Underworld: Reunion

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Note: Starts a century after Underworld Awakening, just a few ideas from the movie trailer and I came up with this. If I didn't have the information I came up with it. Enjoy!

It has nearly been a century since I awoke from human imprisonment, since I learned my beloved mate was murdered in cold blood as he tried to protect me and the daughter we had conceived on our journey to freedom had been murdered because of who she was. I still remember holding my beloved child in my arms, the first time I would ever hold her and she had been murdered. Eleven years of age, my beautiful Eve never to see the light of day or the darkness of night...never knowing she had been wanted. All of Michael is gone, the traces of blood I had taken from him gone...I have nothing left. The Corvinus line, the line of which we all originate is left with me and me alone. What many are unaware of is that mates, Lycan and Vampire alike hunt down and kill those who killed their mates and children. Children were rare, a joyous event in the community but my daughter was never celebrated because of the mixed blood in her veins...I would forever hunt those responsible for the death of Michael as my vengeance for Eve had been given.

Selene paced the room, beyond it was the new Council...over six hundred years and finally the Lycans and Vampires had come together in the Old World. The New World still had it's feuds but the Old World had conformed and she was here to ask for acceptance into the community again...as a Death Dealer. The Death Dealers now hunted rogues of both species and after what Vampires had done to her beloved daughter she was willing to hunt a few of her own kind.

The doors opened and she walked in, in a black dress as was dictated...you had to dress according to your status and she still maintained her 'vampire princess' status from being Viktor's adopted heir. She hated that as she'd rather be where her daughter and mate had been...the lowest of society, lower than slaves or species, depending on one's view.

"State your name for the Council." The Head Councilman spoke and she stared at them all, three Vampires and three Lycans, one of each sat raised beside each other but higher than the others.

"Selene..." she wondered for a second of what she could call herself as she had no house, no mate to share a name and not even a child to state 'mother of' so she used the best she could. "Selene, of the Corvinus House."

The Vampire eyed her, "Selene of the Corvinus House...well Selene that is very much a lie. Alexander Corvinus had no daughters...three sons, one a mortal and the other two immortal. They of which became our forefathers, think again."

"I said 'of the Corvinus House' not 'daughter of Corvinus' so ask yourself what that could entail. My mate was the descendant of Alexander Corvinus by his mortal son, who fathered children. The hybrid Michael Corvin was my mate and as a combined Council I assume you will not mind me coming to stay in this coven, tracking down and hunting those who murdered him."

One of the Lycans looked at her, "you are the mate of Michael Corvin? He spoke of a mate, one lost to humans and those humans he fought until he couldn't no longer."

"Those humans kept me in a prison for twelve years. I won't rest until the man who murdered him has suffered as I have."

A young woman or at least she seemed young, a Lycan, stood and looked at Selene. "None of us has felt the pain of a mate's death...you have suffered above all of us. Selene Corvinus you are welcome among us...until your hunt is done you shall have the assistance you need. I shall give you to our best Death Dealer...he will assist in your question and help you end it quickly."

Being lead down the castle's hallways, Selene noted the castle was much more modern but still had it's Old World feel. Something she had come to enjoy in her long life, the simple times long forgotten by most. Down a spiral staircase to an underground room...a basement of sorts but she found it was the center of the keep as she could see the night sky. All them men, Lycan and Vampire alike, stared at her as she walked out into the moonlight.

"This is Selene Corvinus, she is to be treated as her status demands..." The Lycan Councilwoman, Dera, looked at them all. "She is on a hunt and needs your help." She looked at Selene, "good luck, you will need it with this crowd."

"Thank you."

Given her own room, Selene dropped her bag onto the bed and began unpacking it. Withdrawing the few pictures of Michael that she had, they'd been hidden away in a bank vault with weapons and belongings needed to run. A single picture of Eve laid inside, one she had stolen from the facility that was the only one found of Eve smiling. Removing it, Selene pulled out clothes as well, throwing them on the bed.

After showering, she looked in the mirror as she dressed and ran her hand over the scars on her shoulder blade, ones that would not heal...the mark of a mate that the Vampire knew well enough that her body didn't heal. They were scratch marks, from Michael's claws when he had partially phased during a love making session. It was all she had left and let herself run her fingers over them repeatedly, smiling shortly at the memory. Leaving them, she pulled the tank top over her head and grabbed her gun.

Finding the keep yard bare, she surveyed the area by sight before allowing her senses to take affect, Michael's words in her mind a century and some years later. Closing her eyes, she allowed the memory to invade her for a short while.

Selene looked around the courtyard of the small Mediterranean villa she was in, getting the hang of her new senses which were overpowering was hard. She turned to sharply and Michael caught her by her throat, he smiled and leaned down, kissing her. "You're too slow my dear."

