Istvan and Maximus reached the tower and Istvan got off of Maximus.

"Sayori? Sayori, let down your hair!" Istvan called out.

Just when Istvan was about to climb up, Sayori's hair fell form the window. Istvan climbed on the hair until he got to the opened window.

"Sayori, I thought I'd never see you again." When Istvan looked up, he sees Sayori chained and her mouth covered by a cloth. "Huh?"

"Mm-mm, mm-mm!" Sayori's words were muffled. Suddenly, Amnelis appeared behind Istvan and stabbed him with a dagger.

"Mm-mm!" Sayori's eyes widen at the scene. Suni hid by the fireplace.

"Now look what you've done, Sayori." Amnelis said as Istvan groaned in pain on the floor. Istvan struggled.


"Oh, don't worry, dear. Our secret will die with him." Amnelis said as she walked over to Sayori and grabbed the chain.

"And as for us…" Amnelis pulled the chain but Sayori struggled to hold back. "We are going where no one would ever find you again!"

"Mm-mm!" Suni ran out from her hiding spot and pulled on Amnelis's dress, trying to stop her. Amnelis kicked her away.

"Sayori really! Enough already! Stop fighting me!"

During the struggle, the cloth fell off of Sayori's mouth and is now on her neck. She turned to Amnelis and shouted, "No! I won't stop. For every minute of the rest of my life I will fight! I will never stop trying to get away from you!" Sayori was catching her breath. "But, if you let me save him, I will go with you."

"No! No, Sayori!" Istvan shouted while still struggling.

Suni woke up and stared at the scene.

"I'll never run, I'll never try to escape. Just let me heal him, and you and I will be together. Forever, just like you want. Everything will be the way it was. I promise." Sayori added.

Amnelis stared at her, trying to see if Sayori will keep her word.

"Just like you want. Just let me heal him."


Amnelis chained Istvan near a rail.

"In case you get any ideas about following us." Amnelis said before she left him to Sayori.

Sayori kneeled by Istvan. "Is-Istvan!"

Istvan coughed and wrenches. Sayori moved his shirt to see the wound that Amnelis gave him.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Everything is gonna be okay-" Sayori started to put her hair on top of Istvan's wound.

"No, Sayori-"

"I promise you. You have to trust me-"


"Come on. Just breathe-"

Istvan placed a hand on her cheek. "I can't let you do this."

Tears began to build up in her eyes. "But I can't let you die."

Istvan coughed before he said, "But if you do this…"

"Shh, shh, shh…"

"…then you…"

"…shh, shh…"

"…will die."

"Hey. It's gonna be alright."

Istvan forced a smile. Sayori was about to sing the incantation.

"Sayori…wait…" He approached to Sayori and…sliced off her hair with a broken shard of the mirror just lying there beside him.

"Istvan, what…?" Sayori's hair started to change into brown.

"No!" Amnelis shouted.

Sayori's white cut off hair turned brown quickly along its length.

Amnelis tried to wrap herself around with the remaining white hair. "No, no, no…" She dropped the brown hair before she looked at her hands and noticed that they were aging, getting really wrinkly.

"No! What have you done? What have you done?" Amnelis's blonde hair turned completely white. "No!"

As Amnelis was covering her old face with her cloak, Suni pulled a length of hair and tripped Amnelis who fell from the tower. Sayori stretches her hands as if to stop it from happening. Amnelis and her dress turned to dust before her cloak hits the ground.

Sayori turned her attention back to Istvan who was close to dieing.

"No, no, no, no, no, Istvan." Sayori made his face look at her. Istvan coughed.

"Oh. Look at me, look at me, I'm right here. Don't go, stay me, Istvan!" Sayori grabbed what was her long hair and put it on her head.

Sayori: Flower, gleam and glow

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine…

"Sayori…" Istvan called to her.

Sayori looked at him. "What?"

He placed a hand on her cheek. "You were my new dream."

Sayori started to cry. "And you were mine."

Istvan breathed his last breath and died. Sayori cried at Istvan, the man she fell in love with.

Sayori: Heal what has been hurt

Change the fate's design

Save what has been lost

Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine

When Sayori got done singing, her tear fell on Istvan's cheek and it sucked in the tear. Sayori followed the white glow from her tear go straight to Istvan's wound. A bright white light filled the room until it died down and Istvan slowly opened his eyes.


Sayori gasped. "Istvan…"

He smiled at her and said, "Did I ever tell you I've got a thing for brunettes?"

"Istvan!" Sayori and Istvan embraced each other before she surprised him by kissing him. He didn't mind though since he kissed her back.


A guard barged through a room where the King, Queen, Rinda, and Remua were in. They looked up to see that the guard had a look on his face; a look that said 'we found her'.

They ran to the doors that led to balcony. Before they opened the door, they looked at each other…hoping that this isn't a dream. They opened the door to see Istvan and Sayori standing by the rails, with Suni to the side.

The King, Queen, Rinda, and Remus slowly walked towards Sayori. The Queen stood in front of her and placed a hand on her cheek. She smiled at Sayori, even though Sayori's hair was now brown and it fell to her hips, she knew that it was Sayori. She and Sayori hugged each other. Sayori looked up to see her father and her siblings smiling at her before the family did a group hug on the ground. The Queen held her hand out to Istvan. He smiled and grabbed her hand…suddenly he got pulled into the hug.

Well, you could imagine what happened next.

The kingdom was dancing around the huge opening. Even the King and Queen were dancing.

The kingdom rejoiced, for the lost princess had now returned. The party lasted an entire week, and honestly I don't remember much of it.

The screen moved to Marius, who was playing the piano on stage.

Anyway, dreams came true all over the place. That guy went to become the most famous concert pianist in the world. If you can believe it.

Astrias got hit on the head by a mug. His helmet ended up on a woman's head.

And this guy? Well,, he eventually found true love.

Riya did miming, which got everyone to give him a 'he's nut' look.

And this guy, he looks pretty happy. He's never told me otherwise.

Each guards raise a frying pan to Maximus.

Thanks to Maximus, crimes in the kingdom disappeared almost overnight.

A guard hurriedly presented a green apple to Maximus, who ate it.

As did most of the apples.

Suni was playing a game with Rinda and Remus.

Suni…never changed.

Sayori appeared behind Rinda and Remus and hugged them before hugging her parents.

At last, Sayori was home and she finally had a real family. She was a Princess worth waiting for. Beloved by all, she led her kingdom with all the grace and wisdom that her parents did before her.

Sayori noticed that her crown wasn't on her head. She looked behind her to see Istvan with a sly grin on his face and his arms behind his back.

And as for me, I stopped doing thieving and basically turned it all around, but I know what the big question is, huh?

Sayori held out a hand, telling him to give back her crown. Istvan did a keep away with her until they fell on a stack of hay. They laughed at each other before he pulled her in for a kiss.

Did Sayori, the Princess of Light, and I ever get married? Well, I am pleased to tell you that after years and years of asking, and asking, and asking, I finally said yes.


Alright, I asked her.

And we're living happily ever after.

Yes, we are.