Episode 150

By: MikeJV37


Author's Note: This is my first SG1 fic; hopefully I won't screw it up. I'll try to keep the Stargate characters accurate as far as their main traits and quirks, but don't expect them to stay that way through the entire fic, as I WILL be slowly sprinkling in pervy moments for a while before fully 'perving it up' (where appropriate) and many female characters from both worlds will be... 'lemoned'. Can't handle that, don't read this. You know my work and enjoy my perviness, you'll love this once the fun starts, but it will be a while. You've been warned.

For Naruto this starts at the 'Bikouchuu Beetle Arc', but doesn't follow the timeline after that point. Before it, the story follows canon for the most part with a few minor tweaks to key characters, and the history. The Stargate side starts at the beginning of Season 7, (2003); the characters, and history will be tweaked as well so that the 2 worlds blend together smoothly. A Narutoverse example of this is that the Kyuubi's chakra (like the other bijuu's) is NOT naturally toxic to humans, but its effect on humans is based on the demon's emotional state. It's hate, NOT anger, that makes the chakra toxic. A 'Stargate' example: Jonas Quinn did not join SG1; Daniel was found, and got his memory back sooner than in the series.

Another aspect of this fanfic will be the use of OCs, some recycled from my other fics, and other story-specific ones created by Obakeinu.9-11 just for this cross-over. Be advised that some of these OCs are very important to the overall story... they're not just walk-ons for color and giggles. As any avid reader of the Naruto manga knows, certain aspects of Kishimoto's universe is covered in great detail, other parts... not so much; that why many authors use OCs... to cover gaps that they feel are important to fill in. That goes double for authors who are intent on creating unique AUs for their readers; this is one of those fics. So, if you're an OC-hater, this is probably not a fanfic for you.

A couple of final advisories: there'll be no 'bashing' in this fanfic. So, if you're expecting any '2-minute hate' rants against certain cannon characters... don't hold your breath. The other warning: the Earth side of this fic is set (as noted above) in 2003; Stargate SG1 didn't pretend that September 11 didn't happen... and neither will we. So, if you're expecting a 'PC', touchy-feely treatment of certain nations... and certain religious faiths, this is NOT a fic for you. While there won't be any deliberate bashing, there'll be no 'rose-colored glasses' either... there is no 'Coexist' bumper sticker on this fanfic. Whether it be on Earth, or the SG1 universe at large... evil exists. Period. If you can't handle that... find another fanfic to read.

If you can't handle that, or any of the other tweaks to either show, please don't read this fic, A LOT of work went into making this fic, and not just by me. A Final Note, the updates will be on a regular schedule, every 2-4 weeks from today. This also will have no effect on updating my other fics as I have been.


===March 12, 2:30 PM, Beetle Valley=== Naruto World

She felt so weak, so totally…useless. She had worked so hard since the Chuunin Exams to get strong, yet here she was, tied to a post like a helpless little girl. She knew in her place Neji would have easily beaten all three of them; she KNEW their jutsu should have been no match for her Gentle Fist. Hinata glanced quickly at the older kunoichi standing nearby, while the two brothers (as she'd learned they were…and the girl was probably their older sister, but she wasn't positive) were standing near the rock wall of the valley, looking at her like they wanted to... violate her. She hoped Naruto-kun found her first, or her teammates.

Her head suddenly whipped up and towards the two brothers as the wall behind them exploded in what looked like a water jutsu, but the rock wasn't thrown out, it just... vanished, then 'it' hit the brothers, (caught by surprise as well) utterly erasing their existence, then the shimmering, watery-looking gout retracted back into the wall, and to her surprise, turning into what looked like a big metallic ring surrounding a pond turned on its side. But what appeared to resemble water... wasn't spilling out.

===Another (very distant) Planet, 5 Minutes Ago===

He ducked behind the big rock, panting, and glanced to his left. "Monks you said... 'trust me' you said... 'They won't know we were there until we're gone' you said..." He groused. Between breaths, he rose up and fired a short burst with his trusty P90, killing the Jaffa coming down the hill 30 yards away.

"It worked in the movie." The man in glasses replied calmly and noted the expression on the older man's face; he was clearly annoyed with the current situation.

