all of my heart." My voice was genuine; even I could hear the sincerity in it. Jamie only nodded her head. "I love you Jamie…I love you." I whispered. This time she looked at me with contentment. I could see the pleasure in her loving eyes, and I felt pleasure as well.

"Oh Landon…" She breathed, wrapping her arms around my neck. I held her for a while, her cheek resting on my shoulder.

"Hey…" I said suddenly causing her to pull back. "You don't regret marrying me do you?" I asked, trying to keep a straight face. A smile lit her face, and she laughed…that perfect laugh…a laugh that I loved the sound of. Her hands went to my face, her lips crashing down on mine. I laughed under my breath, my hands gently going to her waist to support her body that was leaning on mine.

"I love you." She mumbled against my lips. And that…was all it took.

To Be Continued…