"We are having a what?"

Everyone (well Yusei, crow, aurora. Akiza, Luna and Leo) had huddled round together in the living room area, he had been told this was a meeting not some regular chat. He eyed everyone as he waltzed over to his armchair, observing where each person was sat:
+ Yusei on his desk chair (that had somehow been brought upstairs)
+ to his right was aurora sitting cross legged on the rooms normal desk chair
+ to her right was crow who was sitting on the dining room chair with it of course turned round like he usually put it when thinking about something
+ to his right was Luna and Leo sitting on the sofa together
+ then it was himself on his armchair
+ to his other side was Akiza who was on brunos downstairs desk chair
+ which then went right back to Yusei

There was something oddly familiar about this order...
"If you haven't gotten it already from that weird look your pulling, I really hope that's not your thinking face, but we are in a precipice order" aurora sighed deeply
"We thought that it would be best for the occasion to be in the crimson dragon circle order" Yusei continued crossing his arms infront of his chest
Jack raised a eyebrow "since when had aurora been a signer"
"Since I got cast off to America" she muttered before pulling her glove on her left arm off to show her mark (see image) "sorry but I showed the others before when you were being invited by Ming to come over plus Yusei and crow have already seen it before hand"
"Here they explained the order already to us" Luna perked up "Yusei is the head, which we used as a starting point, then it would be Akiza as the front claw then you jack as the wings then me with the rear claw then crow with the tail and aurora in between them as the spirit which rounds us off into a complete circle. And Leo's here because he lost. His house keys...again"
Leo shot a look at his sister "did not, I'm staying with you, just because I ain't a signer doesn't mean I'm useless anyway I'm a important part still"
"So are we gonna get started or not then?" Akiza asked before anyone else could say anything; Leo and Luna arguing in the background
"Ok, the first signers meeting will take place here, Bruno agreed to be moderator and observer for the meeting" aurora started in her serious tone that made the room fall to a hush, her feline cold eyes watching for anyone who would even think of opposing her

"the issue at hand would be of the duel spirit revolution which threatens both the balance between the 2 worlds but also the many innocent lives which could be cost. There have already been encounters between ourselves and them to which we had only 1 casualty as well as a dear cost. This must be prevented from happening since the stronger the revolution gets then the less likely we will win. A strategy must be formed which we all agree to and will act out" Yusei continued in the same tone as his sister "from the information gathered we need to form a plan" he looked round the room
"We cannot just stand here and be challenged all the time" Akiza stated; a bitter and hateful atmosphere hung in each of her words "they would just keep sending stronger and stronger officers to get our dragons"
Jack nodded "we cannot keep playing defence, they will more likely keep searching for us no matter were we go, we need some form of attack against them"
"But what if going straight for them costs us our dragons though?" Luna asked looking down at her hands, she just couldn't let ancient fairy dragon get hurt again or any of the spirits
"It's a chance that we would have to take...what do you mean costs us our dragons that only happens when you lose and I would never lose" jack snapped before realising that either aurora or crow where going to retaliate to that "you 2 can keep your mouths shut before you say anything" he pointed at them
Akiza forced herself a small cost
"Anyway how could we go on attack? We don't know where they are or how to get there" Yusei outlined
"He's right there are more than 1 spirit worlds and even then they are huge, it would take ages to find it then get inside without being k(ill)ed and confronting this big leader which we know practically nothing about except the leaders called hebi" crow looked down at the floor, resting his chin on the back of the seat
"We knew hardly anything about any of our opponents till we duelled them and still won" Leo pointed out "I mean couldn't you like get information from a officer thingy if you defeat them?"
"Unfortunately they turn back to cards before we can ask and before that they are fiercely loyal so wouldn't tell us anything, even reckless ones wouldn't do that" Yusei thought back to jagger who was so wild and crazed yet still held most things about the revolution organisation to himself "we know nothing except what aurora's told us"
The group looked at the strangely quiet girl who hadn't said a word expect for the opening bit and yet she had the most knowledge on them and was a effective stratigist if she had planned everything from the immortals to their current lives. She looked to be deep in thought but there looked to be something wrong with her: her eyes looked glazed over as if she had been struck by death itself, she wasn't even making a sound as they could hardly hear her breath at all and was deadly still as she sat lifelessly; she looked like a mannequin almost or a corpse.
"3...2...1.." Crow counted to himself boredly as if he had already seen this before; as he counted 1 there was a sudden rush of life to her, her eyes were blinking away tears that hung close to her eyes, her body shaking a little from this new coldness that covered her and she was breathing deeply as if she had seen a ghost - it was shock.

