Author's Notes: Okay, I don't own the Doctor, Donna, Doctor Who, Torchwood or anything. Thanks for all the reads and the reviews and the follows and hi again, lurkers. We have finally arrived at the end of our tale, but not the end of Doctor-Donna. Just as an FYI, I just put up a story called "Scandal In The Library" which is a prequel to this and I am probably going to do some more prequels and sequels and I know we were all worried about Handy, there will be a companion piece featuring him at some point in the not too distant future, I hope. In the meantime, enjoy this.

The Doctor sat in his cell, pondering the possibilities. Donna Noble floating in the Vortex, not having a clue what was going on. There was also Donna Noble dead in the Vortex in which case he would next see it when Zara learned to pilot her or when he figured out a way to get her to land.

Just then, John Frobisher came in the cell. The Doctor didn't like the look in his face as he held a small metal box.

"We can't find your box," he said, "so we have no choice but to give the 456 something or everyone dies."

The Doctor waited for Frobisher to finish.

"They said they use them as... drugs." Frobisher shook his head. "Can you imagine? I suppose you must, you've seen so much."

The Doctor looked as Frobisher clutched the box closer.

"I have two daughters. See, someone's children have to go or the public will know we were in on it with the 456 and it will take down the British government."

"What's in the box, John?," asked the Doctor.

"I can't let that happen to them," he said.

The Doctor knew there was a gun in the box. He understood the feeling.

Frobisher looked up at the Doctor. "My secretary said I should speak with you first. Can you help? Can you actually do half the things you say you can?"

"I can actually do everything I say I can," smiled the Doctor. "Except make a decent souffle."

Frobisher took the Doctor back to the evidence lock-up and got out the contents of his pockets. The Doctor rifled through for the sonic screwdriver and his mobile.

Inside the TARDIS, Donna strapped Zara in the babyseat. Then her mobile rang. She looked at it and smirked at Zara.

"It's Daddy," she said. "Let's have a bit of fun, shall we?" Donna took a breath. "John! Oh my God, where are you!"

Zara giggled.

"Donna, oh, you are brilliant," said the Doctor as his friends started coming out of their cells.

"John, I'm in this really weird room inside that blue box in the cellar, why are you keeping a blue box in the cellar? What the hell's it for?"

"Right, uh, where are you inside the blue box?"

"Oh, I don't know," said Donna, "the first room?"

"She's in the TARDIS?," asked Jack.

"And she's alive?," asked Martha.

The Doctor motioned for them to be quiet. "Uh, Donna, could you do me a favor and walk over to the side of the console, past the black ball thing and put some numbers in..."

"And how do I do that, John?," said Donna, winking at Zara. "Will you just tell me where you are?"

"I'm in Thames House, now Donna, listen very carefully, put in the coordinates 5-7-"

"What floor of Thames House?"

"The tenth, the prisoner cells, look, 5-7-"

"The what?," asked Donna as she started flipping controls and gave Zara a wink.

"Doctor," said Ianto.

"Donna, are you listening?"

"Doctor!", yelled Jack.

"Everyone be quiet!," snapped the Doctor. "Donna, 5-7-7-"

"DOCTOR!," shouted everyone.

The Doctor stopped and looked up to see the TARDIS materializing in front of them. He looked on in shock. The door swung open and Donna appeared, leaning against the doorway, her hand on her hip. She hung up the mobile.

"Sorry, what was that you were saying?"

"Donna..." said the Doctor.

"You stupid, skinny Martian," said Donna.

"Oh, yes. That's me."

Donna looked around at the gathered acquaintances. "So, are we having a party?"

"Everyone inside the TARDIS!," said the Doctor. "Right now."

"We've only got an hour until the 456 take the children," said Frobisher.

"Plenty of time!," said the Doctor. "Allons-y!"

They all hurried inside.

"What the hell is this thing?," asked Rhys.

"Yeah, right, it's a police box, it travels through time and space and it's bigger on the inside," said Gwen.

The Doctor rushed in last with Frobisher. He looked at Donna.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," Donna said.

"When did you learn to fly the TARDIS?," asked Martha. "That's incredible."

