Underworld: Reunion

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Selene laughed as she watched two children play with wooden swords in the courtyard, one Lycan and one not. In her arms laid a newborn, she looked down at it with a smile. "That shall be you one day my love, playing and practicing the art of a warrior's spirit."

The baby opened her tiny fist as her eyes stared at her mother, the sound of footsteps and shoulder burn made Selene turn to find Michael walking over. He had just finished training, that much she was aware of from the sweat that stained his skin. "My beautiful girls," he kissed Selene's head and took the baby's hand. "And how are you today Princess Sonja?"

"No princess Papa," Selene smiled and looked down at the baby, "only a mere hybrid, the lowest of society."

"Papa!" Michael and Selene looked over to see their son, Alec as he stood victorious over the Lycan boy. "I have won the battle."

Michael walked over and looked at Alec, pulling him off the other boy. "Very good, now thank your opponent for a worthy match."

Alec looked at the boy, "thank you James."

"Another time we shall rematch." He hurried off and Michael picked the boy up.

"Papa, when shall Sonja join us in a fight."

Michael chuckled, "when she is older, she's a baby and can't do much...right now she doesn't need fighting or battles...she needs Mama the most." He looked at the boy, his black hair and brown eyes all his mother, "just as you did when you were her age."

"I never needed Mama that much."

Selene chuckled, "I'm sure you did, why don't you and Papa go get ready for the Festival and I'll see you in the Hall."

"The festival!" Alec jumped from his father's arms and ran off towards the family's quarters.

Michael kissed Selene's head and touched Sonja's tiny hands, "I had better make sure he doesn't destroy anything. I shall see you girls later, I love you my princess." He kissed Sonja's head and she grabbed his nose, Michael gently pried his nose from her hard grip. "Already strong like your mother, I'm in trouble."

The New Moon Festival was the first moon of the year and celebrated by Lycans and Vampires alike, both children of the night. Music played and food served as well as blood, histories were read and in the later hours the younger generations liked to party into the morning. Selene often called it 'mating decisions' as the young Lycans and Vampires would choose a potential mate among those there and in the last half century hybrid birth had gone from Alec and Sonja to two others, a boy and a girl. The girl, Lucy, was the current infatuation of seven year old Alec...he was in awe of her and wanted to marry her, to which his parents laughed.

Drake, Head Councilman, rose and held up his cup of blood. "Tonight we celebrate another moon and another year of survival. With the past year we have had several births, a rarity now no more and five matings. Loren and Mia are unable to attend tonight because last night as the moon rose their pup was born...a girl and she shall be called Luna. To the newest member of this coven, to Luna."

"To Luna."

"And to start the celebrations, Councilwoman Dera will bless the newest Corvinus to enter the world."

Selene rose with Sonja in her arms and walked over to the center of the Hall, Dera stood waiting and accepted the baby. "Brothers and Sisters, Cousins and Friends I present to you the newest member to be blessed under the moon...a child of the night as well as a child of the day. Sonja Corvinus, daughter of Selene and Michael Corvinus you are blessed by us all. We pledge protection and love, from this night forward you are not alone. May you find your place among us, whether that of a warrior or that of a simple civilian. Your name an honor to one lost because of a war of the heart...we hope you hold his strength and courage to stand for what is right."

The doors flew open and a woman ran in, "the New World flag...it's seen. It's on a convoy coming, the envoy is here...they weren't expected."

Drake nodded, "children and watchers into the keep, others stay...Death Dealers...ready yourselves. The New World is separate from our own, they do not hold our traditions and they are a threat to the new world we have created between Lycans and Vampires. We are family not enemies and tonight we show this New World that they are threat to us."

Everyone cheered and everyone began rushing to gear for another fight, Selene was pulling on her belt when Michael caught her arm. "Selene, you aren't strong enough...Sonja was just born four nights ago."

"Michael," she touched his cheek, "I am beside you this time and I will fight, the New World covens let Eve die, they did not fight for her...they fought over her with the Lycans and the humans. They are just as much my enemy as others...I still hold them accountable for her death because while not directly responsible they did nothing to help. They wanted to burn her but I refused to watch my daughter suffer that fate. She was buried in a crypt with others and left to rest in peace, although I know she was disturbed."

"Stay beside me, promise Selene...I am not like I was the last battle we fought together. This time I have trained for over a century to be who I am, the Commander of the Death Dealers."

"I shall always stand beside you." She leaned up and kissed him, "the human captivity and this time, this half century has allowed me to become different. I changed with Eve's death...before I would not have said such things before a battle."

Michael pulled her chin up, "you are still my Selene." He kissed her, "my moon goddess."

She pulled back, "you named the castle...you named it after me, Luna Castle. Luna was the Roman equivalent to Selene, Greek goddess of the moon."

"You deserved so much more...it's all I could do to make sure you lived forever, a legacy."

"I'm here now and Alec and Sonja are our legacy, our private legacy lays in the New World and she'll be forgotten."

The bell rang and Michael looked up, "we should go."

The courtyard was filled with Death Dealers, the Council waited as several cars pulled up and two people got out. Selene stared at them, David...a Vampire she had known in the New World as well as Coven Master Thomas. She stayed where she was and waited, Drake and Lorna...the Lycan Head Councilwoman stood out in front.

