The Orchid Cloaked Empress

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Charm's POV

2 years later

I scrambled out of the bed and dashed to the bathroom. After throwing up everything in my stomach. I laid my head against the cold tile floor and thought back over the past two years.
After the guys defeated Dante's vampire army, we knew he would come after me and that's when the police got involved again. My actual family from Texas found out I was still alive and they made a trip down here to try to get me to return with them, but I couldn't, I wouldn't go with them. I had a family here, a real one, one that didn't pretend to actually care about me. They stayed until the court case was over with Dante, which lasted about 6 months. Then they tried to get me to again, but I still refused. I would never leave this place. That's when a custody battle broke out and I was starting school again, but somehow I managed to actually be in the 10th grade despite missing 3 years of school. My new family helped me when I didn't understand something, but eventually I caught onto everything and stopped needing as much help. The custody battle lasted until 2nd semester of 11th grade year and Sam and Emily had won. I wouldn't have to leave, I was able to stay where I wanted, with my real family. The rest of the year passed without issue. Paul graduated and got accepted to Port Angelos' community college, so he moved up there. That was a really emotional time for me. It got better though when I was able to spend the weekends with him and he would come down on school breaks, but it still wasn't enough. And now here I am now, laying on the bathroom floor 2 days after graduating from high school. Hoping that tomorrow won't come, cause when it does I have to tell everyone that I'm going to be the mother of Paul's child. I don't mind that in the least bit, but the law might, cause I'm only seventeen, but it's only for a couple more weeks, but in a couple more weeks it'll be even more obvious that I'm pregnant. Yeah it's already starting to show, I went to Sue yesterday just to be sure and turns out I'm already a month pregnant and in two weeks I'll be two months. Sue said two months is usually when it's most obvious for most girls, but for the smaller girls it's starts to show around the end of a month. I was graced with be a small girl and so I'm kinda already showing. I laid on the bathroom floor until the sun shone through the window. I got up to my feet and stripped and climbed into the shower. After hurrying to my room and throwing on the first thing my hands touched I went into the front room.

I heard someone in the kitchen and knew it had to be Emily, so I went to go help. "Morning." I said smiling. I was actually excited to break the news to everyone. "Good morning, how'd you sleep?" Emily said smiling right back. "Okay, how about you?" I said. "Like a baby." Emily said. "Do you want some help?" I asked. "No, I've got it, but some company would be nice." She said. I pulled a chair out from the table and sat down. "Hey Em, can I tell you something?" I asked shakily. Okay maybe I was still nervous. "Yeah sure what is it Ila?" Em said turning around to face me. I took a deep breath. "I'm pregnant." I said. "Oh My Gosh! That's so amazing! How far along? Does Paul know yet?" She said excitedly. "I'm a little over a month and Paul doesn't know yet, I actually just found out yesterday." I said with a nervous laugh. Em laughed too. "If it helps, I'm pregnant too and I've known for about a week, but I still haven't told anyone." Em said. "Oh My Gosh! How about we break the news to everyone else today? We'll do lunch here, sound good?" I said all nervousness gone. "Sounds like a good idea." Em said. I stood up and we hugged. "I'll go tell Sue and she can get around." I said walking out.

3 hours later

I finished my food and looked towards Em who looked at me. We both looked to Sue and nodded. Sue stood and got everyone settled down. "Charm and Emily have an announcement to make to everyone." She said. I stood up and went to stand by Em. We looked at each other took a deep breath. "We'd like to proudly announce that both me and Emily are pregnant." I said confidently. There was gasps and congratulations' from everyone, except for Sam and Paul who both seemed to shocked to say anything. Paul was the first to recover, he was by my side in an instant. He picked me up and spun me around, I squealed like a little girl at the sudden loss of the ground. I was back on the ground, but before I had a chance to say anything his mouth was on mine. Paul pulled away and leaned his forehead against mine. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" He asked. He wasn't mad and he wasn't upset, he was just curious. "Cause I only found out yesterday and I wanted to surprise you. Anyways Sue and Emily were the only ones who knew." I said. I pecked his lips and took him by the hand and walked back to everyone else.

9 months later

I was sitting on Em's couch holding her sleeping baby boy. Bryce Samuel Uley was a week old and he was about as cute as could be. Sue walked in and took Bryce from me. I let a deep breath there it was again, that same pain I'd been feeling for the past hour. I stood up, I was starving. A sharp pain shot through my abdomen again. Okay now I was positive I was having contractions. I felt something break and then there was a pool of water and another contraction. I cried out this time.

8 hours later

I let out another scream. God who knew giving birth was so painful. I fell back against Paul again. He kept on whispering loving things in my ear, but it didn't make the pain stop. "Just one more push and this'll all be over." The doctor said. I leaned forward and pushed again letting out yet another scream. Then it was over, I heard a baby crying. "Congratulations, you're the parents of a beautiful baby girl." The doctor said. I watched as they cleaned her off and wrapped her in the pink blanket. They carefully placed her in my arms. "What should we name her?" I asked Paul. "Audreyanna Kristin, how does that sound?" Paul said. "I like it. Audreyanna Kristin Lahote mommy and daddy love you so much." I said. I kissed her little head and smiled down at her.

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