Previous Chapter: Mirajane and Freed (Re-posting. Originally this chapter was a different title and drabble but I made a mistake when reuploading and deleted it. (^_^') So... Can't really rewrite it since I'm so forgetful so here's another one instead.

Last one aswell and finishing up this series since it was just practice anyway - hope you enjoyed. This last drabble is majorly speech and is on a couple I'm unsure of whether I ship yet or not... Since this is last chapter will say straight up what couple it is: Romeo and Wendy

#13 Denial

. . .

"You know, now that I'm thirteen, everybody's betting on us getting together."

"They are?"

"Yup. N-Not that I agree though of course!"



"…Are those flowers?"

A pause. "…Yeah."


"T-They're not for you!"

"I didn't say they were."

"Well good! Because they aren't, I-I mean so what if they're your favourite flower? That doesn't mean anything! They could be for anybody who loves white lilacs."

"…H-How do you know they're my favourite flower?"

"I don't!" Further blushing. "It's not like I went and asked everybody about it…"


"Oh! Just take the goddamn things, I give up!"