"Where is Yusei? " Leo complained "he was supposed to be fixing my duel board after it…er …broke" Everyone had gathered in the guy's basement apartment on a rainy Saturday morning and it seemed to be just another Saturday: jack was sulking over loosing another job (lasting a record breaking 1 hour for jack), Crow just finishing his, luna and dexter ,who was a friend from luna and leo's class, studying for a upcoming test, akiza just staring outside at the rain while Bruno was repairing a duel runner that had been brought in by a client and dealing with leo pushing his duel board infront of him . It was just yusei that seemed to be missing from the group. "How should we know? We aren't his babysitter, yusei can look after himself" jack sighed .

"Still. It's unusual for him not to tell anyone plus he kinda seemed down when I last saw him yesterday" akiza agreed

"When yusei is down you don't want to ask" crow murmured

"Hey do you guys know where yusei's PDA is? He was suppose to receive the blueprints for this duel runner" Bruno asked

"His room proberly" Crow shrugged

Bruno got up and headed towards the bedrooms up the steel stairs and into one of the rooms to only emerge a few seconds later with the PDA in one hand and a photograph frame in another with a puzzled look written across his face. "what you got there bruno?" luna asked looking up from her book. Bruno wandered back down to the others but not taking his eyes off the photograph in the wooden frame that looked to be made from drift wood. Crow and Jack looked at each other for a second in realisation as if they secretly knew that something bad was coming before jack snatched the photo from Bruno's hand. "Curiosity killed the dog Bruno" jack snapped.

"Jack...its cat, curiosity killed the cat" crow corrected

"I don't like cats though" jack snapped back

"what's the deal anyway, it's just a photograph" dexter sighed

"no, its not just a photograph" everyone turned to Bruno "is it?"

Crow nodded at jack. Jack tensed in objection then relaxed and put the photograph on the table where luna and dexter where studying. Soon there was a small crowd around it as even akiza had moved from the window to look.

The photograph in the frame looked old but was well preserved in the driftwood frame; it had to not be really old since it showed the satellite only a decade or so ago. It was a childhood picture; jack scowling with his arms crossed his chest and even then he was the tallest of the group but you could see some kind of happiness or joy in his eyes as he stood next to a toothy grinned crow who looked to be in mid laugh and his wild red hair flung around in his laughter. Yusei seemed to be on the end and was also smiling as if laughing but was more controlled than crow was about it and had his arm round another one of their friends that they had never actually seen before: a girl. She had long raven black hair with silver highlights, slightly tanned skin that was free of any marks, cobalt blue eyes that seemed to sparkle like small stars and a curved smile that gave a hint of mischief. No one could put their finger on it but she looked familiar, too familiar. Until Leo said "is that Yusei's sister?" and the penny dropped.

"Yusei has a sister?" leo,luna,azika and Bruno said in unision while dexter just hide himself in his book in hope that this would go away.

Silence hit the room until jack screamed "Fine..Crow tell them, they were gonna find out anyway"

"why do I have to?" crow protested

"because your mr storyteller" jack snapped back

"whatever" crow sighed "no interrupting though, its starts like this….."

_a small port pier where the satellite used to be_

Yusei stood there in the rain letting it soak him without a care; he just stood looking out at the sea that once divided everyone. This place was the first place he remembered as a baby and was where the capsule that he was found in landed; it had been sacred ever since as this also was where he last saw her before the disappearance. It had been 10 years exactly; she would have been 19 like him if she hadn't of left. He remembered what Martha had told him the first anniversary of this day (it also had rained and had ever since quite ironically) that remembering and never forgetting people we love and lose keeps their memory alive and a piece of them is always with us then in our hearts.

_Flash back_

Lights were flashing everywhere and a siren was screeching from the ceiling as the Ener-D reactor was going to explode. It was a no brainer that it was going to kill everyone in the building and that it was going to seriously destroy the city. A woman ran through the panicking scientists and engineers carrying a small bundle wrapped in a blanket followed by her husband who was clutching an identical bundle to his chest. They knew what was in store for them and were ready to take it but it was too soon for those two they cherished more than their own life. Reaching the capsule and placing the bundles inside with only a small silver locket round one of the necks to identify them as the children's parents and a small note for whoever would find them. A quick kiss goodbye and they were saved by the small rocket that shot them to safety and a new life – their kids were going to live and that was all that mattered to them. For they didn't even hear the final explosion that would send them to their graves and split the city in two forever.

"MARRRFA!" (Even as a toddler jack had a set of lungs on him and knew how to get attention he wanted) the blonde toddler yelled pointing at the sky with his free hand that had been in his mouth before as he held his foster mothers hand while on their daily walk. "come along jack there is nothing there…" before she could finish there was a huge crash and a flash of light as the capsule hit the earth, Martha shielded jack from the blast as best she could but they both fell from the impact. Martha got back to her feet and helped the crying jack back up , she paused though as screams from children pierced the air. Turning away from a protesting blonde toddler she then sprinted off towards the screams to be followed by a complaining jack muttering under his breath.

Martha came to a small beach near the small fishing pier which had been close by pier where the flash of light had seemed to of come from and there at the shore was a small capsule which looked alien compared to the run down pier where it had landed. As she came closer the screaming also became louder and from the sound of the screams it seemed like 2 voices. She opened the lid of the capsule to find not 1 but 2 screaming toddlers as she had predicted but where quite small for their age so fitted in a capsule for 1. From one look you could tell they were twins as they both looked exactly alike even though one was a boy and the other was a girl who had a silver locket round her neck. Attached to the inside lid was a note: our names are Yusei (boy) and Aurora (girl) Fudo we are 2 years old and are orphans. All we have is each other and would be grateful to find a home together and have lots of friends to play with. We have nowhere else to go as we have no home now.

Martha read the note twice before looking back at the 2 children who had stopped crying and where looking directly back at her in a pinky hand hold with each other. Martha couldn't do anything but smile down at them, it was a blessing really as she had wanted to get more kids to adopt so jack would have some friends to play with and with those 2 pairs of big blue eyes looking directly at her with all the innocence of a vulnerable child how could she say no exactly?

She helped them out of the capsule that they had crash landed in and from there they easily toddled around Martha's feet as though they already accepted her as a mother. By this time jack had finally caught up with them to see 2 other toddlers in the limelight of Martha's affection so he did what any toddler would do in this situation. He went up to the girl and pulled her hair quite roughly to be then be met with a punch in the face and landing on his back, jack was fuming at this point knowing he couldn't attack her without being punched (and that just one of them so he didn't want to try his luck by getting the other one involved as well ) so tried to insult her (look how far jack has come since then….not much actually)

"I don't hit girls" jack snapped at her

"Well I just did" replied the ravenette

Round 1 – Aurora: 1 Jack: 0

_back in present times_

"so they are defiantly twins like me and Luna then?" Leo asked

"unfortunately" jack muttered

"just that yusei doesn't seem like the kind to be a twin" akiza pointed out "he always seems to distance himself unlike a protective brother"

"well we ain't done with the story yet trust us you haven't heard how we met yet or the reason why yusei is upset today" crow continued

"is Bruno ok?" luna worried as Bruno was just standing there in complete shock and as white as a ghost

"he'll be fine just slap him or throw some water over him I'm sure that will wake him up. Smelling salts are also good" dexter informed with a slight shrug

"all we have is leo's gym socks" luna replied

"im good" Bruno said as he snapped back from his dream state "just continue the story, its just this story is playing on my memory a bit and I don't know why…."