"Well, it seemed like a good idea to learn to pilot the blue phone box I was going to be living in the rest of my life," said Donna.

"Okay, the 456," said Jack.

"Right. Basic here, the 456 communicate on a frequency, we need something that can communicate back to them, something telepathic..." said the Doctor.

"Hmm, too bad we don't have a piece of a telepathic space ship."

The Doctor looked at Donna holding a piece of TARDIS coral.

"Oh, I was supposed to give that to someone," said the Doctor. "Bugger. Oh, well. Can't fix it now. Anyway, we also need a big transmitter, the biggest antenna on Earth ought to do."

"What's that?", Mickey asked pointing at the coral.

"It's a piece of the TARDIS," said Donna. "Oh, and you may want to hold on to something."

Everyone grabbed onto a piece of railing as the TARDIS yawed and rolled.

"You call this safe!," exclaimed Sylvia.

"Here we are!," said the Doctor.

"And where is that?," asked Jack.

The Doctor ran and flung open the doors. Donna unstrapped Zara and ran after him. Ianto, Jack, Gwen, Rhys, Mickey and Martha followed, soon by Sylvia and Wilf. The others decided to stay behind.

"You want to tell us where we are, spaceman?," shouted Donna.

"The Arecibo Observatory! Puerto Rico!"

"Puerto Rico! I don't even have my passport!," said Sylvia.

They all started running through past a tour group.

"Don't mind us!," shouted the Doctor.

"Enjoy your holiday!," said Jack.

The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and opened some foreboding looking metal doors. They opened revealing a control room and some befuddled looking scientists.

"Hello, John Smith, Antenna Inspector-"

"Doctor, what do you need?," asked Jack.

The Doctor started muttering as he started typing on a computer. "Okay, Mickey, Ianto, I need you to realign the satellite to the origination point of the 456's signal."

"Right. I'll just get on that," said Ianto.

"I've already put the coordinates in! Listen, am I going to have to do everything?"

Mickey and Ianto got to the computers. Donna walked over to the Doctor.

"Got a minute?," asked Donna.

"Sort of trying to save the Earth here, Donna," said the Doctor.

"Oh, genius alien can't do two things at once?"

The Doctor groaned. "Oh, what is it?"

"First, you never told me that I would have ginger Time Babies running around in my head if I got pregnant."

"Well, I wasn't certain that you would, non-telepathic species like yours, shouldn't be possible, but you-"

"Yeah, I know, I'm special. Then you made this one terrified that if she said anything my brain would burn up!"

The Doctor looked at Zara as she pouted. "Well, it might have."

"It took the second one going through to unlock everything in which case, you should have been trying to get me pregnant again."

"I remember someone telling me she wanted to space out her children by at least three years."

"Well, that was before I knew I would need the brain healing powers of ginger Time Babies, wasn't it? And also, I think the TARDIS has been slipping me fertility drugs in those antenatal vitamins."

Sylvia and Wilf walked up to them.

"And just when were you going to tell me that you got married, young lady?," said Sylvia.

Donna groaned. The Doctor took the TARDIS coral from her.

"Gotta run! Martha! Jack!"

The Doctor, Martha and Jack left. Donna turned back to face her mother.

"So, when, madame?," asked Sylvia. "Instead, I get that martian on my front step saying you two got married and you were having a baby! No notice!"

"Well, Mum, it just sort of happened," said Donna.

"Well, don't we get to hear anything?," asked Sylvia. "Any detail at all?"

"How did he propose, sweetheart?," asked Wilf.

Donna froze. "I can't believe neither of you has said hello to Zara," she said finally.

The Doctor, Jack and Martha ran towards the huge antenna.

"Martha, what did Ellis say to you?"

"Uh, well, that he saw you and Donna in a giant shopping mall with Zara and Chloe-"

"Wait, who's Chloe?," asked Jack.

"The new Time Baby! And there was another and you couldn't find your son!"

"Did he say anything else? Like how he got here?"

"He said a Time Agent."

"He's lying!," said Jack. "No Time Agents on shopping mall planets!"

"What? Why?," asked Martha.