"I know... shut up Daniel." Daniel supplied helpfully, and mentally smiled. It had been barely 7 weeks since his de-ascension and he was already back in his usual rut. Daniel loved it, but he wasn't going to admit it to Jack.

"It was a good movie, and the plan seemed sound." The biggest man of the small group said in his typical, flat tone of voice.

"It almost worked Daniel, you'll be in charge again, someday... don't worry, we got out alive, and that's what matters. Dial us home, we'll hold them off." The blonde woman added.

"Yeah, when I'm an old man, thanks Sam. Sorry Jack, Teal'c." Daniel replied. He sighed, smirked, and ran for the DHD.

Teal'c stood and fired off 2 shots with his staff, killing one of the advancing Jaffa. He quickly re-knelt behind the large rock he had chosen as cover, shielding him as a bolt of energy passed over his head.

With a tight grin, Sam added, "Technically sir, it didn't work because we forgot to ask if there was a password before knocking them out." She added to the conversation by firing off a long burst with her P90, dropping two more advancing Jaffas.

"I know... I'll buy him a beer or something, okay?" Jack replied and sighed, then turned when he heard the 'whoosh'.

"Sam signal 'em so we don't splatter on the iris. Move out!" Jack commanded, then stood and moved toward the Gate, sweeping a small group of Jaffa with short controlled bursts from his P90, providing cover fire and skillfully hitting several of them.

Sam pulled a device from her pocket and punched in the code to activate the Stargate. "Ready to go sir!"

They all broke cover and ran straight for the Gate; just before they reached it, the Gate was struck by two enemy staff blasts at once. None of the retreating party noted the symbols ringing the Stargate momentarily flashing as it absorbed the impact of energy bolts.

In their defense, they were a tad busy dodging the incoming staff fire; Sam and Jack triggered off long and short bursts over their shoulders with their P90's in response.

===Naruto's World, location ?===

They exited the 'gate and halted in their tracks in shock.

"Uh... Daniel... where's our base?" Jack asked with a sarcastic, curious tone.

"I don't understand, I dialed the same address I always do." Daniel replied, quite confused by the setting around them.

A female voice screamed in rage, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BROTHERS?"

They all turned towards the source of the frantic voice; it was a brunette in a long brown coat. "What's she doing with her hands?" Jack asked, very confused with the turn of events.

"STINGING SWARM JUTSU!" She yelled out, flinging open her coat as hundreds of bees came flying out.

Jack's eyes widened in shock. "O-o-o-okay, that's a new one."

From somewhere behind them, a young male voice yelled out, "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!"

The SG1 team watched in stunned amazement as about two dozen blonde kids in orange jump suits appeared out of nowhere, and attacked the oncoming swarm. They watched the scene in awe and shock as the blonde kids, all of them identical in appearance, started vanishing in puffs of smoke. "Get away from Hinata-chan!' they heard him yell, pointing to another girl they then noticed; bound to a nearby post and smiling at the blonde boy. Apparently they were friends, and the other, older girl was an enemy.

Sam's head swiveled about like it was on ball bearings. 'What the hell is going on... are those... actually copies of him?'

They watched as the brown-clad female bit her thumb, made some more signs with her hands, then slapped the ground and cried out, "Summon." There was a huge puff of smoke and out of it, a queen bee the size of a bus appeared, the older girl immediately jumped on its back.

The blonde kid, instead of running away, just smiled in response and made a cross with his fingers... and another perfect copy of him appeared out of a cloud of smoke. The original held his hand out, palm up as the copy moved its hands rapidly over the original's hand until a blue ball of energy appeared, then the copy vanished.

Jack commented out loud, "Any idea what the hell is going on?"

Daniel replied, "If I didn't know better I'd say we're in the middle of a bad kung fu movie." He added silently, 'This can't be real... can it?'

They watched in amazement as the blond youth charged straight at the woman standing atop the giant bee, then leapt a good 30' into the air, shoving the blue ball at its head as he yelled, "Rasengan!" Just as the ball of energy hit, the huge insect whipped its tail up and seemed to impale the boy with an equally large stinger. At that, the outsized insect exploded in a cloud of smoke; both the woman and blonde fell to the ground. The bound, dark-haired girl screamed, "NARUTO-KUN!", and slumped over in a faint.

