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'You can open your eyes now' River chuckled, Amy, unaware of how tight she had be closing her eyes, opened them slowly to find herself lying in River's bedroom once again, exactly how she had remembered it.

'Don't worry, ill have you back before the Doctor even notices that you have gone' She whispered, kissing into Amy's neck. Amy was completely speechless, she had everything she wanted right here and she never wanted to leave.

'Are you ok?' River said leaning off her, and onto her hand, 'I'm just used to you being more… well let's say… active' and she winked at Amy making her insides melt to jelly.

' I was just thinking how perfect this it, how perfect you are' She rolled over to be face to face with River, her hand stroking lightly down the curves of her body and stopping to trace lines over the top of her thighs.

'Oh sweetie, I'm far from perfect, you should know that by now'

'But you are, look at you, you couldn't be any more perfect' Amy moved her hand over to start to trace the inside of River's thigh lightly.

'Amelia Pond, you are such a tease' River chuckles and pulled Amy closer, moving her hand up her body, bunching up her shirt as she went.

'You aren't one for the build up then?' Amy cocked an eyebrow at her and giggled slightly.

'I've told you, I can only control myself for so long when I'm around you, and luckily for you my control just ran out' and she launched herself at Amy, hands roaming everywhere, lips on every bit of skin that she could get to. Amy couldn't do anything but gasp, this woman, this goddess, was just amazing and Amy could tell that she had a lot of experience but found that she didn't care. She ws hers now and that was all that mattered.


Amy wanted to be with her, HER! She couldn't stop smiling to herself, she felt the need to kiss every part of this beautiful girl that she could. She held her so tight, she couldn't bear to let her slip away, even a tiny bit. She kissed with a fierce passion she never knew was being suppressed, even she didn't know how much Amelia meant to her. Being with Amy was like breathing to River, just easy and impossible to leave without and in her head she vowed to make Amy feel like a princess. And that was going to start there and then. She lifted herself up slightly, just enough to allow her to move her hand up and under Amy's top and reach up to cup one of her perfectly sized breasts. River could feel her heartbeat thump under her touch and her breath quicken on the skin to skin contact.

'My, my, you are excited aren't you' She pushed her top up so she had an unobstructed view of her chest and leant down to kiss above her breast, right where her heart lay.

'If you think that is good, you should see how wet youre making me' Amy gasped but River silenced her with a finger over her lips and one simple word, 'Spoilers'. She knew that would drive Amy mad, it always had and beneath her, Amy bucked up to try to speed things up from the extra rush, rapidly losing control of her body.

'Calm down, sweetie' She hummed into her neck, 'I said I was going to love you like you deserve and I will, trust me'

'I love you so much River'

But she just replied, 'I know'. She couldn't put into words how much she loved Amelia Jessica Pond. She completed and validated her. She broke apart the contact just long enough to lift Amy's shirt over her head and throw it to the other side of the room.

'This is becoming a habit, my clothes ending up on the other side of the room' Amy said through gasping breaths

'I can stop if you like' River chuckled, kissing more down Amy's chest to make her moan.

'Don't you dare'

'I didn't think so' and with that River took one of Amy's erect nipples into her mouth nibbling slightly and receiving a very loud response from her.

'Fuck, River' That was all she could seem to say as she kept repeating it over and over, writhing beneath her, her skin positively flushed.

'That is the aim of the exercise'

'Oh, I hate you'

'No, you really don't' River slipped her hand down in between them and just into Amy's soaked knickers and pressed against her clit causing Amy to jolt her hips forward towards River.

'Ok, you got me. I really don't' Amy gasped as River pressed her fingers into her entrance slightly. 'Please River, just take me'

'Patience, my love' River whispered as she slid her fingers back to Amy's clit again. 'I want you to remember this forever'. River could tell that Amy's skin was on fire; the thing that she couldn't quite believe was that it was burning for her. She could feel herself dripping wet but she was determined to fulfil Amy first. That was until without River noticing Amy slipped her hand down in between them and into her panties. River shuddered with delight at the slight release that she felt at the tough and she pushed slightly more into Amy's entrance at the same time.

'If I am going to remember this forever, then I want to remember what I do to you as well as what you do to me' she breathed into Rivers ear. River had no words, she couldn't mutter a single coherent thought, yet couldn't stop thinking how amazing Amy was.

As Amy started rubbing River's clit more frantically, she pressed her fingers deep into Amelia, hiting that spot that she knew would have her shouting in a matter of minutes, determined to keep control. She could see the pleasure written all over Amy's beautiful face and couldn't help but stare at the most perfect features, the eyes that glittered with the mixture of lust and love. She was pulled roughly down by Amy grabbing her hair and wrapping her lips around hers. They fought like this for a while, both their hands working an agonizingly slow pace, working them both up to the highest peak that they had every felt. River's other hand grabbed hold of Amy's breasts causing her to gasp involuntarily. She used this opportunity to claim Amy's mouth and push her back down further into the bed, and their bodies even closer together.

'River, I think I'm going to…' Amy managed to gasp through the breaths that River was tearing from her.

'I know, me to my Amelia' River hummed, so caught up in the moment that she couldn't think of anything else.

'Let go for me Amelia, I want to cum with you' she managed to seductively whisper into Amy's ear and she instantly did as she was told. River falling over the edge, they both tumbled through ecstasy together. River slid over to the side, taking her hand from Amy's pants and licking it clean while looking her right in the eye. Before River had noticed though, Amy had pulled it away and had seductively started licking herself off River's fingers.

'Oh god' River thought but managed to keep to herself despite the heat rising once again in between her legs.

'You are far too sexy for your own good, Miss Pond' as Amy finished on River's fingers and started on her own.

'You love it River'

'I never said I didn't' She leant over and pressed a kiss to Amy's lips, but not the type of kiss that they had shared previously that night. This one was soft and gentle with so many feelings, ones that couldn't be put into words and she loved the taste of herself and Amy on her lips. She desperately wanted Amy to know how much she meant to her, but she knew she would never be able to put it into words for her to understand. Her world revolved around beautiful, magnificent and amazing Amelia pond and she didn't think there was anything that she wouldn't do for her. She would climb to the top of the highest mountains and the bottom of any world in the sky if it would mean that Amy was safe, she would always make sure that she would be. She would give her life for Amy's in a heartbeat, and to her that was all that mattered. She moved back from the kiss, her hand caressing the side of Amy's face and simply stared at her. She studied every small detail, from the shine in her eyes to the way the corner of her mouth turned up slightly into a smile. She traced down the side of her face with 2 light fingers, across to her neck and along her perfectly formed collarbone, she traced the rest of her body with her eyes making note of every dimple and imperfection, which were actually the things that River loved the most. She looked all the way down her bare body to her chest and then her toned stomach. She stared in complete wonder that such a perfect person could even exist. When she finally looked back up after several minutes, she saw tears starting to fall from Amy's eyes.

'You are perfect' they were the only words that would ever come near to explaining how amazing how she was. There were small tears falling from both of their eyes now, and they lay there staring into each other for what seemed like forever while their hands danced together at their sides.

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