"Bad for business! They're entirely guard by the Bludoon!," said the Doctor.

"The Judoon?," asked Martha.

"Well, no, they're cousins of the Judoon! They eat more and take more breaks! Why's Ellis lying? And why does he know so much about me?"

"What's the plan?," asked Martha.

"We're going to attach the TARDIS coral to the transmitter! It'll transmit on the 456's frequency and reverberate the signal back to them!"

They climbed up to the antenna and walked out on the shaky metal grating to the center of the transmitter. The Doctor took out the Sonic Screwdriver and opened the hatch to the controls.

"Five minutes, Doctor," said Jack.

"What? Five minutes!"

The Doctor wired in the TARDIS coral and passed pieces of the controls that he didn't need.

"Are you certain this is supposed to come out, Doctor?," asked Martha.

"Sure it is. Okay," he said slamming the casing shut. He walked over to the intercom panel. "Ianto! Mickey! Start the signal!"

Ianto and Mickey started the signal. Zara started fussing. Donna rocked her back and forth trying to hush her and for the first time she noticed the baby inside her fussing as well.

"What's wrong with her?," asked Wilf.

"It's nothing, just the 456 signal, it upsets her a bit," said Donna. "Quiet, babies. Mummy's here."

"Here we go," said Gwen, pointing at a monitor.

"What's that?," asked Sylvia.

"Pirate TV stations, showing where the government's gathered the children for the 456," Gwen said casting a glance at Frobisher. The children on the screen started screaming all at once.

Zara started screaming. Donna looked up to see someone that definitely shouldn't have been there.

"Oh, my bloody God," said Rhys, "how the hell did you get here?"

It was Major Ellis wearing an eyepatch.

"What?," said Donna.

"Oh, by the way, your next door neighbor has been plotting to kidnap Zara for forty years or so and he's the one who took her the night she was born," said Ianto.

"Oh," said Donna, "that explains some things."

"Thought it might."

Ianto and Gwen moved in front of Donna and the baby.

"It's over," said Ianto. "The Doctor's already taken care of the 456. You don't need them."

"Sorry," said Donna, "what did he need us for?"

"Oh," said Gwen, "they were going to clone your babies and hook them up to the 456."

"Okay then," said Donna.

"Now, here's what I don't get..."

They looked up to see the Doctor.

"Every bloody time you leave, spaceman!," said Donna.

Major Ellis turned to see the Doctor.

"You didn't just get a ride from a Time Agent, did you?," he asked. "It's bigger than that. Waiting around thirty years for Donna to meet me, that's dedication, isn't it? You have way too much foreknowledge, don't you?"

Donna held Zara tighter. She didn't like where this was going.

"And you tried to do this even though you told Martha you knew better. You'd seen us with other children."

"What?," shrieked Donna.

"Oh, my God," said Sylvia head in hand.

"You were never intending to save the Earth's children, you just wanted to get a hold of a Time Baby. Why?," said the Doctor.

"What do you think?"

"It sounds like you're fighting a Time War. Not a big one, mind you, more of a Time Skirmish, really, trouble is, I don't know what it's all about yet. Mind telling me?"

Ellis sighed. "Silence will fall."

"That's a bit cryptic, isn't it?," asked the Doctor.

Ellis took out a gun. Everyone started rushing back.

"You don't need to do that," the Doctor said to Ellis.

"I failed," he said simply.

Ellis took the gun and shot himself through the heart. They stood there for a moment, Donna pushing Zara's face into her chest.

"Why are people always killing themselves around you?," asked Gwen.

"I know, it doesn't reflect well on me," said the Doctor.

John Frobisher had expected to be dropped back at his office. He was surprised to say the least when the TARDIS landed just outside a press room. He looked inside at the assembled media and back at the Doctor and Donna as she held Zara.

"What am I supposed to say?," he asked.

"The truth," said the Doctor.

"Remember? Aliens using children as drugs? The government plotting to hand them over?," said Donna as Zara rested on her hip.

"Nobody will listen to me. I'm just a civil servant."

"Well, nobody's 'just' anything, are they?," said the Doctor. "It only takes one person to change the world, whole universe sometimes." He looked over at Donna.

