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Not only did Haruhi wake up to noodles and rice for breakfast, but to her father singing at the top of his voice along to the radio. Haruhi loved the house, but she wished the walls were thicker so she didn't have to hear her father singing so early. While he was at work in the tranny bar, she was staying up late working on a important case. The exhausted brunette stumbled down the stairs, gripping hold of the banister for support.

"Dad!" she shouted, but he didn't hear her. "Dad!" she shouted again, raising her voice louder.

When Ryoji heard her, he turned the radio down. "Morning, Haruhi!" Ryoji said, cheerfully. "I made breakfast!"

Haruhi looked at the food on the kitchen table. "Dad, you made dinner," she said, bluntly. As much as she loved her dad, she had only 10 hours sleep in the last week, so she was in a foul mood.

"But, I haven't been to sleep yet, so it's dinner for me," Ryoji said, in a cheerful mood.

Ryoji sat down at the table, and picked up the chopsticks. He wasn't surprised by Haruhi's mood, she was like whenever there was an important case at work. Kotoko was the same way. Haruhi sat down at the table anyway, even though she seriously wanted to go to sleep. It was her first morning off in months.

"I need to get some sleep," Haruhi informed him, when she was done with her breakfast/dinner.

"Sleep well, Sweetie! I'll wake you up when you have to start getting ready for work!" Ryoji yelled after her.

Haruhi was awoken again, not by Ryoji - who was now asleep in his own room, but by the shrill noise of the alarm clock. After a few groans and mumbles, Haruhi managed to force herself to get up. Not that she had much time to complain about it, she had to be dressed and at work in two hours - good thing she had a car now. As she ran into the garage, with toast in her mouth - as a quick snack before work, Haruhi checked the messages on her phone. She had about five voice messages, all of them from Tamaki, of course.

"Haruhi, I guess you're not picking up, could you call me back? I thought we could meet up later. Well, bye." As Haruhi climbed into the driver's seat of her car, she put her phone on hands-free, and dropped it on the passenger seat. "Hey, it's me again - Tamaki, I forgot to tell you it was me in the last message. That's probably why you haven't called back. Let me know about those arrangements for later." Haruhi turned the key, in the ignition. "It's Tamaki again, I'm probably interrupting you during work... maybe I could come meet you for lunch? I'll be at the cafe across the road from your office at twelve, see you there!" Haruhi reversed the car out of the garage, and down the drive way. "I've been waiting about an hour now... maybe you didn't get my messages..." Haruhi drove down the street, quickly finishing her toast. "It's Tamaki again... I just check at your work, and they told me you had the morning off... why didn't you tell me?"

Haruhi sighed, and turned off her phone. She would probably get a lot more messages from him, or even worse, he might phone and she might accidently answer it. Then what would she say?

"We're not in high school anymore, Tamaki..." Haruhi muttered outloud. "We just grew apart..." She knew that he couldn't hear her, but that didn't stop her from saying it.

Haruhi drove to work, and actually managed to get a good parking spot for a change. Just outside, her assistant greeted her with a smile.

"Afternoon, Miss Fujioka!" Laurette said, with a bright smile. Laurette Lefevre, age 22, came to Japan from France, hoping to be a lawyer. There were no job openings at the company at the time, so she got a job as an assistant, hoping to work her way up to lawyer.

"Afternoon, Laurette," Haruhi replied. She stopped near Laurette's desk. "Any messages?"

"A couple, that charming blonde guy stopped by," Laurette replied, handing her the messages. "You never told me he was so handsome!" Judging by the blush on Laurette's cheeks, Tamaki had clearly caught her under his web of charm. "Who is he anyway?"

"Someone I dated in high school," Haruhi replied, simply. She walked over to her desk, and sat down.

"So, he's single then?" Laurette replied. She fanned herself with her messages pad, thinking of Tamaki.

"He's not your type," Haruhi told her.

"How do you know my type?" Laurette asked, swivelling around in her chair.

"Judging by your last three boyfriends, he's definitely not your type," Haruhi said, getting a tiny bit jealous.

"Oh, well, can't blame a girl for trying," Laurette replied. "What about you, got someone special in your life? You have like six really handsome guy friends, there's got to be one that you want to be more than friends with."

"Can we just get on with work?" Haruhi replied, slightly defensively. She didn't want to gossip about her personal life with Laurette, especially not like that. Truth was, there wasn't anyone special in her life, and she hadn't thought of the other guys that way. "What's that, you're typing away on?" Haruhi asked, noticing that Laurette was focusing her full attention on her computer screen. It couldn't be work, because Laurette never gave any work stuff her full attention.

"Just a dating website," Laurette replied. The blonde continued to type in her bio for her profile. "I really need a date..." she said, thoughtfully.

"You need to get to work," Haruhi joked.

Haruhi checked her emails, and found that she had an important meeting, that Laurette had forgotten to mention. So, she grabbed her briefcase, with all the research she had done on her latest client's case.

"I know, I know," Laurette replied. The blonde wrote down the address, on a post-it, and handed it to Haruhi, as she walked past the desk. "Just promise me you will take a look."

"Alright, I promise," Haruhi said, as she walked out the door.

Haruhi was exhausted, when she finally got home that night, it had been a very long day, with three meetings back to back. But, it was her life long dream to be a lawyer, so she wasn't going to complain about it. The brunette sat at her computer, in her home office, staring at a blank document on the screen.

"It wouldn't hurt to just look," Haruhi thought. "But, there are lots of bad people on those sorts of sites. Of course, I don't have to meet with him, if he seems to be a bad person. After all, it is best to get to know people little by little. I should give the people on here a chance."

Haruhi spent a hour or so answering all the questions honestly, she didn't want to lie, like some people did, on those kinds of sites. There was no need to upload a photo, because it was all anonymous. On the screen showed her ID number; 21410. Haruhi made a note of that, in her notepad, before she turned the computer off for the night. She was tired, and clearly, she couldn't get any work done tonight. It did make her wonder who her match could be, and if it was someone that she had passed in the street, and not given a second glance.

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