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They were sitting in the stationhouse, completing their incident report of the rescue they had just completed. It was simple, as it was just an old person lost in the bush, who had barely gone a couple hundred metres out.

Chase and Jordan and just finished theirs.

'Chase, kebab run?'

'Sounds good to me' Chase grinned

'Not to me it doesn't, just got a callout, MVA, I'll send you the details' Vince told everyone.

Dean, Lara, Chase, Jordan, Lachie and Heidi ran to the patrols. Dean and Lara into one, Chase and Jordan in another, Lachie and Heidi in the last.

Chase and Jordan were heading to the MVA, upset at the fact they could've been at the kebab shop right now.

'Always another time mate' Jordan tried to cheer up Chase

'Yeah after finishing this rescue and ANOTHER incident report' Chase sighed


'Rescue base to rescue portable 1, sit-rep'

'Rescue portable 1 to rescue base, we got two cars with two occupants each, and two injured pedestrians. Lara and I are on one car, Lachie and Heidi on the other and Chase and Jordan on the pedestrians'

'OK keep me updated Deano, rescue base out'

'Lara, what have we got?'

'The drivers unconscious, no broken bones, query internal bleed. Passenger is conscious, with a broken femur. Extraction should be easy after we get the dash off' Lara explained.

'Ok, will you be OK, I've gotta go check on the others?'

'Yeah I'll be good'

Dean ran over to the other car that Lachie and Heidi were taking care of.

'Heidi, how are they?'

'Driver is conscious, just a few cuts. Passenger is conscious as well, she's got a broken foot and I've given her some morphine and put it in a splint'

'OK, get the combi-tool on that door and get them into the ambulance'

'Copy that'

Dean headed over to the Chase and Jordan, thanking God that everything was going

smoothly, but he had no idea what was coming.

'Jordan, how is he?'

'He's unconscious, pretty sure he's only got a fractured wrist and a pretty good bump to the head, he's lucky'

'Good to know' Dean began becoming hopeful, thinking this rescue had become a breeze.

'Chasie, how is she?'

Chase looked up, a look of horror on his face. Dean ran over, knowing there was something wrong.

'What's up Chase?" Dean asked worried.

'She's been dropping in and out of consciousness, abdo's rigid, broken shoulder, query spinal, blood pressures lousy and she's trapped by the front wheel of the car'

'Its OK, you radio the others to come over, they should be finished with their patients now, and I'll run and grab the airbags' Dean said, trying to control the situation, to reassure Chase.

'Yep' Chase replied not taking his eyes off Olivia. 'Rescue four portable to all units, I need all hands over here'

'Rescue six portable to rescue four portable, Heidi and I are all finished up, we're heading over now'

'Copy that' Chase replied.

Olivia started to wake.

'Olivia it's Chase, can you hear me?' Chase asked concerned.

'Yeah' Olivia answered groggily.

'How are you feeling?'

'Well I wouldn't put this on my list of top things to do before you're thirty'

Chase laughed, he hadn't known her long, but he knew she was a good person.

'Well don't worry, we'll get you out soon'

Heidi, Lachie and Jordan came over to give Chase a hand. Dean came running over, airbags in hand.

'This is Heidi, Lachie and Jordan' Chase explained.

'Hi' They all said to her, smiling to reassure her.

'I'll place these bags under the car, and we should be up and running in no time' Dean explained to Olivia.

'I won't say no to that' Olivia smiled.

A few moments later, Lara came running over and introduced herself.

A few minutes later Dean yelled 'Everything is in place Chase, they're ready to go'

'Copy that' Chase said, relieved that they would finally be able to get Olivia out. 'You'll be out in a sec 'Liv'

'Bring it on' Olivia replied, sounding relieved.

A few moments later, the airbags started to rise, to free Olivia, and before Chase knew it, all the monitors started beeping, alerting Chase to realise to fact she was bleeding out.

'She's crashing!' Lara yelled

From hearing those two words, the team sprang into action. Dean was on compressions, Heidi on the bag while Jordan got the defib ready. Chase just sat there, realising that the pressure of the front wheel was keeping her from bleeding out, and it was all his fault.

'CLEAR' Jordan yelled. 'Ready to shock, shocking now'

The team watched as her chest rose and dropped again, and of their heads turned to the monitor. Nothing.

'Try again' Dean yelled.

'Shocking now' Jordan said.

The team watched again in silence as Olivia's chest rose and dropped, hoping she would come back.

'Nothing' Dean said. 'Starting compressions'

After 20 minutes of compressions, Dean realised there was nothing more he could do, and stopped compressions. He pressed the transmitter on his radio.

'Time of death, 1:18pm'

They all just sat there, watching her, realising they had just lost a patient. A little later, they all began to pack up, except Chase. It was obvious it had hit Chase the hardest as she was originally his patient.

After everyone packed up, Dean said to Lachie 'Can you go grab him' Lachie nodded. Lachie headed over to where Chase was sitting.

'Come on Chasie, time to head off'

Chase complied. He stood up, not looking at his brother and walked over to the patrol and got into the passenger seat, without saying a word.

Dean saw this and headed over to Jordan, 'Jordan, can you keep an eye on Chase for me, I don't think he's coping'

'Sure thing mate'

Jordan jumped in the patrol and asked Chase 'I think it's time for a kebab, do you?'

Chase said nothing, all he did was stare out the window. A tear rolled down his cheek, he tried to not let Jordan see it, but he did.

'It wasn't you fault mate, she would have died either way'

Chase turned his head to Jordan, glassy eyed, and replied 'But what if it was?'

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