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AshXLillian - Chapter 4: The Black

Third Person POV

In the midst of the black they call night the moon, full and white, glowed high above the rest, providing little light. The daughters of the black were well awake and lurking about for sleeping prey, ready to pounce at any moment.

A steep incline created a rift between two large clusters of houses. Off to the side of one cluster one lone house stood, its features slightly illuminated by the glow of the moon, with two smaller houses flanking its side; one proudly standing, the other reduced to rubble. At first glance it might've been abandoned, untouched for decades but then the soft sound of a calf's cry emerges from the barn on the left; suggesting that the farm was already occupied.

Inside the house a girl tossed and turned on her bed, with eyes squeezed shut in muffled fear, muscles twitching, and her long soft brown hair splayed out behind her.

Her eyes suddenly shot open and she sat up as quickly as she could. Her breath came quick and short. Something tickled her foot. She threw off the covers to find a large crawling about. Disgusted she jumped up and accidentily stepped on the tail of one of the daughters of the black, her dog Cap. Her dog whimpred in pain and immediatly woke up. Guided by fear he ran through a small grey doggie door and into the black they call night.

Lillian gave chase.

"Cap come back!" Lillian called through the black. It was no use, her dog was gone.

She was up on the mountain looking for Cap who had escaped into the night. Lillian was dressed in her regular dayclothes, not suitable for a trip through the black. She suddenly saw a familiar hat sitting by the river. "Ash?" she called out. "Is that you?"

Ash whipped around, his eyes wide with alertness and awakeness. He smiled when he saw Lillian. "Hey Lillian," he smoothly slipped out. Lillian walked over to him and sat next to him.

"Hey Ash," she replied.

A small flash, quick and short. Several more popped up; fireflies created a magical show in the moonlight. Lillian's eyes feasted upon the sight.

"Why are we sitting here?" she softly said.

"What?" Ash asked not really paying attention, entraced by the show.

"Why are we sitting here when there is work to do, things to fix-"

Ash turned his head toward hers. "Things to fix as in... how we like each other?"

Lillian slowly turned her head towards his, her eyes soft. Fingers brushed, firewoks exploded and fireflies illuminated.

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