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Tenel Ka sat still in her seat of the speeder Jain Farstrider was driving.

Ever since she was five years old Jain had taught her the ways of the Force. Now that she was fourteen it was time to come to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and learn more.

It would be this first time in her life that she would be away from her parents and anyone she knew back home except for Jain.

Finally the speeder came to a halt and Jain spoke into the comm for several seconds. A landing platform emerged from the side of the Jedi Temple and Jain brought the speeder in for a landing.

The platform retracted into the Temple. It took Tenel Ka's eyes several seconds to adjust to the dark interior but when it did she saw that there were several people waiting to greet them.

"Jain, welcome back to the Jedi Temple." A man that Tenel Ka knew to be Luke Skywalker said in greeting. "It's been far too long Master Skywalker." Jain said, a smile on her face.

Finally Master Skywalker turned to her. "You must be Tenel Ka, you look a lot like your mother." Tenel Ka nodded. She couldn't believe that the leader of the Jedi Order had acknowledged her. Almost no one did that back home; especially her grandmother.

"Good morning Master Skywalker," Tenel Ka said clearly as she was taught.


Jaina Solo sat in one of the Jedi Temple's Mess Halls eating with her twin, Jacen, their cousin Padmé Skywalker and Annika Jixton.

Jaina didn't care much for her cousin, she was several months younger than her and Jacen and she liked to think things through before acting. Jaina was a girl of action. She didn't have time to think of why something was the way it was or why people were the way they were.

Glancing further into the Mess Hall she saw her younger brother Anak sitting with a girl that had been found a few days ago on Tatooine. If she remembered correctly the girl's parents had given her to the Tusken Raiders there so that the Raiders could leave her to die in the desert. Thankfully Master Sierra Lukas had been on Tatooine and had rescued the girl from the Raiders.

"May I join you?" Jaina turned her head to the source of the voice. It was Zekk Bryne, he was an orphan but he was a quick thinker. "Sure," Jaina answered and slid over so that Zekk could sit more comfortably at the small table.

"Master Farstrider is back." Padmé said suddenly. "She even brought a new student with her." Jaina stared at her cousin, trying to figure out who Master Farstrider was and why her cousin would know her.

"All fourteen, thirteen and twelve year old students please report to Training Room Aero." A female Jedi Knight announced over the Temple's internal speakers.

Jaina inwardly sighed as she stood and picked up her plate of half eaten blue noodles covered in a Corellian cheese sauce. "See you around Zekk," Jaina said with a smile.

Jaina headed to the Kitchen area of the Mess Hall to return the tray, her twin, cousin and Annika were not far behind.


Tenel Ka stood nervously next to Master Ahsoka Jixton in a Training Room. She was worried. It had been explained to her that she shouldn't reveal her heritage to anyone. If anyone was to ask she was to answer and say that she was from the Hapes Cluster.

Slowly the room filled up and Tenel Ka felt uneasy. Many of them had been training for Jedi Knighthood since they were old enough to understand words. She on the other hand had only been training since she was five.

After a few minutes of silence Master Jixton spoke. "Everyone, this is Tenel Ka. She's from the Hapes Cluster and she is here to become a Jedi Knight." The Togruta Master explained to the assembled group. "I expect you all to treat her with respect and help her feel welcome at the Temple."

The assembled group nodded.

"Now, we will separate into our groups and practice our hand to hand combat." Master Jixton said.

Tenel Ka watched as everyone got into groups silently wondering what group she was going to be in.

"Akul Clan," Master Jixton called. A group came forward looking anxious. "Tenel Ka will be with you. I expect you to kind to her and help her adjust to Temple life." Most of the group nodded while others just stared at her.

"Alright, you are dismissed."


Padmé Ayrin Skywalker watched the new girl closely. She must be from the Noble Class just by the way she carries herself. She thought.

They entered Training Room Beta and everyone paired up. Padmé stood across from her friend Annika Jixton and slipped into battle stances. Annika had an advantage over Padmé in the fact that Padmé didn't have montrals and Annika did so the young girl could sense the layout of the room and knew when something or someone was coming up behind her; without the Force.

They sparred for several minutes when several guardians entered the room.

"Everyone switch partners." One of the Guardians, Mace, said.

Padmé and Annika bowed to each other and went their separate ways.

Padmé sparred with three others, Jeorge, Wil and Mari, when she found herself in front of the new girl. Akul Clan had always been one member short so Tenel Ka made it so that everyone had a partner and no one had to fight two opponents. Although in Padmé's opinion it was good practice for being a Jedi.

Tenel Ka was good, Padmé would admit that but she had been taught street fighting by Master Jixton and Jix.

With one smooth motion she swept Tenel Ka's feet from underneath her and then gently put her foot on Tenel Ka's neck. "Dead." Padmé declared.


Tenel Ka felt her face burn in shame. Back home her self defense instructors said that she was one of their best students but now she doubted it since this girl used moves that she wasn't familiar with.

"Padmé, Master Jixton said to be nice to her!" A girl's voice rang out. The girl, Padmé, turned to the speaker. "If I went easy on her she would never learn how to defend herself against those that mean her harm. Besides Mace doesn't see bothered by it." Padmé countered to the girl.

"She's right," a boy with blond hair said calmly. "If she did wrong than the Guardians would have either done or said something."

The girl that had spoken glared at the boy.

"Lay off of him Jaina!" Padmé said. "He has a point."

"Enough." One of the apparent Guardians said gently. "Tenel Ka will never learn if she is cuddled and treated like something breakable."

"Now report to the Archives for your lesson on the many battles between the Jedi and the Sith." Another Guardian said.


Bail Solo hurried through the corridors of the Jedi Temple to Training Room Gamma. His age mates were already there waiting for him.

He ducked his head and hurried to stand across from his friend Ailyn Jixton. They had been friends since the cradle and Master Ahsoka Jixton would watch him when Ani wasn't available to take care of him.

In his heart of hearts he admitted to having a crush on Ailyn. She was beautiful and intelligent and she could beat almost anyone in hand to hand combat.

Soon they would be selected as padawans and their opportunity to gain valuable field experience would begin.

"Wipe that silly grin off your face." Ailyn whispered to him as she played with one of her thin braids.

Ailyn was one of the few children of Ahsoka and Jix to have hair. It grew and came out on either side of her back lekku. For many years her parents cut it very short so that no one would pull on her hair and potentially rip it out by the roots and cause bleeding that they couldn't reach.

"Alright everyone," Master Corray Ly-pah said. "As you all know next month there will be a tournament so that you may show all the Knights and Masters of the Order how far you have come in your training and possibly be chosen for one on one training with a Knight or Master. If not it will be a great opportunity to learn how to improve your style and technique."

Several students stood straighter as she passed them.

"Now, try not to get into trouble and do your best in all that you do." Master Ly-pah said as she walked away from them. "Begin." She said once she was a safe distance from them.

Bail and Ailyn ignited their lightsabers began to duel.


Jain is pronounced like the name Jane. The name itself comes form The Wheel of Time series where it is theh name of an adventurer.

I gave Zekk a last name because according wookieepedia he doesn't have a last name which is just stupid.

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