A/n: This is my entry in the Drabble War with Kitkat681, Lvtwilight09 and TexasBella - something a little different for me...short chapters.

Will post 5 today, 5 tomorrow and 5 Sunday. A little angst ahead. NO DEATH. Strictly B/E...and A VERY HEA!


Tick. Tock. I watch the clock.

You fidget. You pace.

I watch the tiny hand speed around the little black clock.

You run your hand through your hair.

I sigh and smile at your nervousness.

Tick. Tock. Half way there.

That little stick sits on the counter and taunts us both.

Your eyes met mine. Green orbs of shine with amazement as your smile broke free.

I felt the tears build behind my eyes. We've waited so long for this moment.

Tick Tock. One minute more.

Your hands reach for me. Your forehead rested against mine.

It's time.

Plus sign.

Nine more months to watch the clock.

Tick. Tock.

A/n: Sighs...see ya in a little bit;)