Chapter Eight

Lights blurred past Chase, a paramedic either side of him, doctors taking hurried notes on a clipboard. He was confused. Wasn't I just in a burning building? A tube had been inserted down his throat, giving him the oxygen his body had so desperately craved. He closed his eyes again. So tired…

A few hours later-

Chase struggled to open his eyes, the lids heavy with exhaustion.

'Come on Chasie, open your eyes.' The light glared into Chase's weary eyes as he finally opened them to see Lachie and Dean either side of his bed.

'What happened?' He asked, voice raspy. They'd taken the tube out and had placed an oxygen mask on his face instead.

'You did something stupid Chase. You should have waited, gone in with Lachie and a BA,' answered Dean, his voice harsh. Chase sat up suddenly, setting off the machines next to him that were quietly monitoring his vital signs.

'What happened to Ruby?' Lachie pushed Chase back down gently.

'Ruby's fine, just some mild smoke inhalation,' he said soothingly. Dean's face was stoic.

'You'll be released in an hour or so, and then Vince wants an incident report off you.' He stood up, and pointed at Chase.

'You're lucky she didn't die Chase.' He left, shaking his head. Georgia knocked on his door, and came in, briefly smiling at Lachie as he followed Dean out.

'Georgia? What are you doing here?' He asked. Georgia blushed a little.

'I wanted to thank you. You saved my best friend's life today.' Chase shook his head.

'No I didn't. I nearly lost it. Don't thank me Georgia, if my brothers hadn't arrived when they did, she wouldn't be around anymore.' Georgia was taken aback. Chase rolled over, turning away from her.

'Please. I'd like some time alone.' Georgia didn't know what to do, and left Chase's room quietly. He waited for a little while, disturbed by a nurse who came in.

'Sign here,' she demanded. Chase signed his name carefully, and she left. Lachie came back in, arms crossed.

'What did you say to her?' He asked. Chase shrugged his shoulders.

'Nothing.' Lachie knew he was lying, and waited for Chase to gather together his things. They left the hospital in silence. Chase was angry with himself. I could have lost another patient today, killed her, and it would have been my fault. I'm not ready to do this job anymore, and I can't lose any more patient's. Chase was fighting with himself, and as soon as Lachie pulled up in front of their house, Chase got out. He walked into his bedroom, locking the door behind him, sitting on his bed. Georgia would have killed me if I lost Ruby today. Chase rubbed his hands over his face, and laid down, pulling the blankets over his head. He fell asleep quickly, still tired.

'Ruby! Ruby!'


'Ruby! Ruby, wake up.'

'Come on Ruby, you've got to wake up. Please.' The dream changed…

'She's crashing!'


'Try again'



'Time of death, 1:18pm'Chase woke up, a cold sweat covering his body, sheets entangled around him. He wanted the nightmares to stop, to be able to sleep through the night normally. Lachie knocked on his door.

'Chase, open up. You've got visitors,' he said through the door. Chase made sure he looked presentable, and unlocked his door. He hadn't realised how dark it had become, and that night had fallen. Georgia and Ruby came inside, and sat down, Georgia on Chase's bed, Ruby on Chase's desk chair.

'What are you doing here?' Asked Chase, sitting next to Georgia.

'Lachie called me. Chase, what makes you think that you didn't help to rescue Ruby?' Asked Georgia.

'Because I didn't. I couldn't even get you out safely Ruby,' Chase said despairingly, running his hands through his hair.

'You got me out of my apartment Chase. If you hadn't found me, I would have died in there, and I wouldn't be sitting here, thanking you. Lachie and Dean said they wouldn't have found me if you weren't there.' Ruby flashed a shy smile at Chase. Georgia laid a hand on Chase's arm, and looked him in the eyes.

'You helped save her Chase,' she said softly. Chase looked away, staring at the floor.

'I lost a patient. When I first met you in the bar that night, I was trying to drink myself stupid, to stop thinking about her. She died in a motor vehicle accident after bleeding out. We moved the car she was trapped under, and she died. I should have realised that moving the car would kill her, but I was distracted! I was busy thinking about the fact that if we got her out quickly, Jordan and I could go out for a kebab, that I could go home and watch the cricket game. It was my fault,' said Chase, tears forming in his eyes as he thought about Olivia. Georgia wrapped her arms around Chase, and Lachie stood in the doorway. Ruby got up quietly and left, joining Lachie and Dean in the kitchen. Chase was silent for a little while longer.

'Chase, it's not your fault. People make mistakes, it's human nature. We're not perfect. If Olivia was meant to make it, she would have survived. Ruby didn't die, and you helped to get her out. You can't win them all Chase,' said Georgia quietly. Chase nodded.

'Promise me you'll go back to work, start spending time with the world again. We miss you Chase, Lachie, Dean, everyone. Heidi and Jordan have been to see me as well, because I was the only one who could talk to you. I want to be able to spend time with you Chase. The real you, not this guy who's all depressed and hides away all the time.' Chase looked up at her.

'Really?' He asked. Georgia smiled and nodded. Chase took her hands in his.

'Georgia, I have something important to tell you,' he said seriously.

'Oh?' Chase cleared his throat, trying to think how he would say this.

'Georgia, I think I'm falling in love. With you.' He leant forward, and her lips touched his in a heart stopping kiss. Georgia leant back.

'Is this my fault?' She asked. Chase smiled, and shook his head.

'It's my fault.'