Kay here's the summary for this oneshot:

Lillian wakes up in the middle of the night by a really dangerous typhoon. Scared out of her wits, shes runs out of her house and runs all the way to Ash's house but on the way lightning strikes a tree and it starts to fall on Lillian while she just stands there in shock. Will she get flattened or will she survive the typhoon and make it Ash's house?

I thought this idea up yesterday and I really wanted to post it. This is a twoshot. And I swear (cross my heart and hope not to die) that I WILL finish it today. I've been wanting to write something about Tale of Two Towns anyways soo… Ya.

Ok so here is chapter one. This chapter will feature AshXLillian. And the next chapter will feature AshXChelsea (yup another one of my crazy pairings. I think they're cute together! :3)

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By the way down below in the chapter when you see the name Cap, it's referring to Lillian's dog.

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Chapter 1: AshXLillian – Like A Little Girl


I was about to settle down for the night but before I did I sat down and listened to the radio for the weather, like I've always done every single night ever since I got this farm here in Bluebell. I like Bluebell, I think I'm going to stay here for awhile. When I first got here I chose Konohanna to live in, but by the end of my first Spring I had fallen in love with the town of Bluebell so I moved over there.

While the person on the radio droned on and on about the daily news I yawned tiredly wondering when they were going to get to the weather when the guy on the radio said, "And now for the weather."

Almost immediately I sat up on the edge of my seat and waited for the guy to continue.

"You better hold on to your hats, umbrellas, and anything else you got that might fly away because tomorrow there's a typhoon coming! Better not leave your animals out!"

I turned off the radio and my insides melted. A typhoon means that there's going to be a really bad thunderstorm coming, I thought. Nonononononono! I climbed into my bed slowly and prepared myself for the worst.

I was awaken in the middle of the night by a loud BOOOOM! I huddled in fright under the covers of my bed. Outside the window in my house there was a large flash, then a couple seconds later another big BOOOM!

My black husky dog whimpered at each BOOOM! I tore off the blankets that were on me and ran over to Cap. I scooped him up into my arms and ran back over to my bed. I held him close and petted him softly, getting him to quiet down. Once he fell asleep in my arms I carefully place him on the floor and I looked around my house. The lights had gone out and my only source of light was the occaisional flash of lightning. Suddenly there was another ear-drum-splitting BOOOOOOM! and it was the loudest of all the ones that I had heard so far. I put my hands on my head just incase that had hit a tree and it was going to fall on top of me (ya, I know i always think of the worst but come on! It COULD happen!).

That was it. I pulled my regular clothes on and ran to the door. I opened it was met by pouring rain and it was making it hard to see. Squinting my eyes together, I ran against the wind and ran out of my farm.

As I was running by the shipping bin the sky flashed white and not a millesecond later there was a very large !. I heard a crack and before I knew it I was about to get squashed by a tree. Frozen with terror I stood there and watched it fall on top of me and my endless scream blended with the roar of the wind and the rain. It was like I was 8 again. Then there was a flash and before my eyes the Harvest Goddess appeared. She held the tree up with her bare hands and looked at me.

"Go!" she said. "I'll let it fall once you're out from under it but MOVE! I DON'T HAVE MUCH STRENGTH!" I ran out of the way and the Harvset Goddess let the large tree go. It fell to the ground with a loud clangor that was droned out by the wind and the rain. After that I ran past the shipping bin andwent all the way to Jessica's Animal shop. I hopped over the white fence that I knew too well and ran into the barn that was behind their house.

I was dripping wet. I squeezed some water out of my hair and flinched as more thunder rumbled loudly. Several cows and several sheep roamed the small area of the barn. I looked around and saw someone with a plaid hat and sandy colored hair sticking out from underneath it sitting against the wall of the barn, there was only one person who looked like that.

Ash jumped and ran over to me. "Lillian are you alright? You're shaking!"

I could feel tears brimming at the edge of my eyes, wanting to escape and pour out like a waterfall. I didn't want to tell him the truth. The truth that I was terrified of thunderstorms ever since I was a little girl. Ever since it killed my parents.

Ash must've seen the fear in the my eyes. He lead me to where he was sitting and we sat there on the wall, my head nestled in his shoulder. "Can you tell me what happened?" he asked.

I sniffled and began to tell the story.

