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Chapter 7

Raikage's office: 30 minutes ago...

"So, Terumi Mei, what brings you to Kumogakure no Sato? I know we have a beautiful ninja village , but I doubt that site seeing is on your agenda today." said Ei sarcastically, even though his expression remained as stone faced as a statue, not willing to let his guard down against a woman as dangerous as the one seated on the other side of his desk.

He was a little surprised by the events that unfoldered earlier really, he'd gone to the main gate expecting a battle against the famed leader of the Mist's rebellion army, one who was said to be able to fight on par with the Mizukage. He'd been quite excited really, not many people could claim to have fought a perfect jinchuuriki and survived, and he knew first hand just how powerful one could be, after all, one of his tag team partners was exactly that, a perfect jinchuuriki. What kind of woman could handle something like that on her own? This is what Ei had wanted to find out by fighting her, the only other woman he'd known of that could handle a complete bijuu on her own was Uzumaki Kushina, but she was an Uzumaki, so that didn't really count.

'Could she be of Uzumaki lineage too? She certainly has the physical characteristics of one, red hair, green eyes, large chakra reserves? It's definitely possible.' thought Ei suspiciously.

"I believe I told you earlier, I just want us to have a little friendly talk, I have something important to discuss with you." replied Mei elegantly, smiling enticingly at the raikage with a smile that would melt even a hardened jonin while crossing her arms in a manner that only served to enhance her already sizeable cleavage.

"Hn, I hope you don't think that your charms will work on me, you won't defeat the raikage with dirty little tricks like that." said Ei arrogantly.

"Oh...too bad, I guess I'll have to use alternative means to win you over, besides, it's not like I could completely seduce you in front of everyone now could I, neither yours or my subordinates should have to see their leaders doing something so...well, I'm sure you get what I'm trying to say." retorted Mei, causing C, Darui, Mabui, Ao, Chojurou, and even R to blush with a mixture of embarrassment, arousal, and shock, completely stunned by Mei's bluntness and fowardness.

"Are you trying to imply that you could have won me over if we were to be alone in this office?" asked an aroused Ei curiously. Mei however simply shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, neither confirming or denying the raikage's words, almost as if she was challenging him.

To say the raikage's subordinates were shocked would have been a complete understatement, no one, absolutely no one had ever seen the raikage flirt with anyone before, and he wasn't as bad as they thought he might be, in fact, he was quite good if what they were witnessing was anything to go by.

Ao was just plain shocked, not because Terumi-sama was flirting with a man, she did that all the time, even with people she was about to kill, but because of whom she was flirting with and the circumstances under which she was flirting. Choujuro on the other hand did not know whether to be shocked, aroused, embarrassed, pissed off, or just plain jealous, maybe it was all of the above mentioned, but even he was sure that the dominating feeling was obvious jeolousy.

"Hn, unfortunately for you, I'm not the kind of man that would risk myself or my ninja village for a one night stand. Your offer is very appealing, I haven't seen many woman as beautiful as you, and not to mention the sex appeal that you have, but I'll have to pass." replied Ei neutrally but truthfully, watching Mei with intense scrutiny so that he could see what her reaction would be. From his past experiences, he knew without a shadow of doubt that generally, women with the godess like beauty that this woman had did not respond very well to rejection, they were too used to getting their way all the time, in other words, the site of men grovelling at their feet was a common, and even expected occurence to them.

"I see...well I'm glad that's how you feel Raikage-dono, you're just the kind of man that I had hoped you were." replied Mei with a genuine smile, causing the raikage to narrow his eyes at her with suspision

"So this was just some kind of test, for what purpose would you need to do something like that?" demanded Ei.

"Well, I would hate for us to ally ourselves with people who don't have any sense of moral intergrity. Many men would have put their own desires and pleasures first had they been in the same shoes as you Raikage-dono, trust me, I have killed many people like that. Actually, you're the first person that has ever successfully resisted my advances." replied Mei, now adopting a serious expression.

"I see, so even your beauty and sexual appeal is a weapon for you as a shinobi, I guess you're quite an all rounder aren't you, but do tell, what the hell did you mean when you refered to us as your allies?" asked a confused Ei.

"I have an offer for you Raikage-dono, one that I think would benefit both of our home villages." said Mei cryptically.

"I'm listening..." was all the raikage said.

"Yes, well, I would like to propose an alliance treaty..."

"No!"the raikage exclaimed before Mei could finish speaking, banging his left fist against his desk violently.

"Excuse me?" asked a bewildered Mei.

"I said no! Kumo do not want or need any allies! Besides, why would I ally our village with a criminal organisation?" Ei retorted furiously, the mood and temperature in the room doing a complete one eighty.

"Criminal organisation? That's uncalled for, take it back!" exclaimed an equally infuriated Mei.

"You're an illegal organisation whose sole purpose is to overthrow the current government in Kiri, what isn't illegal about what you're doing?" asked Ei retorically.

"It's not that simple and you know it! Stop being such a stubborn ass!" Mei snapped.

"Nani! How dare you talk to me like that...!"

"Raikage-sama, I think we should hear her out, let us at least give her a chance to say what she came here to say, we should give her at least that for coming all this way." Mabui suggested, effectively breaking down the shouting match between the two powerhouses, Mabui not willing to allow the raikage to have another excuse for destroying his office.

"Hn..." was the raikage's only response. It was just as well that she was the one to speak up to him, she was the only person in the village, besides N-kun, that he ever listened to.

"Raikage-sama will hear you out now, Terumi-dono." Mabui said neutrally.

"Thank you, Mabui-san." said Mei sincerely, taking a deep breathe to calm her own nerves, even she was quite surprised by her boldness, to challenge the raikage like that in his own village could be considered suicide, yet she had done it in a heart beat when her comrades were insulted.

