"Mordecai, Karaoke King!"

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Chapter 6

"Okay, get yourself in the game, Mordecai. This stage is yours...don't blow this opportunity..." Mordecai thought to himself as Roderick was about to introduce him to the stage.

"Okay, let's introduce our final contestant. He works at some crummy park with a raccoon, a nard with gumballs, a smelly nard with the Hamburger Helper mascot and a sasquatch...let me introduce you to Mordecai!"

Mordecai gulped as he appeared on stage to thousands of fans. He couldn't believe everyone was cheering for him. His crew and especially...Margaret was cheering for him as well.

He developed a little bit of stage fright for a second there. He was probably thinking it was a bad idea to do this. His knees shaking, the sweat pouring right off of him. Mordecai felt like he was gonna piss his pants singing in front of a packed house like this.

But someone's voice popped into his head. It was so sweet, so relaxing, so familiar...

"Come on, Mordecai! You can do it! I have faith in you!" the voice said to his brain again, revealing to be Margaret. How could Mordecai fail with her leading him on? Now wasn't the time to back down. Margaret surged her entire body, soul and mind into Mordecai like he was re-energized all of a sudden.

Mordecai took a few deep breaths. And as he did, the song "I'll Be True To You" by the Oak Ridge Boys came out of nowhere. It was really now or never to unleash his singing velocity on the whole world.

They met upon a blue moon,
And they parted on a cloudy day
They were so in love and out of school,
But he was going so far, far away.

Everyone couldn't believe it. Mordecai...was that damn good.

His voice was so entrancing...so soft...and so alluring. It was like listening to an angel and his tremendous melody come to life.

She said: "I'll be true to you,
"Even though you don't want me to.
"And I'll be blue for you,
"Even though you've asked me not to."

Margaret's heart was just captured instantly. It was like she was swooning to the beat of his voice.

The way that she looked at him on stage, it was like her heart was just stolen by him and his almighty presence.

"He's...amazing..." she thought to herself, enjoying the view.

Well the year's drifted by them, as we all know they can.
He found other women, but she refused other men.
But as fate would have it, they met again,
She was on a down-hill slide, and he was just sliding in.

As he looked into her eyes that night, he never realized.
The only real love in his life was passing by.
When he turned and left her there, his words: "Goodbye".
He heard her calling out to him, and as he walked, she cried:

Those lyrics felt so home to Mordecai.

The way that Mordecai really felt for Margaret after all this time...Mordecai would never imagine losing Margaret in this world. If she had died in something so tragic...Mordecai would never be the same anymore. He would have no meaning...no life. How would he ever live without her coffee? How would he ever live without her tender smile? Most importantly, how will he ever live without her?

"I've been true to you.
"Seems like speaking to me is the least that you could do.
"And I've been blue for you,
"Even though you've asked me not to."

The song was so enamored with Mordecai all of a sudden. His true emotion, his true beating of his whole heart. The stage was his, and not even one little incident was gonna keep him down from believing in her and himself.

Everyone was giving him a standing applause for his intensity...for his determination...and for his spirit. Roderick just scoffed at his luck his voice was now having.

She'd been drinking way too hard one night,
She'd been drinking way too long.
Alone and pale in a cheap hotel, she died there in the dawn.
Kneeling by the grave, oh so late and oh so wrong,
He longed to hold her close again, crying on and on.

He cried: "I''ll be true to you.
"After all that I have put you through.
"And I'll be blue for you,
"Though you never even asked me to."

The finish was nothing more of spectacular. His friends and Margaret roared in applause at that fabulous, show-stealing peformance. I mean Mordecai could tackle those lyrics with his eyes closed! Oh wait...he definitely did...

But however, it was decision time for Mordecai as the three judges and Roderick himself to see whether he moves through or not.

Least surprisingly, all three judges gave Mordecai all 10's. Now it was up to Roderick to decide Mordecai's fate.

What did he really think of all of this? Mordecai's performance just literally blew everyone out of their seats. But by the look on Rod's face, he wasn't impressed either way he saw it. But he hand no choice but to give Mordecai one score the fans were begging him...

...a 10.

Everyone roared as Mordecai had now advanced to the semifinals, alongside his best friend Rigby, and four other unknown contestants.

"All right! Buddy! Way to go! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Rigby yelled, congratulating his partner and patting him on the back.

"Yeah, let Roderick come in and play with my fire all he wants to! He's gonna get burned!" Mordecai replied proudly as he gave out a high-five to Rigby, Skips, Muscle Man, High-Five Ghost and yes... Benson. Margaret soon approached Mordecai behind him.

"Hey, Mordecai! Nice song you did out there. It was so romantic, I was almost gonna cry." Margaret responded, feeling a little blush through her cheeks. Rigby even elbowed Mordecai in the back so that he wouldn't blow his chance.

"Oh...um, Margaret...if it's no use at all...would you and me treat ourselves with a drink later?" Mordecai said, acting nervous as usual. His friends felt like they wanted to slap their own faces in embarassment, but surprisingly...Margaret gave out one sweet response.

"Sure, Mordecai. Roderick's inviting everyone for a afterparty backsatge, maybe we'll catch up there, okay? Later!" Margaret replied with a smile as she left. Mordecai's friends gave him an appreciative pat on the back for asking Margaret out.

It wasn't pretty much a date, but just a peaceful conversation between the two.

However, Roderick was frustrated at the pair and somehow left to go to the afterparty. But as soon as he left, he displayed a little bit of a smirk on his face far away from Mordecai and Margaret.

"Yeah...I let you pass this time...but trust me, Mordy...I will own you and your precious lady...you're about to feel what I really got in store for you..." Roderick thought to himself, knowing that someday that Margaret will be his.

And no one, not even Mordecai, would stop him from doing so...

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