I was only 8 when it happened. I was awoken in the middle of the night by some very loud thunder. The place where I used to live barely ever got thunderstorms so this was the first one ever that I had experienced in my life. I ran to the room in my house where my parents slept. I woke them up and told them about the large noise. They just laughed merely and told me that it was a thunderstorm. They said everything was going to be fine and that I could just go back to bed. So I did. That was the biggest mistake of my life.

I woke up again much later in the middle of the night just in time to hear a very-loud-almost-ear-splitting ! There was a crack and all of a sudden the next thing I saw was a tree falling on top of me. Then there was flash and all of a sudden the tree was gone. It just vanished. I had survived from the tree falling, but by the time it was about to fall on me it had already fallen on my parents and crushed them. I was alone.

Ash pulled me close and we hugged for a while. He was really warm and it just felt so... right. "I'm so sorry," he whispered. We pulled away and my head nestled back into his shoulder.

"It's not your fault."

"I know but I feel bad for you." I turned my head to look at his stormy gray-blue eyes, which oddly the sky at that exact moment matched the color of his eyes. We sat in silence for a long time and before I could control it I fell asleep with my head nestled into his shoulder.


I too was starting to grow sleepy as Lillian fell asleep on my shoulder. I turned my head slowly, making sure that it wasn't enough movement to wake her, and stared at her face. She looked like an angel. I rested my head back onto the hard wooden wall and my eyes started to droop. After a few seconds of trying to fight back the urge to fall asleep I gave in and a deep sleep enveloped around the two of us.


The next morning I woke up at 5:00 AM to find Ash's bed empty. I didn't want to awake my mom and worry her so I decided to go search for my brother myself. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a wooden spoon just in case someone kidnapped him and I would have to knock the kidnapper out with the spoon. I slowly tiptoed out of the house. The sun was shining high in the sky and the nasty gloomy gray clouds that brought those wretched typhoons were nowhere in sight. The sky was bright blue and the sun was cheery yellow, enough to make even the coldest heart smile. There was only one place that I could think of that he would be so I hopped over our white fence and ran into our barn.

I gasped at what I saw next. Ash was sound asleep with his head against the wall and Lillian's head leaned against Ash's shoulder, she was asleep too. I could feel a tear starting to roll down the edge of my cheek so I ran back into the house. I jumped into my bed and rolled the covers around me till I was in a little bundle, then I grabbed my pillow, put it over my head and started to sob into the dusty sheets of my bed. No... I thought. He couldn't be. He couldn't be falling in love with a girl! But of all people WHY LILLIAN? Thankfully for me, right then a mischeivious idea popped into my head. I smiled smugly at how much of a genius I was and about how devious the idea was. It was a perfect revenge plan.


My eyes slowly opened to see sunlight streaming through the barn door. All of the animals had already let themselves out (except for the chickens, they can't hop over the little fence that divides them from the cows and sheep.) so the barn was empty. I turned my head to see if Lillian was still on my shoulder. I smiled because I was relieved that it wasn't all a dream.

I poked Lillian's shoulder to wake her up. "Lillian... Lily... Lillian wake up," I said in a low voice. Her eyes shot open and her head bolted up. She looked to the open door of the barn and I saw her figure relax. She let out a quiet sigh.

I stood and stretched my sore legs, then I offered Lillian a hand and helped her up. She stretched too and after she was done we looked at each other.

"Come on let's go check the damage the typhoon brought," Lillian said. I nodded and we walked out of the barn. We hopped over the fence and Lillian gasped at what we saw, I put my hands over my mouth in shock. Everything was a disaster. Bluebell's Town Square was scattered with so much debri that it was hard to see the cobblestone that lay underneath. The table with the blue cloth that Cam used to for his Flower Shop everyday was gone, it was now laying upsidedown on the roof of Town Hall. There were several holes in the roof of Howard's Cafe and I thought I could see a dead horse laying under a fallen tree near Grady's Horse Shop, the white fence that served as a pasture fields had been ripped out of the ground and torn apart into scattered white pieces of wood. Part of Eileen's house was gone so now there was a gaping hole in the side of her house.

I turned to look at my own house and feared for the worst. But lucky for me, it wasn't too bad. There were a couple holes in the roof but that was it. The white fence was still intact and the house was still standing. My mother exited our house, looked around and gasped when she saw the critical damage. "Oh my," she said.

I just hoped that Lillian's farm was okay.

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