'I should work on that temper if I'm going to become the Godaime Mizukage, I can't afford to continue to act on impulse like I just did.' thought Mei self-critically..

"Raikage-dono, I understand why, as a leader of a ninja village, you would see our actions the way you do now. But, Kumo has been trying to attain more bloodline limits for itself since its founding, as the leader of such a village, and as someone who values the power of a bloodline limit as much as you do, what do you think of a leader who has so much of what you have always wanted for your own village, and instead of appreciating it, seeks to completely annihilate it? What do you, as raikage, think of a village leader who, instead of using his power to protect, nuture and inspire his people, strikes them down himself and causes pain, suffering, and povery in his own nation. Tell me, what would you have done if any of your predecessors had done that before you became raikage?" Mei asked.

"..." Ei chose not to respond to Mei's question, he knew that he probably would have done exactly what she and her comrades had done had his father done something like that to their home, but that didn't mean that he would admit it to her, admitting it to her would make it hard to justify rejecting the alliance proposal.

"Raikage-dono, earlier, you accused us and called us criminals, but you were wrong, we are not the criminals here, the Fourth Mizukage is the real criminal. He is a man who fooled Kiri with his kindness and charisma only to turn around and strike it when the nation placed it's trust on him. This situation is no different from a spy who infiltrates an organisation and then destroys it from within, Yagura is exactly that, he is not the real Mizukage, I am!" Mei exclaimed pleadingly.

"Please Raikage-dono, we're not asking for much from you, we just need one person, we just need your brother, Killer Bee, to keep Yagura busy for as long as possible, we'll take care of the rest ourselves." begged Terumi Mei, forsaking her own pride for the sake of her home, for the sake of her comrades and dear friends.

",,,,,,,," Ei still refused to say anything, he'd made a vow on his father's grave, a vow that he would make sure that Kumo became so strong that they would never need or form an alliance with any other nation again, that Kumo would never find themselves in the situation that they had found themselves in when Iwa betrayed them all those years ago. However, he found himself in quite a dilemma now, he really felt sorry for this woman, in many ways, she reminded him of himself when he was younger, such fire, such passion, will, and patriotism for her home. She was even brave enough risk coming to Kumo of all places even with her bloodline limits, bold enough to challenge his beliefs in his own office, and courageous and patriotic enough to forsake her own pride, all for the sake of her home. In all honesty, he'd grown a sizeable amount of respect for her in the short time that he'd spoken to her, and despite himself, couldn't help but to sympathize with her. Problem was, he didn't know what to do, should he break the pledge he made on his father's grave for what was, in all honesty, an enemy village? Should he risk war just to help a foreign nation, in fact, shouldn't he be happy that one of Kumo's enemies was apparently self-imploding? Wasn't it a good thing that Kumo would soon have one less enemy to worry about? And just what exactly would Kumo gain if they helped Kiri?

"Um...Terumi-dono, let us say, hypothetically, that Raikage-sama allowed Killer Bee to help you, and your objective was consequently achieved. What would Kumo gain by allying themselves to you? I mean, we know that you would gain liberation with our help and you would have a strong ally to help protect you until you have re-established yourselves as a shinobi village, but what would we gain?" asked Mabui curiously and somewhat suggestively, hoping to push both parties to a more...suitable arangement. Mei, of course, was quick to read between the lines and deduced exactly what the silver-grey haired assistant was trying to do, quickly making a mental note to remember to thank the beautiful assistant later if everything turned out okay with the negotiations.

"I see, well...as I mentioned earlier, we know how much Kumo have coverted bloodline limits over the years. I happen to have two of those, the boil release and the lava release bloodline limits. I would be willing to seal the alliance with a blood agreement, and I would move to Kumo as soon as I find a suitable successor as Mizukage, but only under the condition that one of our children be allowed to grow up as a Kiri shinobi, as I am the last living member of my clan." Mei offered, completely shocking everyone in the office once again.

"Terumi-sama, this is isanity! You can't do this, I won't allow it!"

"Shut up Ao, or do you want me to kill you?" asked Mei with a wide smile and a deceptively friendly tone.

"Um...no, but..."

"I know what I'm doing, why do you always question my actions, do you not trust me, even after all this time?" asked Mei.

"No, but, your virtue and dignity is at stake..."

"Virtue, dignity? What is my virtue and dignity compared to the lives and wellbeing of millions of our people, Ao?" Mei asked simply, causing Ao's eyes to widen in realisation.

'I see, so that's what it has come down to...no, actually, she already knew before we left Kiri that it would come down to this, and still, she went through with it anyway, because that's how much she loves her nation, enough to sacrifice even herself for the future of her home.' Ao thought.

"I-I understand, please forgive me for my short sitedness, Terumi-sama."

"There's nothing to forgive, you were just looking out for me as you always have, and for that I thank you. You're a great man, Ao." replied Mei sincerely, causing the experienced jonin to blush in a manner not entirely different from Chojurou.

"Y-you're offering a marriage alliance between yourself and Raikage-sama?"asked a wide eyed Mabui, unable to mask her surprise at all. She'd expected Mei to offer something different for the alliance, maybe one of the seven ninja swords of the Mist, and even though a marriage alliance for a bloodline limit wielder did cross her mind, it simply never occured to her that the daring readhead would go as far as offering herself of all people to seal the treaty.

"Yes, Kumo would gain a Kage level shinobi and two new and powerful kekkei genkei, it's a good deal isn't it?" Mei asked retorically.

"Y-yes, yes it is. Raikage-sama, I know you have your reservations about this and I know why, but, I think your father would have wanted you to accept this offer, I think he would forgive you, hehe, in fact, I'm pretty sure that he would lariat you if you said no to such a good deal." Mabui joked, hoping that her superior and friend would forsake his fear and make the correct decision.