The blonde boy had landed hard and seemed to be knocked out; however, the older girl landed equally hard, but on her feet. Jack announced, "Okay, I've seen enough. We can sort this all out later." He punctuated his remark with a shot from his Zat, stunning the older girl. Jack pointed with his Zat and started issuing orders, "Daniel, grab the kid; Sam free the girl in the gray coat and bring her too. There should be a DHD somewhere nearby... Teal'c find it. We're getting the hell out of here before things get any weirder." Jack shook his head. 'Hammond's gonna think we're drunk, or crazy, when we do the de-brief on all this shit.'

Teal'c quickly found the DHD in some nearby bushes, cleared them away and dialed in the combination that would get them home. Sam sent the code again, and they went through the Gate. It closed a few moments before Kiba and Shino appeared.

===Cheyenne Mountain, Stargate Command, Gate Room===

General Hammond asked, "What the hell happened? We received your Iris code, but you didn't come through."

"I don't know sir. Daniel dialed us home and we ended up somewhere else with... them." Jack replied and motioned to the two unconscious kids. He knelt down and checked the boy for a pulse, "We should get 'em to Dr. Fraiser, the kid was... stung by a big bee, sir."

General Hammond looked and saw the growing blood stain on the blonde boy's stomach. "A bee did that?"

"It was a really big bee sir... like a bus with wings." Jack explained, stretching out his arms in emphasis.

"Indeed, it was most impressive." Teal'c added emotionlessly.

General Hammond waved his hand. "Go, debriefing in one hour."

===10 Minutes Later, SG1 Ready Room===

Sam explained, "As best I can figure sir, the energy from the staff blasts must have caused some kind of quantum fluctuation in the..."

Jack interrupted her. "Carter... headache."

"Basically sir, the Stargate overloaded somehow and instead of taking us back here, it jumped us to the other planet. Our call home was redirected." Sam added with a smirk.

===5 Minutes Earlier, SGC Medical Unit No. 1===

Dr Fraiser paused in her note-taking and glanced at her two new charges for about the fifth time; she watched as one of the orderlies cleaned up the bloody waste and soiled equipment, her senior nurse readying an IV for the boy. Dr Fraiser shook her head in disbelief. "Helen, tell me you saw what I saw. That boy's wound closed up without any trace of scarring in less than the span of an hour."

"Ma'am, for as long as I've been here at Stargate Command, I've learned to not be surprised at anything in this place." She leaned down and gently brushed the boy's cheek. "What do you make of these scars?"

Janet rose from her chair and walked over to the bed. "I don't think they're scars. Call me crazy, but I think the marks on his face are natural occurrences... given the fact that we watched all the trauma on this boy's body heal and fade away at a rate I've never witnessed, even with Teal'c as a benchmark."

The nurse asked, "Do you still want me to start the IV, Doctor?"

Janet looked down at the boy, his peaceful face accenting his natural good looks. It so at odds with the condition he, and the girl in the next bed, were in when the medics brought them to her. Janet's gaze switched to her other patient. She was an even greater mystery... she still didn't know what to make of the girl's eyes; and the fact that she had to call in a maintenance tech to cut the fine, hardened wire that girl had been bound up with. She shuddered at how close that wire had come to opening the surface veins and arteries on the girl's wrists.

Janet shook her head in disbelief and promised herself that she would give Col. O'Neill a proper tongue-lashing for not freeing the girl before transporting her. "Better safe than sorry, Helen. Go ahead and hook him up. Give him a saline and glucose drip, monitor and note his vitals every 30 minutes for the next 4 hours."

"Yes Doctor."

===In Another Place===

Hinata found herself floating in a sea of warm, soft light. Despite her comforting surroundings she was curled tightly in on herself. Over and over again, the events of her mission with Naruto and her teammates replayed in her mind. Her fight with the enemy nins, her capture and the leering stares of the two brothers as they closed on her. Every replay of those events gripped her tighter than the last; the sense of shame that flooded her body burned like fire.

The leering faces of the Iwa nins faded, only to be replaced by the face of her father. 'You're weak.' His stony gaze pierced her soul, his words lashed her worse than the cruelest whip. 'You're such a disappointment to me.'

