Chapter 1: Why me?

"…Excuse me, sir?"

The white-haired prodigy looked confused (to say the least) and his face was filled with disbelief as he was looking at the Head-Captain Yamamoto.

"Did you not hear me Captain Hitsugaya?" The old captain questioned. "I'm sending you to a mission to the world of the living. You will be stationed in Kyoto, Japan for three years and to avoid suspicion, you will act as a high-school student. What was the part you did not understand? Or is there a reason to believe that you're disobeying direct orders?" Yamamoto said, raising an eyebrow on the young captain.

"…No sir, I will leave first thing tomorrow morning." Hitsugaya said, bowed and prepared to leave when the 1st division captain continued: "Oh yes, I forgot to mention, you will be living in a foster family. Try to get along with them."

The 10th division captain gritted his teeth but didn't say anything. He just said "yes sir" and bowed before leaving the 1st division office.

Once he was outside, he saw captains Ukitake and Kyoraku, obviously waiting for him. He walked to them and asked "You knew, didn't you?" with a LOT more irritation than usual in his voice.

Kyoraku just laughed and Ukitake gave the boy an apologetic smile while the temperature started to drop rapidly as the small captain no longer bothered to hide his irritation.

"There is no way I can leave my division for 3 whole years! The office will be packed full with paperwork after a month if I leave Matsumoto in charge!" he yelled, not caring about the fact that it had started to snow because of his freezing reiatsu.

Ukitake sighed and patted Hitsugaya on the shoulder, saying "Come now, Shiro-kun, it'll be good for you to get out of Seireitei for a while. And who knows, maybe high school isn't that bad."

Hitsugaya gave "Captain Tuberculosis" the kind of 'who do you think you're fooling' look and said "It was your idea to put in a foster family, wasn't it Ukitake?"

Ukitakes pale face suddenly got a faint blush and he looked away. Kyoraku just laughed again and said "I told you he'd figure it out. He is a genius after all."

Hitsugaya rubbed his temples as he started to walk towards division 10 as the two elder captains followed their younger colleague. "Hey don't be mad at him" Kyoraku said to the small captain. "He just thought that it would be good for you to have a normal family, even if it is only for three years. I mean, think about it; you'll have two sisters, mom and dad."

Hitsugaya sighed. He was very much pissed off. He knew he wouldn't be able to control his mouth if he opened it now. But he also knew the two captains wouldn't leave him alone if he didn't say anything.

He was getting even more pissed.

"Why me?"

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