"Heh, I guess you do have a point, fine! Terumi Mei, I will accept the alliance treaty, but, I will not give you Killer Bee, nor will I marry you to seal the deal, I'm too old for marriage anyway."the raikage replied to the surprise of many in the office, or rather, everyone in the office.

"What the hell do you mean, I thought you said that you would accept the alliance treaty?" asked a completely stupified Mei.

"I know what I said..."

"Then why did you just say..."

"Just listen, I'm not done explaining!" Ei exclaimed, once again smashing his gigantic arm against the desk, silencing the readhead who seemed to have quite a short fuse herself, or maybe it was just the pressure she was under, had been under since the civil war began catching up to her.

"Now, I know why you want Killer Bee, that is, because like Yagura, he is a perfect jinchuuriki, and you believe that because his bijuu is stronger, that he should be able to defeat Yagura, or at the very least, damage him enough for you to finish him off. But my brother is foreign to the concept of strategic warfare and he is not very good at following guidelines, but more importantly, I am the only one that can control Killer Bee, as he will only take orders from me. Basically, what I am saying is, Killer Bee could end up causing chaos and confusion, which I doubt would do you and your comrades any good." Ei explained neutrally.

"That sounds like a very convenient excuse to me Raikage, you're just afraid that Killer Bee will get hurt aren't you, you're afraid he isn't strong enough to defeat Yagura, tche...so much for Kumo being the strongest shinobi nation, no wonder Konoha always kicked your asses in the past."

"You disrespectful bitch! I dare you to repeat that!" Ei exclaimed furiously.

"I said that..."

"I don't think he's lying Terumi-sama!" Ao exclaimed hastily, hoping Mei would get the hint, the hint that he'd already verified that the raikage was telling the truth with his byakugan, even though, he understood where she was coming from, the raikage's story really did sound like a convenient excuse.

"W-what...are you sure, Ao?" asked Mei in disbelief, giving Ao an incredulous expression.

"Hai, there's no doubt about it." Ao replied with conviction.

"I-I see...um, raikage-dono I um..."

"Save it, I don't want to hear it!" the raikage said, cutting off the sputtering Mei mid-sentence, causing her to bow her head in shame.

'That's it, I've done it now, there's no way he'll sign the treaty now, and it's all my fault!' Mei thought sadly, beating herself up for being so stupid, just what kind of idiot was she anyway? Asking the raikage for his help and then continously insulting his intergrity, really, what the hell was she thinking.

"Ahem, so now that we can all agree that Killer Bee would be a bad idea, what are we going to do, Raikage-sama, are we going to send Yugito?" asked Mabui hastily, eagerly trying to salvage the situation for both Kumo, and surprisingly, for Terumi Mei's sake as well. She didn't know why but she had developed quite a soft spot for the redhead woman, something about her made Mabui really want to help the poor woman. Mabui also wasn't oblivious to the implications of a victory for the Kiri rebels, a victory would mean that Mei would become the Godaime Mizukage, effectively making her the first female Kage. Mei's victory would be a breakthrough for all kunoichi and Mabui intended to contribute to that in whatever way was possible, she would do anything that she can to end the descrimination against kunoichi that was abundant in the shinobi world, while helping Kumo get two bloodline limits of course.

"Yugito...?" Mei asked hopefully, not really sure who this Yugito was but ready to take whatever help was forthcoming, beggers can't be choosers after all, especially after said begger insulted the helper more than once.

"Oh sorry, I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that you don't know her." Mabui apologized, remembering that the outside world only knew about Killer Bee because of Ei's and Killer Bee's exploits during the third shinobi war, a war that ended when Yugito was only seven years old.

"No, I do not believe that I have heard of her. Who is she?" Mei curiously.

"She is Raikage-sama's niece, and is also the nibi jinchuuriki. She's not a perfect jinchuuriki like Killer Bee and Yagura, but she has however mastered the full bijuu transformation. Also, she's good at taking and following instructions and has a very high strategic aptitude herself, she would make a good substitute for Killer Bee." Mabui explained.

"Wow, right now she sounds like an even better option than Killer Bee, I'll take her!" Mei exclaimed happily, happy, not just because of Yugito's credentials but also because she was a powerful kunoichi like herself, it was quite lonely at the top for a powerful kunoichi like her, where she was always surrounded by prejudiced men. It would be nice to have another kunoichi of the same calibre as herself by her side. Maybe she and this Yugito could even become friends.

"Hn, don't get over excited just yet, I never said you'd be getting Yugito either." Ei said matter of factly, causing surprise and confusion to filter around the office.

"What? But Raikage-sama...!"

"But what?" cut in the Raikage with narrowed eyes.

"B-but if you're not sending Killer Bee, and you're not sending Yugito...then...no way!" exclaimed Mabui, eyes wide with surprise and realisation.

'He's planning to send N to Kiri...? I didn't see this coming, but then again, maybe I should have.' thought C.

"Why do you sound so surprised?" raikage snorted arrogantly.

"You can't do that! I know he's strong, but N-kun is too young and inexperienced, he is from a generation that doesn't know war, I won't let you do this Raikage-sama!" Mabui exclaimed indignantly.

"It's not your decision to make! N is my successor, and also my son. I know him better than anyone, he's ready for this! Besides, if experience is the problem, then all the more reason to send him to Kiri, this civil war and the battle he is destined to have with Yagura will give him not only the experience, but also the credentials that he needs to become the Godaime Raikage. Besides, right now, he is stronger than both Yugito and Killer Bee...and he has surpassed even both I and my father." the raikage tried to justify.

"I wasn't aware that you had a son, Raikage-dono...?" Mei asked as politely as possible, mentally noting that she would need to turn some heads in that spy network of hers if they could miss something as important as this.

"You and your comrades are the first outsiders to hear about him, consider this a token of trust, as allies..." the raikage said meanigfully.

"I see...in that case, consider your secret safe with us, Raikage-dono." replied the red haired godess.

