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There was an excited buzz in the air. A Tournament was coming up for the older students. It had been postponed since an emergency had come up. But now the emergency was over and the older students were getting ready for it.

Tenel Ka smiled as she heard the older students chatter like birds about it. She knew that it was when most older students were picked to be padawans by the Knights and Masters.

She found that she was nervous herself for that day. Younger students competed as well so that the Masters could tell certain things about the students and hopefully help them become better.

Jaina and Jacen sat down on either side of her in a lecture room. "Want to get out of the Temple for a few hours?" Jaina asked her in a whisper. Tenel Ka nodded, feeling both nervous and excited at the prospect of seeing more of Coruscant.

"After this lecture and before lunch." Jacen whispered. "We will be gone for a few hours."


Ahsoka did a head count of her students and frowned. "Where are Tenel Ka, Jacen and Jaina?" She asked Akul Clan. "We don't know." Her daughter, Annika, answered. "They weren't at their usual table in the Gardens Mess Hall but they could have been in a different mess hall." Annika said softly.

Ahsoka sighed and turned to Jedi Master Shaak Ti, a Temple Guardian, who was standing not too far from her. "Master, please inform the other guardians that Jaina, Jacen and Tenel Ka are not in their class." Master Ti bowed and left the room.

Ahsoka was telling the Akul Clan how slaves were the backbone of Sith Empires when Shaak Ti reentered. "They are not in the Temple; neither is another student. I have already informed both Masters Skywalker and Master Solo along with the other Temple Guardians." She reported quickly.

Ahsoka acted quickly. "Akul Clan, report to the Archives and continue to study the subject while I speak to the rest of the Masters." She told them and walked calmly out of the room; leaving Master Ti to make sure that they got to their destination safely.


If the Force Ghosts that guarded the Temple disliked anything it was someone in their care missing. They would have been panicking; if Jedi panicked.

It didn't take them long to discover that Tenel Ka, Jaina and Jacen weren't the only students missing; Bail was missing as well.

It took them an hour to figure out that they weren't anywhere in the Temple and from there their search spread out.


Two hours later . . . .

Luke Skywalker felt like sighing as he examined Tenel Ka, Bail, Jaina and Jacen. From what they said they had told Bail that they had permission to leave the Temple and had gotten lost and if they hadn't been trained in the ways of the Force they could have disappeared from the face of the galaxy in the form of slavery.

Luke didn't personally know the horrors of slavery but his father had told him a few stories; enough that Luke knew that if those slavers had gotten their hands on the children and they hadn't been trained in the ways of the Force that they would have to face a life of hardship and they would have no respect; subject to whims of others.

"I hope that you realize how reckless that was." Luke said softly. "You could have been taken and never to see any of us again."

The children lowered their heads in shame.

"Now, I want you all to stand outside and wait while we discuss your punishments."


Jaina shivered at the look her oldest brother gave her.

"I can't believe that you lied to me about getting permission!" He hissed softly. "They'll sent us to the Farm for sure!"

"Farm?" Tenel Ka asked softly. "A Moisture Farm on Tatooine. Master Luke Skywalker grew up on it. He sends students there sometimes to learn valuable lessons." Bail answered calmly.


Tenel Ka swallowed as they walked back into the Council Chamber. She prayed that she wouldn't be sent home. Her grandmother would gloat over her for the rest of her life. She rather get sent to this farm.

She looked the Masters right in the eyes. Not sure if she was afraid or not.

"It has been decided that none of you will be allowed to participate in the upcoming tournament." Master Luke Skywalker announced. "As a further punishment all of you will have to help clean parts of the Temple that are not being used. They will be needed in a few years." Master Leia Solo said coolly. "You will not be allowed to use cleaning droids for anything unless you can't reach it. The Guardians will be supervising you." She finished.

Tenel Ka's mouth almost opened. She had never cleaned anything in her life.


Jacen sighed as his grandfather led them to a dark part of the Temple. "You will start cleaning now. If any of us hears any complaints they will be sent where the Temple really needs cleaning." Ani said flatly.

Jacen nodded.


Who thinks that cleaning is a fitting punishment?

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