Frobisher nodded. "I'll do my best."

"One more thing," said the Doctor, "do us a favor and get rid of anything the government knows about ginger Time Babies."

"Yes, yes, of course," he paused. "Thank you, Doctor."

Donna cleared her throat. "Just one thing, that bint in black leather, she one of yours?"

"Agent Johnson," said Frobisher.

"Well, if I see her again I'm beating the piss out of her," Donna said matter of factly.

Frobisher nodded. "I'll pass that along."

Frobisher exited into the press room.

"We're taking down the government," said Donna.

"Yes, we are," said the Doctor.

"That's so brilliant," said Donna. She looked at the Doctor. "Next stop?"

"Next stop."

In his office in Downing Street, Green couldn't believe what he was seeing as Frobisher took the podium.

Then he really couldn't believe what he was seeing when a blue box materialized in front of him.

Mickey was out first. "I left some things in my desk. I'll just get them and be out of your way."

Mickey exited into the main bullpen. Then the Doctor came out with his full Oncoming Storm face. He was quickly followed by Donna with her pissed off face.

"So," she began, "big, powerful Prime Minister you thought you could just hand over my babies and I to a bunch of drug-addicted aliens, did you? I don't bloody think so."

The Doctor took Donna lightly by the elbow. She looked back at him, almost offended.

"I know you don't know everything, Prime Minister, but you must know something. This thing goes way beyond you and Ellis. There are larger forces at work, aren't there?," asked the Doctor.

"I don't concern myself with them, I have very simple goals, to help where I can."

"Helping?," exclaimed Donna. "You call that helping?"

"They're not interested in me," said Green, ignoring Donna, he looked at the Doctor. "They're interested in you."

"And what do they want with me?"

There was a clamor on the telly as Frobisher's press conference intensified, Green sighed.

"If you'll excuse me, I have some packing to do it seems. Unless you want to help me."

"What?," asked the Doctor.

"You help me, I help you."

"How could I possibly help you?," asked the Doctor. "You tried handing over schoolchildren to aliens. That's really bad public relations."

"Is that a refusal then?"

The Doctor looked at Donna. She shook her head.

"That's a refusal," said the Doctor.

"Well, then, have fun figuring it out on your own," said Green.

Donna looked at the Doctor.

"Yeah, I know, it's starting to be cliched, but I just have to," she said.

"I understand," said the Doctor.

Donna reached across and slapped Green across the face.

"Send any of your goons near my family again and I'll pull your eyeballs out of your arse."

"We'll be off then," said the Doctor.

They set off dropping off the others. Sarah Jane and Luke, safely home. The Brigadier back to his house, they even met his wife. Then to Cardiff, where Torchwood used to be. They stood staring at the hole in the ground.

"Yes," said the Doctor, "that is a really big hole."

"That blew up inside you?," Donna asked Jack.

"Yes," said Jack. "Liking me any better than Donna Smith did?"

"I'm still Donna Smith," said Donna. She saw the Doctor's quizzical glance. "What? I'm not having people think I'm an unwed mother. By the way, Jack, when the Doctor called me whenever you two were off wherever you were-"

"Poosh," said the Doctor.

"Right. On Poosh. What the hell was going on?," asked Donna.

Jack looked uneasily at Ianto. "Nothing."

"Nothing?," snorted the Doctor.

Donna looked at Ianto. "Well, Zara, suppose we had better say goodbye to Uncle Ianto."

"Still with the Uncle Ianto?," asked Jack.

"Bye bye, Zara," said Ianto.

"We'll visit," said Donna. She looked at the hole in the ground. "You know, once you have like a building there."

Ianto smiled. "It needs some serious work."

They said their farewells and headed back to the Smith House with their last remaining passengers, Wilf and Sylvia.

Donna listened to her mother rail the entire time she was packing up the Smith house. She wasn't selling or anything, not as if she needed the money and she needed somewhere on Earth to have her babies. That spaceman was out of his mind if he thought she was giving birth on Planet Zog or worse yet in her mother's house.

"How can you raise a baby in that box?," asked Sylvia.