"Please forgive me for my interuption, Raikage-dono..." Ao said nervously.

"Hn..." was the raikage's only response to acknowledge the byakugan wielder.

"Um...your son, this N guy, what makes him so special that you believe that he can defeat Yagura, how old is he, and when will we be aquinted with him?" Ao asked in quick succession.


"Hai Raikage-sama!" Mabui acknowledged..

"Yotsuki N is a tall, blonde haired and blue eyed fourteen and and a half year old shinobi who was trained by Raikage-sama, Killer Bee, and Darui. He is also Raikage-sama's successor and is currently an elite jonin and captain of Kumo's master bounty hunter squad." Mabui explained robotically..

"You mean the Gold and Silver squad, the one that put the second Hokage on his death bed? That Master Bounty Hunter Squad?" asked Mei curiously.

"Hai, that is the one, Terumi-dono." Mabui replied simply.

"I see, he must be impressive then, to lead that devision at such a young age, he must be even more of a prodigy than Chojurou." Mei thought out loud.

"He is, trust me." replied the raikage's assistant.

"Still, for Raikage-dono to imply that he is the strongest in Kumo, I find that to be very farfetched, unless...unless there's something you're not telling me about him. In fact, it is quite obvious that there is something you're hiding, well, spill it out, I'm listening." said the Kiri godess.

"Hn, as his future wife, you're going to find out soon enough anyway, so I might as well tell you the full story." said the raikage with a mischievious glint in his eyes.

"Alright, I'm listening..." said Mei neutrally, trying to hide her excitement. She didn't have time to sit back, relax, and gossip with her non-existent girl friends with her occupation and all the responsibilities that came with it, but at least she could console herself with some S class secrets that involved the raikage's secret son, it was as good a gossip as she could get. All that excitement however was replaced with a look of horror only a few seconds later, the raikage's words fully settling into her mind, her eyes widening in surprise.

"My future what!" Mei exclaimed comically with Ei smirking at her arrogantly, a look of pride and accomplishment clearly displayed on his facial features.

'Heh, serves you right for insulting the raikage.' Ei thought with satisfaction.

"What? Did you really think that I would turn down the chance for Kumo to obtain two powerful kekkei genkei?" Ei asked with a raised eyebrow.

"B-but...isn't he only fourteen and a half years old?" Mei asked incredulously.

"If he's old enough to take care of Yagura, than why wouldn't he be old enough to marry you? Or is my son not good enough for you, Terumi Mei?" the raikage asked retorically.

"Um...yes...I mean no! N-no, I'm sure he's good enough, otherwise you wouldn't have chosen him for this, r-right?" Mei replied hastily.

"Exactly, I'm glad we could come to an agreement, Terumi-san, let this be the beginning of a friendly, mutually benefitial and prosperous alliance." said A, extending his gigantic hand to the red haired beauty.

"Please call me Mei, friends shouldn't have to be so formal with each other." Mei replied with a happy smile, shaking the Raikage's hand with both excitement and happiness.

"Raikage-sama, are you sure about this, I mean, what about Samui and Yugito, what will this mean for them?" Mabui asked worriedly.

"They are jonin shinobi, marriage alliances are sometimes part of the job description, they all knew that this was always possible. They'll have to deal with it like real shinobi do." replied Ay dismissively.

"I'm sorry, but is there something I should know?" Mei asked suspiciously.

"No, it's nothing at all." Mabui said hastily.

"Didn't sound like nothing to me, what, do these girls have a romantic interest in my husband or something?" Mei asked with narrowed eyes.

'She's already refering to him as her husband, talk about a quick adjustment.' thought a surprised Mabui.

"Nii Yugito and Samui are, well...how do I put it...hmmm...well, they're his lovers." Darui explained, scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

"What! You set me up with a womanizer?" Mei asked incredulously.

"No no no it's not like that at all, you see uh...Samui and Yugito decided that they would share him before they aaah...before they um...you know..."

"What!" Mei asked in exasperation.

"Well, before they seduced him...together..." Darui said, thankful for his dark coloured skin, otherwise he was sure that he would have been spotting a heavy blush on his facial features. Mei, Ao, and Chojurou just stared at him with fish eyed expressions, struggling to take in and comprehend the information that the raikage's body guard had just shared with them.

"S-so...N-kun must be quite a good looking man than..." was all Mei could say, the stupified expression on her face refusing to go away.

"He is a very handsome and well built man, yes, I'm sure you won't be disappointed Terumi-dono." replied Mabui, wriggling her eyebrows suggestively, causing Mei to look away in embarrassment, spotting a cute blush on her soft facial features.

"Y-yes well um...does N-kun, you know, does he really love these two women?" Mei sputtered as she tried valiantly to regain her lost composure.

"Sigh...yes, yes he does I'm afraid." Mabui replied with a concerned expression.

"I see...tell me, Mabui-san, is N-kun's heart big enough to love another woman? Could I one day have the loving and caring husband that I have long desired?" Mei asked with what Mabui thought to be a sad expression.

"Definitely, N-kun is the most loving and caring person that I know, he could be that man for you, of that, I am certain." Mabui replied with a re-asuring smile.

'That's right, she's always wanted that more than anything hasn't she, I hope this N is what these people make him out to be, I'd hate for her to live a life full of misery.' thought a concerned Ao.

"R-really, you really think so?" Mei asked with a hopeful expression.

"I know so." replied Mabui with conviction, causing Mei to smile happily, and not the almost permanent one that she used to hide her true emotions, or the one she spotted when she threatened to kill someone, but one of pure joy and excitement.

"So, when do I get to meet my husband?" Mei asked with an almost childish eagerness.

"Wait, you asked me if N-kun's heart was big enough for another woman, does that mean what I think it means?" Mabui asked curiously.