At the sight of this crow had practically leapt off his chair, kicking it to one side, to his girlfriend; wrapping his arms tightly around her which she naturally relaxed into such an embrass. "It's ok, I'm here, Aure, I'm here" he soothed her, stroking her hair or kissing it lightly
The whole room fell into silence, looking around to each other for some kind of guidance especially to Yusei who also (more carefully) got out of his chair to comfort his twin yet she had already buried her face in crows chest and didn't looks as if she wanted to leave. Yusei stroked her arm gently to let her know he was there as well for her, he seemed to finally get what had happened "was it bad then?" He asked her trying to make sure he didn't say anything to trigger something or make it worse. There was a pause then she nodded her head causing little ripples of movement on crows shirt.

"So what happened?" Luna asked softly
Yusei sighed heavily then looked at the others "a vision, it doesn't look good either"
Their were a few looks of confusment written on their faces
"Aurora, since she was about 5 years old, could see short glimpses of the future, which was why really she got exiled since she saw godwins plans at a time they could be stopped and she refused to co operate knowing the evil that would be inflicted on the world" Yusei explained briefly "she told me once that nothing is ever set in stone and that there are a million possibilities since nothing is for certain, which is another reason why we don't believe in destiny that much" he brushed a hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear, noticing the golden shine on her 3 ear chips that decorated her ear.
"She doesn't look like she's ready to tell us yet if its that bad" Akiza looked sympathetically at the girl she had rather quickly grown to be friends with "maybe we should let her sleep and wait till she's ok before we continue"
"Yeah" the teal hair twins nodded in unison
Jack painted the same expression as before but he was actually quite sickened by the look on aurora's face- it wasn't that of his tormentor or even kind of rival or of that he ever remembered on aurora: it was vulnerable. No matter what power or abilities she gained, not even if she was called a goddess, she was still human - a human who could be broken easily like glass if cracked in a certain place.

Crow without a word lifted her out of the room bridal style, she was just as always light as a feather but it pained him from the depths of his being to see her like this: in pain from a wound that he could not even try to heal - she clung to his chest like a baby did to its parent, whimpering every so often with unaudible words. She never cried,after being exiled she never did: even after she was sent to the American facility 3 times, not when she was betrayed, not when she was starved, not when she lost everything that she had loved, not even on the verge of death- and yet a single tear streaked down her face, slowly, before it rolled off her cheek and onto his hand. Cautiously he placed her onto the bed, she moaned a little in protest but it was clear she was already fast asleep, he smiled at her-she just looked to cute when she was asleep and it just made him want to crawl in after her. He delicately lifted the covers over her sleeping form, she gripped the covers protectively before rolling onto her side towards him. He affectionately touched her smooth cheek, his fingers tingling at the stroke of her cheek, so warm and soft.

Crow didn't want to disturb her but he didn't want to leave her either, he settled for watching and waiting for her to wake. Like a guard dog or a knight he would protect her no matter what or who.

Outside the door Yusei had been waiting also, he just wanted to make sure she was ok, he remembered just how bad those visions could get. Aurora once screamed so loud from a vision shown as a nightmare that she had not only woken him and Martha but the whole street; she needed someone to comfort her, yet he now had to accept that it was no longer his role anymore. But he still wanted to be there for her...

Akiza watched from the corner as Yusei paced the corridor before stopping every so often to look at the door; he really cared for his sister and it was touching that even after being apart for so long that they were still so close. Secretly she wanted the same attention from him: that care and protectiveness as well as the love she wanted so much to experience from him.

Screaming. Blood. Fire. Darkness. And the smell of rotting flesh smothered the air. No one won this war as the worlds turned to ash. Torn up in a storm of hate and rage. It was sickening and made her stomach turn like a wheel. She had to get out of here. Run. Run. Run. Go. Run away. Run...

Aurora woke with a startle, bolting up right completely from the bed; she looked around at her surroundings - her and crows room, she was safe here, it was her sanctuary. She lay back down on the bed, calming herself as best she could, she could already feel the beads of sweat that had formed on her forehead, her heart beat slowing back down to its normal rate. She looked over the side, there slept her shining knight, he had proberly fallen asleep after waiting for her to wake; slowly she crept out of the bed and towards her sleeping lover. The way he slept and the way he muttered her name every so often in his sleep, it was heart warming to her that she would have someone to love and protect her so. She loved him with all her heart. It was that plain and simple. She lived him.

Gentle not to wake him, aurora lightly kissed his lips, careful not to wake him.

Venturing out the room, she almost stumbled on Yusei and Akiza who were sleeping on the floor outside the room, she had to admit they were a cute couple. She wanted Yusei to be happy like she was, Yusei was someone else she deeply cared for: not the same love she had for crow but her love for her family, he was all she ever had and all she had ever centred her world on till they were torn apart. It broke her heart to have someone who was like half of herself, a shared soul, ripped away from her that she never ever ever wanted to hurt him like that again.

Although she and Akiza had not known each other that long they had this newly developed friendship they had, she only hoped she could continue to be friends with her in the future.

It was these thoughts of her friends both new and old that drove her into making the decision: jack was right they needed to go on the offence.
I need to call sensei after all
She took out her mobile, selected a number and called it "I need your help"