Hinata reflexively curled into an even tighter ball, hot tears leaking from her eyes; her body ached as a bitter sadness washed over her.

'I..I'm s..sorry father.' She murmured. 'I..I d..don't w..want be w..weak.'

===3 Minutes Earlier, SGC Medical Unit No. 1===

The metallic clatter of a tray hitting the floor halted Dr Fraiser's train of thought; the panicky voice of her head nurse derailed it. "Dr Fraiser! Something's happening!"

Dr Janet Fraiser shot out of her chair and turned to see the nurse back-peddling at speed away from the boy's bed. She gasped at the sight before her... the boy's body was fully encased in a warm orange glow; what truly unsettled her was the sight of the glow moving... shifting and bubbling like something... alive. Her hand began to inch towards the room's Panic Button, then halted when something new happened.

Frozen with fascination, she watched as a slender orange tendril extended from the boy and slowly snaked towards the girl in the next bed over. Her breath hitched in her throat as the tendril made contact with the girl's face... and tenderly stroked it.

===Meanwhile, Back in Hinata's Not-So-Happy Place===

"Hinata... Hinata, why do you weep?"

Hinata froze up, her sobbing came to a halt. 'Who's there?' She looked about slowly for the source of the voice; it was warm and much like her mother's but different. Hinata straightened her body and sat up. Try as she might, she saw nothing save the soft whiteness surrounding her. 'W..who are you? W..where are you?'

"You didn't answer my question, child. Why do you weep?" The gentle feminine voice came from everywhere, and nowhere.

'I..I'm a f..failure. A..a d..disappointment to my C..clan, and N..Naruto.' Her final words fell to a whisper. Fresh tears fell from her eyes as her thoughts turned towards one of the few things in her life that brought her unbridled joy.

"I see. His opinion of you matters much then it would seem."

'Y..yes. H..he's al..always c..cared f..for me. H..he b..believes in me.' Once again, her final words were whispered.

"Yes. He does. The important question though you believe in Naruto? Do you believe in yourself?"

Hinata blinked. 'W..what do you m..mean?'

"Do you trust Naruto?"

'Yes.' She whispered softly.

"Really? You don't sound very sure about that." The voice had an amused tone to it.

Hinata replied with a shout, 'I do! W..with all heart!'

"That's better. So then, you love him, yes?" Hinata's response was a blush...and silence. The voice tittered. "Don't be afraid child; be honest, be bold, and believe in him. This will be your best chance to show him the Hinata you've hidden away from the world, and from him. Stop lying to yourself; stop hiding the Hinata that is truly you."

Hinata shot to her feet and yelled hotly, 'I've never lied to Naruto!'

"I didn't say that, child. I said that you've been lying to yourself."

'I don't understand.' Hinata blinked in confusion.

"And that is why you think you're weak, and regard your own worth so lightly."

'I don't understand.' This time her words came out softly.

"You will, child. You will."

Hinata didn't know why, but she felt the voice begin to depart. 'NO! Don't leave me!'

The voice whispered in response, "It's time child. Don't be afraid... and believe."

Unbidden, tears began to fall again. 'NO! D...'

===30 Seconds Earlier, SGC Medical Unit No. 1===

Dr Fraiser watched as the glow surrounding the boy fade, as did the tendril embracing the girl. Confusion grew within her as she watched tears trickle down the girl's cheeks. Without warning, the girl shot upright, awake and flung her arms out.

She yelled out. "DON'T LEAVE ME!"

The boy in the other bed, to her total surprise woke up, blinked, and swiveled his head about, taking in the room's details. His eyes locked on the tearful girl in the next bed. With an ominous slowness, he turned his attention to her and the stunned staff. He sprang to his feet with startling ease, landing in the center of the bed.

The boy's distinctive blue eyes narrowed, full of menace. He growled out, "You made Hinata-chan cry."

Janet tried to speak, but her tongue refused to work. She opted to mash the Panic Button on the wall instead.

All hell broke loose in very short order.

===Meanwhile, back in SG1's Ready Room===

"Thank you, that's all you had to say." Jack replied. Then the base's general alert alarm went off.

A voice yelled over the PA system, "SECURITY TO MED UNIT ONE! Special Weapons Squad stand by!"