Donna looked at Zara.

"You saw it, Mum, it's quite spacious and Zara has a lovely room."

"It's not safe travelling with him," said Sylvia.

Donna snorted. "It's not exactly been safe here," she said. "I had a SWAT team burst through my door earlier."

"That's just because..." Sylvia stopped herself.

"I know, Mum. She's special. I knew what it meant when I decided to have her." Zara held her arms out and Donna scooped her up. "The Doctor loves them more than anything and he won't let anything happen to them. Neither will I."

"I can't stop you, can I?," asked Sylvia. "I could never stop you."

"No," said Donna. "It's not as if I won't be back, though."

Sylvia looked at Zara. "Better watch out for that one, if she's anything like either of you, she's trouble."

The Doctor entered the TARDIS carrying the last of Donna's demands. She stood against the railing holding Zara.

"That's the pram, the walker, your hat box. Anything I left out?," asked the Doctor as he put said contents on the floor.

Zara gurgled. The Doctor rolled his eyes. "Yes, Daddy, brought Teddy. Though I don't know why you want to call him Teddy. A koala isn't a bear at all, Zara, the early English settlers to Australia just thought they were similar."

"She doesn't care, Doctor," said Donna.

"Yeah, I'm sensing that."

"I suppose we're set then," said Donna. "Before we go, I just want to say I'm sorry."

"Sorry? What for?"

"I haven't exactly been easy to live with lately and it can't have been easy for you living on Earth, doing stupid, human things-"

"I liked doing human things and none of them were stupid. Well, the baby proofing was stupid. I mean, what sort of baby wanders into an oven?"

"And you found Esther. How did you find Esther?"

The Doctor wanted to ignore the fact he was the one that took Esther in the first place. "Honestly, Donna, it reminded me of a life I used to have. You know, wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, dinner with the family, back to bed, do it all again. It was nice."

"Yeah," smiled Donna, "I suppose it was."

"What do you want to do?," asked the Doctor.

"What do you mean?"

"We could stay on Earth. We could do that."

Donna thought she would have to pick her chin up off the metal grating of the TARDIS floor. "Do you want that?"

"I want what you want," he said simply.

Donna straightened up. "Well, excuse me, but I was promised a complete honeymoon tour of the universe and I haven't received one yet. Instead, I was taken to the first Thanksgiving, the battle of the Alamo, had to thwart Henry VIII's advances, that war with the Sontarans, you were nearly killed on a space bus, I got pulled into an alternate universe wjere I was stalked by your ex and my brain nearly blew up. I don't think I'm ready to settle down yet."

"So, you want to stay on the TARDIS? With the babies and the dog?"

"Yeah, we said forever, didn't we?"

"Yeah, we did."

"Besides, you can bring me back for holidays and the birth. I don't want to have a baby in some space cave on an asteroid and the Abominable Snowman is there..."

"Why would the Abominable Snowman be there?"

"Oh, why does any of this happen?"

The Doctor shrugged. "Got a point."

"You said other children."

"Yeah," he said, "Ellis told Martha we have other children."

"More ginger Time Babies?," asked Donna. "How many more?"

"Just two more, that he mentioned."

"Four," said Donna. "Interesting." She looked at Zara who didn't look like she enjoyed where the conversation was going.

"Oh, Zara," said the Doctor. "Don't be like that. You're going to like being a big sister, I promise. Besides, you have Mummy and Daddy all to yourself for the next six months or so. We need to make the most of the time we have, don't we?"

The Doctor looked back up at Donna, who had one hand resting on her belly and the other holding onto Zara.

"Right," said Donna, "let's make the most of it."

The Doctor grinned as he headed towards the TARDIS controls.

"Alright, honeymoon tour of the universe continued, Zara's tour of the universe just beginning..."

"Esther," said Zara.

"Right! And Esther!," said the Doctor.

"Nothing to do for six months or so," smiled Donna.

"Where to, ladies?," asked the Doctor.

"You can pick this time, I think," said Donna. "Let's face it your going to spend the rest of your life being bossed about by ginger women, aren't you?"

The Doctor smiled at them. "That's how I like it."

The End.