"Mordecai, Karaoke King!"

Rated T for a little bit of language and a whole lot of lovin'... (Mainly from Mordecai and Margaret)

Disclaimer: Normally, I write fics for the Total Drama series, but I decided to write a Regular Show fic this time. It's pretty much a multi-chapter fic, so...enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Oh, man...what a rough day..." Mordecai groans in agony that he wanted just sit back and chill with his best friend Rigby after a rough hour of crap from Benson. Picking up trash, this and that, not ever having to go on break.

"You said it...I don't think I can handle the trash as well..." Rigby said acting beat as well.

"Who? The garbage or Benson?" Mordecai replied as he decided to let out a frosty cold one and trying to let out a joke.

"Either way, we lose. I just wanna rest my head." Rigby replies as he rested his head on a pillow and popping up a can of Shaddap Cola.

As he did, they were interrupted by Benson.

"Okay? Am I just paranoid as a cat's ass or are you guys just slacking off when I told you to pick up the crap that was left from the Halloween party a few days ago?" Benson said as he snapped at them.

Mordecai and Rigby just decided to mind their own business.

"Benson, we've been handling that piece of crap ever since a few days ago. It's just too much!" Rigby complained as his face focused to an episode of "Beavis and ButtHead".

"You should name your baby bungholio! Ratatah!" Beavis said on the TV. Mordecai and Rigby laughed like hell. Somehow, Benson decided to ruin their fun like always by turning off the television, much to Mordecai and Rigby's disappointment.

"Look, I don't pay you damned squat just to sit around like damn bushwhackers! You're here to make sure this park is cleaner and tighter than my mom!" Benson yelled at the boring individuals. But somehow, Mordecai and Rigby let out a quick chuckle.

"Why would you tell us that?" Mordecai let out a chuckle. Benson didn't realize what he said, so he hit himself in the head for saying that.

"You could've had a V8..." Rigby said to Benson. These insults would have easily pissed off Benson at its point, but he just decided to let it pass.

"Look, just so I'm not an insensitive guy, I'll still let you off with a warning. Just make sure this park is clean by the time it's midnight. Got it?" Benson said, giving Mordecai and Rigby a final notice.

"Yeah, sure. Could you let us watch our program now?" Mordecai replied, as Benson turned back on the TV in boring fashion.

"Uhh...fine. I'm going out anyway. Just make sure-"

"Yeah, yeah. We got it." Rigby responded, cutting Benson off.

"I'm going to ignore that..." Benson said as he just left without trying to snap at Mordecai and Rigby again.

A few moments later...Rigby and Mordecai just decided to turn off the TV. They turned to each other.

"You pick the trash up." Mordecai said to Rigby.

"You pick the trash up." Rigby said to Mordecai.

"Look...why don't we toss a coin up in the air? I choose Heads, you do it. You choose Tails, I do it."

"Sounds cool, then..." Mordecai spoke as he took a quarter and shot it up in the air.

It hit Heads.

"Oh, damn it...I'll get the bags..." Rigby moaned in disappointment. He then turned to Mordecai. "You gonna help me?"

"Oh, sure..." Mordecai spoke in a boring tone, as he was still watching "Beavis and ButtHead". That work that he did earlier was just plain hell.

"I'm thinking that's a no..." Rigby spoke out as he left for the garbage and crap that filled the park all over. It was like a tornado hit every bit of debris all over.

Meanwhile, at the coffee shop around the next day, right around 10 p.m. in the morning...Mordecai was still stressed out because of all the crap that Benson asked to pick up. It was surprising that he'd actually helped without Rigby thinking he wouldn't actually do it because of his laziness.

"Oh, why me...?" Mordecai said to himself as he slumped with his head down with a cup of Cappuccino in his hand. However, a familiar voice spoke in his head.

"Hi, Mordecai."

"Oh, crap. Margaret!" Mordecai almost literally jumped out of his seat when she saw Margaret. She just got off from her shift.

"Uh...how's it going? You look like hell by the way." Margaret replied, being concerned about his 'best friend's well-being.

"That's strange, because I look like crap..." Mordecai chuckled a bit before he kept stirring his cappuccino.

"I see you didn't get any sleep from last night. Case of insomnia I guess..." she spoke as Margaret took a seat next to the tired-less blue jay.

"Yeah...that and Benson. It took me about 5 a.m. to get the rest of the crap cleaned up." Mordecai ruffled as he calmly took a drink.

"5 a.m? I didn't think that no one could pull off an all-nighter like that!" she spoke as she poured a second cup for Mordecai.

"You're kidding. The whole park felt like a damn tornado threw up everything in sight." Mordecai said, still looking like he didn't sleep for a while. He always looks like this working throughout the whole night and day.

"Well, Benson is just a hardass all the time. I'm glad I don't work for him. I wouldn't last one day with him if I was gonna be yelled at like a banshee with a air horn." Margaret chuckled a bit before pouring herself a cup. Mordecai let out a chuckle alongside her too.

"That's him, indeed..."

As soon as Mordecai and Margaret was busy with their quiet conversation between each other...a limo suddenly pulls up to the coffee shop.

Who could this actually be? As this individual pulls out of the limo. Margaret couldn't believe it. He had a black leather jacket which read "Number One Stunner on the back. Pants that had a flame design to it. Green spiky hair that combined with orange dye. He was pretty much a sparrow with a rude, bad attitude.

"Ahh, oh my goodness...it's him!" Margaret said, as she was looking at the punk rock-like sparrow.

"Huh? That's who?" Mordecai said as he looked at him as well.