Jack glanced about the room, "Oh shit... what did that girl call him?"

"Narutokun... I think." Sam replied.

"I think it's just Naruto; he referred to her as chan, and she called him kun, those are Japanese terms of endearment, like friend or sir." Daniel explained.

Teal'c added, "I believe we should get to the Infirmary before anyone is hurt."

They rushed to the Infirmary; upon entering they saw that it was utterly trashed. On the far side of the room the girl with the indigo hair was standing behind the blonde boy. She was dressed as they found her, he had on a hospital gown instead of his shirt and jacket. The boy had one hand over his stomach where the wound was, the other held a weapon, a knife of some kind. In front of them were 20 copies of the blonde, all of them in an identical defensive stance to the one shielding the girl, who was obviously terrified.

Sam commented, "Look at her eyes... they're white."

"Weird." Jack looked at Janet. "What happened?"

Dr Fraiser backed up slowly towards Jack. "I had finished examining him; his injury wasn't as bad as you said. After we finished treating his wounds, the boy's body started to glow with some sort of energy field. He touched the girl with some of that orange energy..."

Sam interrupted. "How long was he... glowing?"

"A couple of minutes." Dr Fraiser replied. She shook her head as though to clear it. "Then the girl woke up in tears and started screaming. Then he woke up, and accused us of making her cry..."

Jack interrupted. "Did you?"

Dr Fraiser gave him a glare that caused him step back and give the no mas gesture. She snorted and continued, "Then he grabbed her off her bed while yelling something, and there were suddenly more of him... then they trashed the place to hell and gone. He didn't hurt any of us though."

"It was probably that Shadow clone thing... that's what he called it back on that planet. They're like solid holograms, but I have no idea how he does it." Daniel explained.

Sam added, "I don't know either. But whatever it is, it's incredibly advanced."

Daniel took a half-step forward. "Whoever they are, we have to help them, let me try talking to them." He continued walking towards them, stopping in front of the SP's. In a low voice, he asked the guards, "Please, lower your weapons."

"Where are we, and who are you?" The blond went into a more aggressive guard position as he spoke.

Daniel replied, "This is Earth. You were hurt and we brought you here to help you... I'm Daniel Jackson, what's your name?"

"Naruto Uzumaki. We're in Earth Country? You don't look like Rock-nin and nobody here has a hitai-ite, so try again!" Naruto answered back... the anger in his voice growing.

Daniel straightened up, then noted the two head bands laying on a table by the bed; both had what looked like a leaf symbol on them. Thinking on the fly, he replied in Japanese, "Please forgive me Uzumaki-san, we meant you no harm. We wish to help you return home, that is all. Please forgive us." Daniel explained, and bowed low. "Everyone bow... do it." Daniel added, holding his bow.

Everyone bowed like Daniel, Jack mumbling something…

Every Naruto copy stood up in unison, obviously confused and scratched their heads with the hand holding the kunai. The original Naruto spoke, "Do you know what he said Hinata?"

Hinata nodded. "H..he's speaking th..the old language N..Naruto."

"So what did he say?" Naruto asked.

"To... f..forgive him, they just want to us... and he called you, Uzumaki-san." Hinata answered back, then blushed and smiled.

Daniel looked up from his bow. "Um, this isn't Earth Country... wherever that is, this is the planet Earth. That big ring you saw earlier is a gate to other planets, we use it to explore them."

Naruto stiffened, clearly shocked by Daniel's explanation. "Another... planet...? You mean like, one of the stars in the sky?"

Daniel thought a moment. "Um... hai."

Naruto and Hinata both fainted; Naruto's clones vanished as he hit the floor.

Jack shrugged. "Well, that works. I guess."

"Now then, will someone please explain to me what's going on here?" General Hammond asked, stepping into the Medical Unit, flanked by a pair of heavily armed security guards.

===4:57 PM, Conference Room===

"So you don't know the... address, of my... world, and we're stuck here until you can find it?" Naruto asked, looking calmer than he felt. He was dressed in a baggy blue sweat suit; the clothes he had been wearing were being repaired and cleaned.

"I'm afraid so son..." General Hammond replied, feeling bad for the two kids.