"Hai, I'd be willing to share N-kun with those two ladies. I have desired true love since I was a little girl, I'm not going to deny someone else their chance at true love and happiness, because I know what it is like to live without it, and I know just how hard good men are to find. Also, who knows how long it will take for me to find a worthy successor when I become Mizukage, I won't be able to spend everyday with my husband, or even every week or month for that matter, I'd hate for my husband to not have his needs satisfied at all times, that would make me a bad wife. So yes, Samui and Yugito can continue their relationship with N-kun." Mei explained.

Currently: Samui's apartment...

"Damn Samui-chan, your tits are so big and soft...t-they're t-the b-best!" exclaimed a cross eyed Naruto, pumping his eight inch manhood up and down in between the blonde bombshell's breasts at an eratic speed, practically sitting on her with both hands kneading and squeezing on her breasts, both for his own and her own pleasure.

All the while Samui couldn't help but to moan and mewl like a bitch in heat, and who could blame her, not many women could claim to have experienced what she was going through at the moment, with the the Kyubi jinchuuriki, her boyfriend pleasuring himself and her with her bossoms and her best friend Yugito, the Nibi jinchuuriki's tounge and lips expertly working on her clitoris and her fingers working the inner walls of her love hole, her legs draped over the Nibi Jinchuuriki's shoulders to provide easier access to her gwat. Needless to say, Samui mind was lost in the world of carnal pleasure, although still aware enough to lick and suck on the tip of her man's apendage everytime it ascended towards her plump lips.

"Oh god Samui-chan your boobs are the greatest! I...I think I'm gonna cum!" Naruto warned, the pace of his thrusts almost doubling as he gripped on the blonde bombshell's melons for dear life.

"Aaaah oh God N-kun, Yugito-chan! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Cum with me Naruto-kun, cum all over my breasts and my face!" Samui screamed, trapping Yugito's head in a crushing head lock with her legs, a powerful orgasm crashing on her as her whole body spasmed uncontrollably, squirting her juices all over Yugito's face, the nibi jinchuuriki not slowing her finger thrusts at all but in fact increasing the pace in order to prolong her best friend's orgasm, switching between lapping up her juices and sucking on her clitoris. Meanwhile, Naruto was experiencing his own sense of euphoria, announcing his orgasm as he came at the same time as his older lover, expelling his baby making juice all over her breasts, neck, and even her face.

Four minutes later...

It was a lesson Samui learnt the hard way, but was greatful to learn it nonetheless, a jinchuuriki possessed an incredible stamina and an even more astonishing recovery rate, and these physical traits extended beyond the realms of ninjutsu but even to the art of love making.

Right now she was reaping the benefits of a threeway relationship where she was the centre of the attentions of two jinchuuriki. Naruto was lying in a half sitting position with his head against the headboard with Samui climbing on top of him and penetrating herself on his sizeable manhood. She was slightly bent forward with her plump breasts bouncing up and down over the blonde Uzumaki's face enticingly. Yugito, after lubricating her best friend's rear end with her toungue and saliva had gone on to insert a seven inch double ended strapon and was now plowing her best friend's plump rear with reckless abandone.

"You dirty hoe, fucking with the man that's rightfully mine huh? You like that huh? Huh you damn hoe? Say it, admit that you you like it!" Yugito whispered erotically on Samui's ear, never stopping or even slowing down her relentless assault on the blonde bombshell's rear.

"I-I...I love it, N-kun, Yugito-chan, please don't stop...I...I'm gonna cu... Aaah I'm cumming!" Samui cried as a mind blowing orgasm washed over her, her whole body spasming sporadically with her senses reaching a state of overload that she couldn't possibly get control over.

"Aaaah yeah baby that's it! Oh god oh god oh god I'm cumming too, I'm cumming!" Yugito cried out as her vaginal walls contracted around her strapon, squirting all of the artificail appendage with her juices leaking out and dripping onto her thighs, Samui's rear, and even on the bed.

Naruto reached his climax at the same time as his blonde lovers, the blonde Uzumaki anouncing his orgasm with a roar as the pace of his thrusts increased exponentially along with Yugito's, the two jinchuuriki sending Samui into a mind blowing double orgasm.

"Samui-chan!" Naruto exclaimed with a climax, Samui's vaginal walls rapidly contracting around his appendage with the aim to completely milk him dry, and boy did she milk him, the blonde Uzumaki consequently blasting wave after wave of semen into his lover with incredible force.

Naruto and Yugito didn't stop pounding on Samui's respective holes, in fact, their speed seemed to increase exponentially, the two jinchuuriki trying to prolong their orgasms as much as they can. By this time Samui was already experiencing the third of consecutive orgasms, the ice queen of Kumo collapsing on her as her eyes rolled to the back of head, her mind blacking out from over stimulation of her erogenous zones. Yugito followed her shortly, lying also collapsing on her best friend's back from exhaustion, although she didn't pass out herself, her legendary jinchuuriki stamina more than enough for her to keep going for a few more rounds.

"Heh, looks like Samui-chan enjoyed that more than she would ever admit, don't you think, N-koi?" Yugito asked with a cocky smirk.

"So it seems, however, it looks like she has taken on more than she can handle for today." Naruto replied with a soft smile, brushing the hair out of Samui's face affectionately so that he can kiss her on the forehead.

"Hehe, I guess you're right." Yugito replied, the two jinchuuriki conversating casually with their apendages, artificial on Yugito's part, still trapped inside Samui's pleasure openings.

"This is usually the part where we let loose and go wild...jinchuuriki style." Naruto said with a seductive undertone, wriggling his eyebrows Suggestively as his eyes turned blood red with a black slit at the centre of the pupil, his overall features taking on a more animalistic form with his whisker marks darkening and his nails and canines lengthing considerably. The whole atmosphere in the room became so much thicker with lust and the pheremones that the Uzumaki jinchuuriki was releasing.

