AN: Collection of drabbles on different FT couples. :3 All drabbles will be 100 words excluding any authors' notes – once again, going off what Microsoft Word deems as 100 words since fanfiction's word count just baffles me. Also, no names will be mentioned - I'm hoping the characters will be portrayed obviously enough (although I will reveal the couple in the following chapter each time).

01# Invite

. . .

As the sounds of persistent shuffling echoed in the room, she let out an audible sigh. Instantly, the shuffling stopped.

Sitting upright, she shifted over; the movement causing the figure on the couch to peek over in curiosity.

She held the covers back invitingly and his face lit up, his body bounding over and all but leaping into the empty space on the bed.

She lay down beside him, smiling shyly through the darkness until her eyes drifted shut. She didn't resist when an arm tentatively rested against her waist.

'Just for tonight.'

…Wasn't that what she said every time?