"Baa-chan will kill me when she sees me again." Naruto muttered and put his head on his arms, crossed on the table.

"Baa-chan?" Jack asked.

Daniel explained, "Uh, basically it means grandmother... or granny. The dialect is a little odd, I haven't been able to discern the time and region it comes from."

General Hammond asked, "Won't she be happy to see you alive?"

Naruto raised his head and laughed half-heartedly. "You don't understand, I just call her that because it annoys her, she's not related to me, she's the Hokage."

"The Fire Shadow?" Daniel commented, confused by the odd, atypical terms.

"Hai, Daniel-san. We're from Konoha, The Village Hidden in the Leaves; the hidden shinobi village of Fire Country." Hinata replied, neither she nor Naruto hadn't told them anything that wasn't common knowledge... at least to them.

Daniel asked, "So the…Hokage, is the ruler of Fire Country?" Naruto nodded in response.

Hinata spoke up. "Actually, the Hokage is the military leader of Fire Country." Naruto scratched his head in embarrassment at his incorrect answer.

Daniel continued, "You had mentioned elements earlier... so are there other countries based on the elements, water, earth, and wind?"

"And Lightning Country." Naruto added. "Fire Country is the strongest of the five Elemental Nations and has the strongest ninja!" He announced proudly.

Daniel asked, "So if each nation has a ninja village led by a... Kage, is there a Daimyo for each nation too?"

"Hai." Hinata responded, her stuttering mostly under control because she was near Naruto. And none of these people were ninjas, so they could easily escape if they needed to (all that, and the conversation she had remembered with the voice). Civilians were no match for shinobi, even if they were still Genin; mainly because the Chuunin Exams had been halted because of Orochimaru's invasion.

She still felt that Naruto should have been made Chuunin for what he had done during the attack on Konoha. And despite how strange this place was... and the people, she was growing to like them, and could tell that they were without malice or anger. She wasn't the best at reading people, but even she could sense that much from them.

"So you kids are ninjas huh?" Jack asked.

"The best!" Naruto exclaimed proudly, and a little louder than he should of. "Well, in our class anyway." He blinked in surprise. "Don't you have ninja here?"

"Sure, but they can't do what you do... wait, class? So you went to school to learn how to be ninjas?" Jack asked.

Naruto replied with a grin. "You got it!"

"That's so cool." Jack replied.

Dr Fraiser asked, "Excuse me, uh..Hinata. I don't want to be rude... but why are your eyes white, is that normal for you?"

"Hinata is a Hyuuga, they're all like that." Naruto explained.

"I'm from one of the Clans that helped found Konoha." Hinata added meekly, just loud enough to be heard.

"Yeah, that's her Bloodline-Limit, it's really cool!" Naruto explained, then felt Hinata nudge him sharply in the ribs. He gritted his teeth. Naruto flinched at the frown Hinata gave him. "I don't think I was supposed to tell you that. Can we talk alone for a minute, please?"

'Stay calm, just because you'll be alone with Naruto-kun doesn't mean anything, stay calm, remember you're a kunoichi and a Hyuuga, in a strange place; that's what he wants to talk about.' Hinata thought.

Daniel offered, "I'll take 'em sir."

After the three of them left, and the door shut, Hammond glanced at everyone. "They seem like nice enough kids. Opinions... anyone?

Dr Fraiser recalled the incident in the Infirmary. "Perhaps, but I urge caution... the boy isn't what he seems to be. However, the girl seems to have a fair amount of influence over him... which is good. My advice: don't lie or... unpleasantly surprise them."

Jack grinned. "I think it would be kinda cool to have ninjas hanging around."

Sam snorted and rolled her eyes. "You watch way too many of those cheesy movies."

===2 minutes Later===

Naruto asked, "What do you think Hinata; they seem like nice people... should we trust 'em? We'll need help to get home, and they seem like good people... kinda weird, but nice. Well, that Teal'c guy is kinda scary."

Hinata nodded. "H..he is... but, I think you're right about t..them. They're strange, but they don't want to hurt us, and so far they h..haven't lied to us, I can tell."

Naruto replied, "You can? Wow... you really are good. Me, I don't get any creepy feelings from them like I did those Sound guys at the Chuunin Exams. I kinda like the idea; we could learn a bunch of new stuff, maybe even come up with our own jutsu! But I don't have anyone to go back to... well, old man Ichiraku and Ayame-chan will miss me, and Baa-chan too, but you have a real family that..."