"Hehehe! So unsatiable, however..." Yugito trailed off with a mischievious glint in her eyes while trailing her finger up and down on Naruto's right cheek seductively.

"I forgot to tell you my original reason for coming here looking for you. You see, Raikage-sama sent me here to call you into his office for an important meeting with some Kiri higher officials. He said that your presence was of the highest importance and that you should report to him asap. So you see, unless you want to find yourself at the receiving end of Ay-sama's iron claw, than unfortunately, we won't be able to go wild together, not now at least." Yugito explained as if merely talking about the whether.

"N-nani! Why are you only telling me now if it was something so urgent, we must have been here for more than an hour since you arrived?" Naruto asked with a harsh whisker, the only reason he wasn't screaming at her at the top of his lungs being the fact that he didn't want to wake Samui up.

"Aaah...well, we haven't spent a lot of time together lately because of your work with Raikage-sama and the Kinkaku squad, and I've also had my fair share of patrol missions, Imissed you, and..."

"And what?" Naruto asked, his face now softening up with a bit of guilt showing on his face, feeling bad about neglecting one of his most precious people like that.

"I was horny." Yugito said with a shrug of the shoulders. This time, it took more of the blonde Uzumaki's patience to stop himself from screaming at Yugito, at the heavens, heck, at anything and everything for that matter, truly unable to understand at all how his girlfriend's mind worked at times. He always knew that girls were complicated, but this was quite ridiculous.

'Mnnnaaaaaarg! Damn her!' Naruto thought, pulling hard on his hair with frustration. Yugito, seeing Naruto's reaction, couldn't help but to laugh at the blonde Uzumaki's expense, causing him to frown at her with a deadly glare.

"Hehe! Don't look at me like that N-kun, that's what yyou get for neglecting neglecting your loved ones." Yugito said with a playful smirk.

"Ok, I get your point. I'm sorry, it won't happen again, I promise." Naruto replied softly, cupping his girl's cheek with an apologetic but loving look expression.

"Make sure it doesn't!" Yugito said with a deadly glare, her attitude and demeanor taking on a complete oone eighty, trying to make sure that Naruto got the point loud and clear.

"H-hai, I p-promise Y-yugito-chan." the blonde jinchuuriki replied nervously.

"Good. Now go take a quick shower and go, you have an important meeting to attend."



"What is it?" Ei asked impatiently.

"If I may ask, why didn't you tell Yugito-san about the marriage alliance before you sent her out to retrieve N-kun?" Mei asked politely.

"To be honest, I don't want to see the expression on her face when she finds out. Besides, Naruto hasn't accepted the marrige alliance yet, he has to have a say in the matter, he is the Godaime Raikage after all." Ay replied with a hard expression.

"B-but you're the fourth, and the office is still officially yours, can't you just order him to accept?" Mei asked hastily.

"I could, but this is not just about the alliance, this also a test of his courage and commitment to Kumo. The decision he makes today will be a measure of his vessel as a Kage." Ei replied.

"I...I see." Mei said with a downcast expression, bitting her nails nervously in anticipation of the blonde jinchuuriki's arrival and more importantly, his decision.

"Where is he anyway..." Ao trailed off in surprise, watching curiously and inquisitively as a mirror made out dense and concentrated raiton chakra manifested on the raikages left side slightly behind him.

"How dare you make me wait so long, N, are really that desperate for my iron claw?" The raikage asked predictably.

"I'll take whatever punishment you deem fit, Outo-sama. However, not right now, I believe there is an important meeting that needs me to be in my right mind in order to be concluded properly." Naruto said with an even tone, slowly and dramatically walking out of the lighting mirror, the jutsu fizzing out of existense almost as soon as his whole body was completely outside of the mirror.

'So this is the teleportation technique that Darui was talking about, The Demonic Lightning Mirrors huh? Sugoi, he actually combined raiton and barrier ninjutsu to mimick the Yuki clan's teleportation technique, if memory serves me right, N-sama once fought a ninja with that ability when he was still a Konoha genin. This jutsu must have been inspired by that guy.' C thought.

"You and I are going to have a discussion about your tardiness when this meeting is over, but right now, we have more important business to deal with." Ei said.

"Yes, Otou-sama." Naruto replied with a respectful bow.

"In any case N-kun, this people are..."

"The ring leaders of the Kiri rebellion forces, Terumi Mei, the founder and leader of said forces, Ao, a kiri hero of the third shinobi war, and former leader of Kiri's special hunter nin devision, also known as the undertaker unit. And finally, Choujuro, a swordsman prodigy who is also the youngest member of the seven shinobi swordsmen of Kiri. I am honoured to meet your aquintance." Naruto said with a small bow of the head.

"You're quite well informed, but I suppose it shouldn't be unexpected of the leader of the Kinkaku Squad, who is also the Godaime Raikage." Mei said with a wide smile.

'So this is my husband. He's so much better than I could have imagined! I can't wait to get to know him on a more...intimate level.' Mei thought with excitement.

"I suppose so." Naruto said simply.

"In any case, I'm honored to meet you too N-kun, you know, you and I will be spending a lot of time together in the future, so lets be good friends okay." Mei said cheerfully, causing Naruto to frown slightly in contemplation of her words.

"Considering who you are, or rather, what you are and your situation. You must be here to ask for our help with the Kiri civil war. If I were to try and put myself in your shoes, I can imagine that I would ask for military aid in the form of a jinchuuriki to even the balance of power between the rebellion forces and the Mizukage's forces, after all, Yagura is a perfect jinchuuriki." Naruto said analytically.