She smiled as he let go, "and what do you think I should do?"

He turned her gently, "granted, I am a doctor turned hunter unlike you who is a former Death Dealer but the hybrid senses have to be learned...even yours. Our victory on your father's island was by mere luck, we are both aware." He kissed her shoulder and ran his fingers over the pink scars on her shoulder blade. "You were angered thinking I was dead so you were on a hunt of revenge...this is a hunt of survival. Survey the area with your eyes before letting your senses take over one by one." His hand slid down her arm, "feel the air, hear what is around you, see what is there and not there, smell the scents around you. Then strike if the threat is present."

Michael turned her, she looked up. "Are you finished?"

"Not quite." He leaned down and kissed her, pulling her closer. "I want to take you to America, to see my home as I have seen yours...sort of."

"I'd like that, just don't expect me to meet your parents."

He chuckled and shook his head, "they'd like you."

"My parents would have liked you as well." She smiled and looked down at his hand that laid on her belly. "I hope we have that chance one day soon."

"We will and she'll be beautiful."

Selene chuckled and backed up, "it could be a boy."

"No a girl and she'll be just like you."

Selene opened her eyes and whispered, "she was like you...fight till the end, her dying end."

"You speak as if you know pain." She turned to see a Lycan a few feet off, "who did you loose in the war against humans?"

"My daughter and mate...a century later and you don't forget holding your child in your arms as she's dying."

He pushed off the column, "my condolences...Radu and you are Selene Corvinus, descendant of Alexander Corvinus...an honor and a curse."

"Perhaps a curse more than anything."

"Perhaps, our Commander is out hunting a rogue Lycan who turned a couple of human kids without care."

"Sounds like when the war with humans over, some are trying to start it again."

Radu smiled, "perhaps...so you're a Death Dealer or trying to be one. Did you get those in a battle, they must have been deep if you can't heal." He motioned to his back and Selene touched the visible scars again, this time with reverence.

"My mate...he was Lycan, enough said." She turned and looked around the small keep, "now he's dead and I am going to avenge his death. It maybe a century later but a Lycan gave him away...a man called Danu and I will kill him after he feels the pain I felt."

"So you'll kill his mate?"

She turned sharply, "no...but I will hold a gun to her and let him feel the pain, of watching her possibly die. I can't do that, kill the unjust...she probably has pups and I won't take both their parents away."

"You are cold Selene but just, welcome to Luna Castle, Home of Peace."


He nodded, "after the goddess Luna, of the Romans...the castle was named after a Death Dealer who slayed both corrupt elders to avenge the third over a century ago. Her name has been lost but they said she was like the goddess, beautiful with alabaster skin, dark hair and always a vision in moonlight. However, it is said she traveled with a wolf instead of a bull, the wolf protected her and in return she saved his life...thus they were companions in the lonely world. She disappeared within months of the slaying, never to be seen again nor her wolf."

Selene nodded, "who named the castle?"

"No one knows, so many came here as refugees during the war, people just came up with the name in memory. You'd have to ask the Commander, he was among the first."

A bell rang and Selene turned, "what is the bell for?"

"It tells us we'll have a prisoner soon. We'd better get to the yard, you might want to file in."

They went to the yard and two SUVs as well as a metal van pulled in, the metal van was immediately unloaded of a wild Lycan. Several Lycans and Vampires wrestled with it before Selene shoved her gun in it's face, "don't move or I'll shoot...I killed six humans in under five seconds with a knife...I have a gun with silver bullets, try it."

The Lycan transformed into a human again and looked at her, "a vampire who stinks of Lycan, I can smell it on you...a Lycan lover."

"My mate is dead but yes he was a Lycan...call it in disdain if you wish but I will willingly trade you for information on his killer...Danu."

The man laughed, "Danu is untouchable, try it and see yourself killed...or perhaps you wish to join your traitor of a mate in the fires of hell."

She pistol whipped him hard and he fell to the ground, Selene looked down at him. "Take him to the dungeon."

Hours later Selene heard the voice of several Death Dealers talking, she hid behind a column. "He's pissed, a woman with no Death Dealer training walking in as if she owns the place. The Council allows her because she's on a hunt...the Commander doesn't like this."

"I know, he highly dislikes female Death Dealers...in fact he rejects them. Marco said it's because he fought beside one in the original war and her memory is too sharp in his mind, her death he blames himself for."

"She'll be gone soon, we may work together but no Lycan would ever take a Vampire mate...it's heresy!"

A/N: Next we get a glimpse at the new Death Dealer Commander and Selene finds her place among the residents of Luna Castle.