"T..they won't miss me... they, t..think I'm weak. I'd rather stay here... w..with you Naruto-kun." Hinata answered nervously.

"Really? If you really don't think they'll miss you... I don't know why? Neji might since I got that stick out of his butt, if we ever get back I'm gonna kick your dad's butt like I did Neji's and make him see how strong you are, and that's a promise!" Naruto exclaimed fiercely.

Hinata was shocked for a moment that he would say that, then quickly wiped a tear of happiness from her right eye, smiling proudly that he would do that for her.

Hinata recalled her conversation with the voice. She thought, 'He does believe in me.'

===7 Minutes Later, SGC Medical Unit No. 2===

"Oh that... I've always healed fast. Besides, that was nothing; I've been hurt worse while training." Naruto replied, then his stomach growled... very loudly.

Dr Fraiser gave Naruto a motherly smile. "I'll want to do a full examination later, but right now I think you should get something to eat."

"I'll take him to the cafeteria." Jack offered.

"Do you guys have ramen here?" Naruto asked hopefully.

Hinata giggled quietly at his question.

Jack smiled. "That's those squiggly noodles in the bags right?"

Daniel nodded. "Right. But that's instant ramen Jack." He added, "Sorry Naruto, we don't have anything like that here."

Naruto got really excited when they talked about what he knew was instant ramen, just like he bought at the store, but his face fell when he heard they didn't have any. "NOOOOOOOO!" Naruto yelled out sadly as he fell to his knees, his hands raised.

Jack burst out laughing.

"So I take it you like ramen?" Daniel asked, smirking.

Naruto replied, "Its nature's perfect food! The best ramen in the whole world is at Ichiraku's Ramen stand."

Jack thought for a moment. "Spaghetti might do, I think you'd like it."

Naruto asked, his curiousity roused, "What's... spaghetti?"

Jack replied, "It's... Italian ramen. Come on, I'll get you some." Jack left with Naruto, Teal'c following them.

"Um... would you m..mind leaving p..please... I c..can't do this with..." Hinata asked nervously and paused, looking around.

"Ah, I'll go join them for dinner. I'll see you later Hinata." Daniel replied, then left.

Dr Fraiser announced, "Okay, all men out... now! Sam, pull the curtain please."

Hinata waited a moment for them to do what she had asked, then smiled slightly. "Thank you Fraiser-san."

"Please, just call me Dr Fraiser." She answered with a warm smile.

"Hai... thank you." Hinata replied and relaxed, there was something very motherly about the red haired woman that she liked; she reminded her of Kurenai-sensei.

"Okay Hinata, we're alone. If you'll remove your clothes we'll run a few tests, and get a blood sample..." Dr Fraiser said.

"Blood sample?" Hinata almost yelled.

Dr Fraiser asked, "What's wrong, Hinata? It's a standard procedure to test for any diseases you may have."

"I can't let you do t..that, you'll steal it." Hinata explained, with unusual (for her) firmness.

"Steal what?" Dr Fraiser asked, confused by Hinata's objection.

"The s..secrets of the... Byakuugan." Hinata replied nervously.

Dr Fraiser was confused a moment. "Ah, that's what you call your eyes, right? The special ability of your Clan?"

Hinata nodded. "I'd be disgraced and executed if I let our Clan's greatest t..treasure fall into enemy hands. Please... don't try to t..take a blood sample... I, I d..don't want to have to hurt you."

Sam saw the fear, and worry in Hinata's face. "Janet, can I talk to you a moment."

"I'll be right back Hinata, please relax, I won't do anything you don't want me to." Dr Fraiser explained, then followed Sam through the curtains.


Jack watched, still stunned, as Naruto was wolfing down his second heaping plate of spaghetti, covered with mushroom and meat sauce. "Naruto... do you always eat this much?"

Naruto looked up, slurped down the noodles hanging from his mouth and wiped his face with a napkin. "Uh yeah, I usually have five or six bowls of ramen after a mission, or hard training; this spaghetti is almost as good." He looked up from his plate. "I don't have to pay for this do I?"