"In which case, Bee-sensei would be your prefered choice, as he is the only other known perfect jinchuuriki. However, Bee-sensei will only follow orders from Otou-sama and no one else, moreover, the concept of military strategy is foreign to him despite him qualifying as a war vetereign, he might even end up causing even more chaos in Kiri without Otou-sama's guidance. Nevetheless, that doesn't matter because otou-sama would never agree to an alliance with you or anyone for that matter, however, if I were to carefully consider what you just said about you and I spending a lot of time together, than it might seem as if he has done exactly that. Otou-sama has agreed to help you, and he has chosen me to lead whatever forces that he will assign to you, am I right?" Naruto asked retorically.

'This kid is dangerous, he is the Kyubi jinchuuriki who was trained by the raikage and a perfect jinchuuriki together. Not only that, but he also a level headed person who is very good at gathering information from his surroundings and making quick and concise conclusions about the situation thereof. And than there's also that teleportation technique that he used to get here. His potential is scary, with him on our side, I'm confident that we will defeat Yagura.' Ao thought.

'T-this guy is different from me. He's so mature and confident, he can even stand before Mei-chan...I mean, Terumi-sama without losing his composure. And he's so smart and strong, he even has a teleportation technique.' Choujuro thought nervously.

"So far so good, carry on." Mei answered with an amused expression.

"My only question is, what could you have offered to Kumo that is so valuable that otou-sama would even agree to such an alliance?" Naruto asked curiously.

"You're pretty smart, can't you figure it out?" Mei asked playfully.

"I'll even give you a clue, actually, I already have given you a clue. Just think about what I said to you earlier." Mei said with a seductive undertone.

"I would say one of the swords, but I know that you don't have possession of them anymore. And even you did have others besides the one choujuro has, they would be so few that I doubt you would be willing to lose them as well. What you do have in abundance however, are bloodline limits. Meaning, that there is going to be some kind of...m-marriage a-alliance?" Naruto trailed off with a wide eyed expression.

In any case, I'm honoured to meet you too N-kun, you know, you and will be spending a lot of time together soon, so let us be good friends okay

'No way, she couldn't be...he wouldn't...would he? Damn, he would!' Naruto thought helplessly.

"Otou-sama, is it true?" Naruto asked without even looking at his father.

"Yes, you will marry Terumi Mei and bare children together to solidify the alliance." Ei replied, also without turning around to look at his son, causing Naruto to sigh in exasperation.

"Am I not good enough for you, N-san?" Mei asked with a stone cold expression, misinterpreting Naruto's reaction to mean something else entirely.

"No, I don't know you on a personal level, so I can't make a judgement like that yet." Naruto replied simply.

"Ahem...so N-kun, will you accept the blood sealing of the alliance, with you and Terumi-dono as the symbols of our unity?" Mabui asked with a hopeful expression.

"It's the raikage's orders, it's not like I have a choice." Naruto retorted.

"Actually, as my successor and tag team partner, I am giving you the option to resist this agreement. I'm leaving anything in your hands. " Ei clearified.

"I see..." Naruto tailed off thoughtfully.

"Boil Release and Lava Release huh? I can't deny it, that's a very good offer. And all I have to do is to accept this marriage arrangement?"

"Actually, you also have to come to Kiri with us and help us to defeat Yagura. You actually will be fighting him on your own while the rest of us take care of his forces. Following that, you have to be a loving and caring husband, and eventually impregnate me." Mei said with a wide smile, trying valiantly to hide her emotions of fear and insecurity, fear because of the possibility of rejection and insecurity because of the fact that N of the competition she knew she was gong to have for Naruto's love.

"That's fine by me. I've always thought that Kiri and Kumo were meant to be allies anyway. We have many similarities, like for instance we are the only two nations that possess perfect jinchuuriki and the only two nations that truly excel in the art of Kenjutsu. Also, water and lightning are compliments to each other, together, our techniques become exponenially stronger. So you see, in a way, you could say that you and I were destined to be together, Terumi-dono." Naruto said cheerfully, scratching the back of his head sheepishly with a wide smile on his whiskered face.

'What a kind hearted guy, my husband huh?' Mei thought giddily.

"Please N-kun, call me Mei-chan will you, there's no need to be so formal with your own wife is there.?" Mei asked playfully.

"Hehe, I guess not." Naruto replied happily.

' Are you watching, Zabuza, Haku? This is for you. I will make sure your dreams for a better and peaceful Kirigakure are realised.' Naruto thought, slightly awed by how surprising life seemed to be. Back then, if Zabuza or Haku had told him that he would become a kumo shinobi, form an alliance with Kiri, and become a centre piece in the civil war, he would have puked his guts out with laughter, but now, things were so different, in a way that he never thought possible at all.

"Wait a minute, we still don't know what makes N-dono worthy of this mission. I mean no disrespect Raikage-dono, N-dono, but what makes you think you can take on Yagura all on your own?" Ao asked skeptically.

"Yes, I'm afraid Ao has a point. No doubt N-kun is strong, and the one ability of his that I have seen, which seems to be some kind of teleportation technique, is impressive to say the least. But that won't be enough to deal with Yagura's raw power, durability, and regeneration abilities. I for one don't fancy losing my husband so soon after getting him." Mei said with the utmost seriousness.

"Actually, the third raikage, Ei-sama's father, was strong enough to fight and defeat the eight tails in a head on pound for pound battle. Ei-sama even fought with him at times and they took the eight tails down together whenever it went on a rampage. N-kun has surpassed both his father and grandfather in both speed and physical strength, he should be able to take down the three tails." Mabui explained.

"No, you're still hiding something from us, please don't take me for a fool!" Mei said indignantly.

"Fine, if you really must know, I'm the Kyubi jinchuuriki. My biological father is Namikaze Minato and my biological mother is Uzumaki Kushina, both of Konoha. I have traded alliegences from Konoha to Kumo because I was betrayed by Konoha. Also, I have many precious people here in Kumo that I will do anything to protect. As our new ally, and as my soon-to-be wife, I will entrust you with this secret and hope that you will keep it safe." Naruto said neutrally.

