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I hate working the late shift.

And she fucking knows I hate working the late shift.

Yet she makes me work it anyway.

Stupid bitchy radio station owner.

I thought that I could get my music heard if I was working in the industry.

But all I ever get is rejection.

No one understands me.

I am perfection before my time.

What I really need to do is get a fucking car.

I mean the train is not really the safest way to travel at two in the morning.

But I figure as long as I keep my hood up and my ear phones in no one will bother me.

Plus I am sure I could kick some ass if I had to.

And I can scream really loud.

The train is empty…

Like completely empty.

I hate it when the lights flicker on and off.

Gives me the creeps.

And it's during one of those flickers that I first see her.

I happened to look up towards the connecting door and there she was in the other car.

Her dark hair and eyes were the perfect foil to her beyond pale skin.

The way her black tank top clung to her made me think dirty, dirty things.

And then the lights flashed off and when they came back on she was sitting across from me.

Her legs were long and bare save for some really fucking short shorts and knee high combat boots.

She had some sort of sword thing strapped to her back and the ugliest dog I had ever seen was sitting next to her.

I mean…

Who the hell can love a bull dog?

They were both staring right at me.


And then the lights flickered again and she was gone but the dog was still there.

His head rotated towards the connecting door and I followed his gaze.


There was some kind of white spider-like creature in the next train.

I jumped up onto the bench and wrapped my arms around my knees.

But I was ready to fight if I needed to.

Cause you know…

I'm badass.

The dog just sat there and watched as his master appeared in front of the monster.

Holy shit what the fuck was she doing?

She was going to get killed.

I put my feet down and stood up but the dog growled and looked over at me.


Sitting back down now.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she reached behind her back and unsheathed her sword like some kind of fucking Lara Croft look-a-like.

Except this chick was hotter.

Her arm raised high over her head as she crouched down low, cocking two fingers towards the monster in the universal 'bring it on' gesture.

And he did not hesitate to take her up on it.

Its long legs towered over her as she sidestepped its body and brought the blade of the sword down on the massive head.

Bright blue blood sprayed all over the window of the train and for a second I felt bad for whoever was going to have to clean it off.

But then I could think of nothing except getting to her as, before it fell, the monster managed to stick one of its long and pointy legs right into her arm.

She went down and I was on my feet.

The dog bit and nipped at my heels, trying to stop me but I pushed him aside.

Gently of course.

The smell was awful as I pulled open the door but I just breathed through my mouth as I knelt at her side.

She was even more beautiful up close.

"Where are you hurt?" I asked as I wiped some of the sticky, blue ooze off her face.

She hissed and turned her head away from me.

"Don't touch me." She whimpered as she tried to push herself to her feet.

I reached for her again but the dog snarled and got between us.

She held her inured arm against her chest and I could see that the puncture went straight through the muscle.

Must have hurt like a bitch.

She faced me with a calculating look in her eye.

"Spit on it." She said, holding her arm out towards me.


The fuck?

She sighed and shook her head.

"Just do it will you?"

So, I worked some spit up and then…


The entire surface of her wound the spit landed on bubbled and hissed…

Like acid.

She grimaced and grit her teeth against the obvious pain and I reached for her again.

But she backed away.

"You can't touch me." She said, evidently still in pain from the tone of her voice.


"Because your kind is poisonous to me." She said and as she moved her hand I could see that the wound had nearly closed.

"My kind?" I whispered, trying to wrap my head around what just happened.

"Yeah…your kind. Now get your ass in gear before they send another Fisher for you." She said as she put the weapon back in the sheath and turned towards the end of the train, the dog following along.

"Wait! I'm just supposed to follow you?" I asked, as I reached for my bag.

Cause I was getting off the train no matter what.

She spoke without even turning around…

"You'll come with me if you want to live."

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