Jack responded. "No no, I'm buying." He mentally added. 'Thank God the boy doesn't know that SGC personnel eat here for free'... he imagined a stack of plates, ten high.

Naruto replied, "Good, it's just that I haven't eaten all day, and big fights make me extra hungry anyway, plus I've used up a lot of chakra and..."

Daniel interrupted. "Chakra?"

"Yeah, it's what I do jutsu with; I'm not much of a ninja without jutsu." Naruto explained, eagerly chasing the last meatball around his plate.

Jack asked, "Is that how you made those copies and that blue ball thing?"

"That's my Shadow Clone Jutsu... and the other one is the Rasengan that Jiraiya-sensei taught me." Naruto answered proudly. He got tired of trying to use the fork thingie properly (as Jack had shown him) and speared the errant meatball.

Daniel asked, "Can you tell us about chakra?"

"I guess so... I mean, it isn't a big secret or anything." Naruto replied, and popped the remaining meatball into his mouth.

===SGC Medical Unit No. 2===

Dr Fraiser and Sam passed through a small gap in the curtains where Hinata was still sitting. Janet closed the curtains and asked, "Hinata, you have doctors on your world, right?"

Finally calm again, Hinata replied, "Hai... regular doctors, and medical ninja."

Sam saw Janet's eyes light up for just a moment at the mention of medical ninja. "You can discuss that later Janet." Sam added with a smirk.

Janet nodded and asked, "Hinata, I know you don't fully trust me, but do your doctors have an oath or rule about doctor-patient privacy?"

Hinata thought for a moment and nodded. "Hai, each Clan has their own doctors, but sometimes we have to stay at the hospital to get special care; there are doctors from outside the Clans that know how to treat us, and keep what they know a secret."

"We have similar rules. I am in charge here, and even though I don't know how long you'll be here, I want you to trust me. I give you my word as a doctor that I will keep all your medical information in my personal files. No one will see them but me, Sam, and my most trusted nurses who may have to help me if you're injured, badly or otherwise. If any blood samples are taken, no one will have access to them but me, if you feel I've betrayed you..." Dr Fraiser said and let out a sigh. "You can kill me; I'm guessing you could do it rather easily."

Hinata nodded slowly. Hinata saw it on her face, her body language, and heard it in her voice; she really meant it. She glanced at Sam; the blonde woman looked nervous and obviously didn't like what the red-haired woman had said, but they were clearly friends, and she was going along with her position. Hinata asked, "Will you do the same for N..Naruto-kun?"

"You like him don't you?" Dr Fraiser asked and saw Hinata immediately shake her head no, but the intense blush on her face said otherwise. "I will, I promise."

Hinata replied, "Naruto never breaks a p..promise... he'd r..rather die."

Sam and Dr Fraiser glanced at each other at this insight concerning the blonde boy. "We won't either Hinata. This base we're in, is one of the most secret places in the world. You have to be checked and cleared by a dozen people just to sweep the floors here. You have our word; we won't share your secrets with anyone. We just want to be friends, and help you." Dr Fraiser answered sincerely.

She knew in her heart what her father, and the Elders would say, but they weren't here, they weren't even on this planet. "Hai." Hinata replied, and sighed nervously as she unzipped her coat and opened it to take it off. She saw their reactions as she removed it.

Dr Fraiser asked, "Hinata... how old are you?"

Hinata answered nervously, "I'm thirteen. On my world when you b..become a ninja or kunoichi... you legally become an adult. Please, don't t..tell Naruto I... I'm different; he'll think I'm weird."

Sam and Dr Fraiser replied together. "I promise."

===9:30 PM, General Hammond's Office===

The Security Commander respectfully laid the cassette on Hammond's desk. "Here's the video tape you requested, General."

"Thank you, Captain." Hammond took the tape and placed it a desk drawer and locked it. "Just so there's no misunderstanding, the contents of this tape, and today's events are now officially classified as Top Secret. There is to be absolutely no discussion of the events that occurred in Medical Unit 1, or our new guests." He looked the young Captain dead in the eye. "Any questions?"

The Captain standing before his desk came to attention. "No sir."

General Hammond nodded approvingly. "That will be all. Dismissed."


End Chapter 1