"N-kun, did you really have to tell them something like that?" Mabui asked exasperatedly.

"They are going to find out eventually, besides, Ao-san is in possession of a byakugan, since I'm going to Kiri with him, it was only a matter of time before he discovered that I am a jinchuuriki. If we are still going to keep secrets from each other even as allies, than let us at least make them a little less obvious. There's no need to hide something that is going to be revealed soon anyway if hiding it will not give us any sort of advantage over anyone." Naruto answered.

"I see, I suppose you have a point." Mabui replied with a contamplative expression.

'T-this guy is the son of the legendary Yellow Flash? Not only that, but he is already the Godaime Raikage and wields the power of an Uzumaki combined with the Kyubi's powers? H...he's at a completely different level, I can't compete with him!' Choujuro thought worriedly, realising now that he would never he might never be able to win over the love of his life, or rather, the crush of his life.

'No! I shouldn't think bad things. If I really love Terumi-sama, than I should be happy for her. She has done so much for Kiri, so much for us, and so much for me. She even believed in me when no other person did in Kiri, even going as far as entrusting the duty to recreate the Seven Ninja Swordsmen to me. I...I have to support her and her decisions, it is the least I can do for her.' Choujuro thought.

'However, if he hurts her...I'll kill him!' The young swordsmen thought with determination and conviction.

'They knew about my byakugan all this time! But how? No, more importantly, is this guy really the Yondaime Hokage's son? This is unbelievable! No, maybe not, he does have a bijuu inside of him, I can tell that much, not to mention the uncanny resemblance to the Yellow Flash.' Ao thought frantically.

'Oh I get it now, this is why Kumo was in lockdown, this is the military weapon that they were harnessing, Yotsuki N huh?' Ao thought with certainty, now absolutely convinced that the boy's words were true almost without a shadow of a doubt.

'So they already knew about Ao's byakugan? I never thought I would say this, but I'm actually glad. If they didn't know about it before the signing the treaty, I'd be worried that they would turn on us as soon as they found out that we have something that they have coveted for so long. Well...we still can't afford to let our guard down until they have actually proven their loyalty by helping us regain possession of Kiri from Yagura.' Mei thought analytically.

'Still, it's hard to believe, but I don't think they would lie about something like this. If they say he is a jinchuuriki, than he most certainly is one, it would be quite stupid to lie about something so easy to discern. However, not only is he a jinchuuriki, but he is the son of the Yellow Flash and the Red Devil, well, it seems obvious now, he is almost an exact replica of the Yondaime Hokage, there's almost no doubt about it. Also, that space-time ninjutsu he used to enter the office seems to support his claim, after all, space-time ninjutsu and sealing was that man forte, like father like son ne? Hehehe, jackpot!' Mei thought giddily, almost unable to believe that she could possibly have this much luck.

Every woman, okay maybe not every single woman, but most women, and by most meaning 99.9 percent would be lying if they said that they never fantasized about the Yondaime Hokage. After all, this was the only man in the history of the elemental nations to ever garner a flee on site order for himself, a fearsome and powerful man that was able to ward off a whole Iwa elite battalion on his own in the blink of an eye. His power, however, only gauranteed a woman's security, there was alot more to him than that just his power. He was soft spoken and a kind man who despite being a shinobi himself, only resorted to violence as an absolutely last resort to solve problems, a man of pure heart indeed.

But...! Even that only guarenteed mental and emotional security for a woman, there was another side to him that all women desperately wanted to explore, the physical, in other words, sexual side. Of course, only one woman, Uzumaki Kushina it seemed from what Mei could discern given that she just found out that she was the bearer of his child, who knew all about that side. Of course, it couldn't have been anything but magic, the man was tall, handsome, healthy, and athletic yet seemed gentle and delicate at the same time. He had to be fantastic in bed, Mei sometimes even wondered if that legendary speed of his had it's uses in that department.

'And I get to have the next best thing, and potentially even better thing, his son. I can't say I don't deserve this luck after everything that I have had to go through. I just never really thought that I would possibly find my happiness in a foreign country.' Mei thought nostalgically.

"In any case, N, you have the rest of the day to prepair for the mission, you will leave with Mei and her entourage first thing tommorrow morning. Also, I will have the paperwork for the alliance developed, ready, and signed by me when you and our new comrades leave. You will return it with your signature as the Godaime Raikage, and Mei's, as the Godaime Mizukage. Mei...Darui and C will be your escorts and they will show you around so that you can stay at a hotel of your own choosing." The Raikage instructed authoratively.

"Actually, I would like it if my husband escorted me and I would also prefer to lodge with him for tonight." Mei requested with a mischievious smirk, causing everyone in the room except for the Yondaime and Godaime Raikage to face fault at the future Mizukage's sheer boldness.

"Fine, that will not be a problem." Ei said simply.

"Well in that case, I have nothing more to say. Come on N-kun, walk with me." Mei said seductively, standing up and swiftly turning around to walk towards the door with an enticing sway of the hips.

"Of course." Naruto replied hastily, bowing his head slightly to acknowledge Mei's entourage before following the sexy redhead out of the door.

'Hmmm...I wonder if I made the right decision? That woman seems like someone that could cause me a heck of a lot of headaches.' Ei couldn't help but wonder.

"Ahem...please follow us, Ao-san, Choujuro-san." Darui said quickly as he and C escorted the duo to their own lodging quarters, Darui awkwardly trying to start a conversation in order to distract both himself and his new comrades from whatever they might be thinking about what the Kiri rebellion leader might have planned for the young Uzumaki jinchuuriki.

'Hmmm, what a strange woman, she practically bullied us into getting her way with N-sama. I just hope that he knows what an ass whipping he is going to get from Samui and Yugito. But still, that woman is damn hot, I'm not surprised N-sama didn't even try to resist the marriage alliance.' Darui thought with a perverted grin.

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