"That's 5-time World Karaoke Champion, Roderick Sparrow!"

"Really? How come I've never heard of him?" he said in some kind of secret, jealous tone.

"Ahh! You never heard of Roderick Sparrow? He's perhaps one of the greatest Karaoke stars of this lifetime ever! I have a serious guilty pleasure for Karaoke..." Margaret replied as he was eyeing the handsome punk rocker, entering the coffee shop.

Roderick then soon approached Margaret.

"Hi, ma'am..." Roderick spoke to her with that breathless British accent. Yep, he was punk all right.

"Oh...hi Roderick. I'm such a huge fan of you..." Margaret spoke to him as he was lusting for him in secret. Mordecai felt little bit of jealousy.

"Oh please...call me "Rod". And it's such a pleasure to meet such a fan so beautiful, so graceful, and so intelligent of my work..." Rod said, shaking Margaret's hand. Somehow, Mordecai didn't buy it one bit. Those clothes of his smelled something bad.

"Now...rumor has it you make the best coffee in this whole entire city." Rod spoke out, still in that desirable British accent of his.

"Margaret never told me about that..." Mordecai thought as he cringed at someone beautiful like Margaret getting her hands on someone so dirty.

"Sure, it's the best ever. Let me go get it..." Margaret responded, leaving to get Rod's order.

She soon left himself with Mordecai. Rod was a little impressed.

"So, are you the fruit that was talking to that beautiful, bloody robin of yours?" Rod smirked at Mordecai.

"That beautiful bloody robin of mine happens to be Margaret. And she just happens to be just a...friend of mine." Mordecai retaliated at Rod, and cringing at the same time whenever he mentioned Margaret as his friend.

"Friend of mine, huh? What would she ever see in you?"

"Much! The name's Mordecai, and I just can't see someone with the likes of you act all gooey and lovey-dovey all over my 'friend' like that." Mordecai spoke at Rod as he was standing up for Margaret, who wasn't even around.

"Oh, why not? I'm not a bad guy...I'm just a little bit irritated that I have a blue-haired idiot talking down on me like he's big stuff." Rod spoke, as he was putting him down just like that.

"I'm not a blue haired idiot! I'm just looking out for someone who's close to me, that's all. Believe me, flattery like that is gonna get you nowhere, pal."

"Oh...so I agree..." Rod replied as he approached Mordecai like the gentleman he was. And then, in the blink of an eye...

...he starts to strangle Mordecai with one hand...

"Look pal. I don't know what crap you're starting with me...but whenever I see something that is precious...I take it. And if I like your 'friend', I'll take her. Now...you don't want the same to happen to you if we do meet again...Got it?" Rod said to Mordecai coldly and to his face. Mordecai felt like he was gonna wet himself because of his vicious stare.

"Fine. Got it. Just let me go..." Mordecai replied struggling to get out of his grasp. Rod eventually let him go, as Mordecai swore like his face would have been turned purple.

Margaret soon showed up with the 'best coffee in the world".

"Here you go, Rod. I've added the cappuccino with pumpkin spice and chocolate drizzle to give it that extra spice." Margaret spoke to Rod, not being unaware of the fact that Mordecai was being strangled by the delienquent.

"Ahh...thanks, luv." Rod said as Margaret handed him the cup and took a sip of the pumpkin-chocolate spiced cappuccino. He was highly impressed.

"What do you think?"

"This is definitely...the best coffee in the world. I wish I could enjoy it more, but I gotta get going. Huge Karaoke contest is starting tonight. Wish me luck!" Rod exclaimed at her, and then noticing Mordecai still trying to catch some air from all that light strangling he did. "Oh, you might wanna do something about your friend. I'm afraid the coffee that you gave him was a little too hot..."

Rod then walked out with a sly smile. And as he did, he muttered something to himself.

"Enjoy it while it lasts. Because when we do meet, I will have Margaret all to myself."

Margaret then looked down on Mordecai, in which he now started to get his conscience back.

"Mordecai? What happened to you...?"

Did Mordecai want to tell Margaret about what happened to him. Did he want to tell her about Rod's true colors? The reason that Rod liked her coffee because he really wants Margaret all to himself?

"Uh...I...the coffee was too hot..." he said, looking up at her.

"Oh...I'm sorry. Here, I'll try to bring a warm cup for you. I'll be back." Margaret replied as she went back to the kitchen, as an attempt to help Mordecai.

Mordecai realized what he's done. He ended up lying to the only woman who he had strong feelings for.

"Damn it! Why couldn't I tell her he was so threatening...?" Mordecai thought himself as he hit the floor.

He took a while to pull himself together as Margaret went to Mordecai with a warm cup of cappuccino this time.

"Here you go. Drink this..." Margaret responded, giving Mordecai a sip. He then got back up on his feet.

"Ahh...thanks. That feels better."

"So...you thinking about going to that Karaoke contest?" Margaret said nicely to him.

Mordecai would have responded to yes, but he thought of something different.

"I...I don't know...I got a lot on my mind right now...I'll catch you later though. Thanks for the cup!" Mordecai exclaimed as he waved goodbye to Margaret as she waved back.

"You're welcome!" she shouted back at him far away.

As soon as Mordecai was nowhere to be found. Margaret let out a lonely sigh. She really became concerned for him.

"I'm worried about you though..." she thought to herself as she got back to her shift just now.

She just had to move on.

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Notice: Roderick Sparrow was an original character I created. I figured he'd play the role of a bad punk rocker. You can expect a whole lot of humor and romance, even though there will be hints of drama.