"Welcome to the Old World Coven, I am Drake and this is Lorna."

"My name is Thomas, I am Coven master for the New World coven. My Death Dealer David, our Commander is..." He turned to David, "where is she?"

"Taking her time as usual...I don't want to risk my head so I don't hurry her."

Drake chuckled, "risking your head...never a wise thing with a woman."

"Oh this one has a bit of a huge bite." David smiled, "your coven is made up of both Lycans and Vampires...you're a death to yourself."

Lorna nodded, "maybe but we have survived for almost two centuries, without war with the humans because we keep to ourselves. What can be said of that from you?"

David noticed Selene and smiled, "Selene Corvinus, it's been a while."

"Less than I wish." She looked at him, "why are you here?"

"Peace, we've been encouraged and we don't risk our heads in the process. Our...Commander of the Death Dealers happens to be a good ambassador too. She's kept peace between us, the Lycans and the humans for the last century."

"You talk about me as if I'm not even here David," a woman walked over and looked at them. "Shame on you."

He chuckled, "always a pleasure talking about you Eve."

She smiled and looked at Drake and Lorna, "my name is Eve, I ask on behalf of my coven and that of the peace to create a treaty not to unite the two covens but to keep peace and alliance."

Selene's breathing became quick, "Eve?"

She looked over and stopped, "Selene...you're alive."

"As are you."

Michael looked at the woman before him, she was beautiful and so much like Selene. He could hardly believe his daughter was alive. "I am Michael Corvinus, Commander of Death Dealers...welcome."

Drake nodded, "You may stay as long as you aren't a threat, I stand for all vampires in this. Lorna?"

"As Lycans agree, Michael...your vote is alone, you hold us all."

Michael nodded, "I second the vote, the Death Dealers agree."

Drake smiled, "we were just celebrating the New Moon Festival, you are welcome to join."

"And we shall talk but I ask of you first to let me speak to my guardian, it has been over a century and a half since I last saw her." She smiled and headed towards Selene, hugging the death dealer to which the hug was returned. "I have missed you mother."

"And I you," she pulled back, "come we will talk."

In the family quarters, Selene handed Eve a cup of blood. "I learned you were my mother after I raided Antigen for information on why they took me. I didn't realized they created me."

Selene smiled and sat down, "I knew...you had this distinct smell of your father, I'd know it anywhere."

"My father is dead isn't he?"

"No, I found him...and Eve, you were conceived not created, I was already pregnant when they captured me. I was unaware and your father as well...the man you met in the courtyard is my mate and your father."

The woman smiled, "Michael Corvinus, legends are everywhere about the Hybrid. It's somewhat of a modern day Romeo and Juliet...I heard it being told to children in our coven. David likes to say we'll tell our children that story."


She nodded, "I was searching for a rogue when I got caught in a fire...he raced through the flames, burning himself partially to get to me. I thought it out of honor till he he was dying and told me..." she chuckled, "he told me I was beautiful, had been since the day I first arrived with you. I found it odd...I'm a hybrid, the lowest of lows but he made me feel like I was more. He recovered eventually, it took a week to heal completely and he asked my guardian, Thomas, if he could court me. We had our ceremony four decades ago, haven't left each other since."

"Your father will not be happy about that."

Eve chuckled, "Mother...I tried to find you but I couldn't, I'm sorry."

"No...you're here now and I made peace with it, I carried on."

"Mama!" Alec ran into the room and Selene turned to see Michael with Sonja. "Mama, I want to see the New World Coven but Papa says no."

Selene chuckled, "you shall not but you have someone very special to meet." She pulled Alec into her lap and he looked at Eve. "This is your sister...Eve, Eve this your brother Alexander."

"I go by Alec, that's Sonja...she's a baby."

Eve smiled, "as I see...how old are you?"

"Seven years, how old are you?"

The woman smiled, "I am many, many years older than you...it's not polite to ask a woman her age."

"Whatever you say, can I go see Lucy. I want to give her flowers I picked."

Selene nodded, "run along...and don't cross Maria, she just assisted Mia in delivery."

"I won't!" Alec ran out and Selene took Sonja as Michael looked at Eve.

"I've always wanted to meet you."

"And I'm here Father," she rose and he pulled her into a hug. "I also bring my mate with me, I hope you do like him."

"If you're anything like your mother...which you are, the Lycan the only thing of mine...you made a wise choice."

Eve looked at Selene, "all those years ago you don't condemn me even when I wasn't your daughter yet."

"You were a symbol of hope...for the future."

I look upon the reunion of my family, I had lost my daughter and my mate but found them again. I reside myself to think that if I had not loved a Lycan, if I had not followed in the footsteps of my adopted sister I would not have created the peace that is here. Two lifetimes have loved and lost, but this new one is among us, although different I see it as it is...the Corvinus family is always meant to mix and here it does. The legacy of Viktor was terror and coldness, murder and hunting but he has underlying legacy not many know of. He had compassionate daughters who each loved a Lycan and bared a child, while Sonja's did not live...my children have. I look forward to the centuries ahead, prepared for any battle because my weapon is not the gun I came to live by but that of my heart. I, Selene Corvinus, carry on the legacy of the Corvinus Line.

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