Pokémon Special: Darkness Preface

15 heroes were chosen by fate; Red; A Young Trainer who has defeated Team Rocket, won the Pokémon league, and fought against Deoxys and its clones. Green; The Grandson of Prof. Oak and he has helped Red and the others numerous of times against Team Rocket, The Elite 4, and other evil organizations. He is also the Viridian City Gym Leader. Blue; Mischievous and smart are two words that come to mind when you ask people about Blue, who also was kidnapped as a young girl by The Masked Man. She helps by assisting others and giving support such as when Red thought he sucked and she cheered him up. Yellow; is a shy girl who Blue chose to rescue Red from the Elite 4. Yellow has a big crush on Red everyone knows about but Red. She is very supportive and when one of her friends get hurt she gets angry, which increases her Pokémon's levels. Gold; Reckless is probably the only word that can describe Gold. Sure he has his bad habits such as being a pervert at sometimes but when everyone is in trouble he will jump into action to protect everyone. Silver; the lone wolf Silver mainly only ever talks to Blue and rarely Gold. He knows how to handle tough battles and keep his cool. Crystal; Professional Pokémon catcher Crystal is smart and good at kicking ass. She will do her best to try to assist in battles. Lyra; Lyra is Gold's cousin who moved to Unova as a young girl recently moved back to Johto. She has yet showcased her skills in battle. Ruby; Often confused to be gay because of his love of contest, clothes, and other girly stuff. He is most useful in battle when he partners with someone else or when his clothes get dirty. Sapphire; Wild Girl is what she normally called because of her wild side. She loves to battle and is great in battle. Wally; Helpful in any battle. Wally who is the most flail and weak is very supportive and is Ruby's best friend. Emerald; Short is something you should never call Emerald because of his short temper. Emerald is great in battle and has won the battle frontier to prove it. Diamond; Food is this young trainer's only weakness. Dia, what his friends call him will help any of his friend's; Pearl and Platinum are his best friends. He also has a not so secret crush on Platinum. Pearl; The exact opposite of Diamond but still Diamond and Platinum's best friend. He is great in battle. Platinum; The Berletz family is the richest in Sinnoh and she is apart of this rich family. After learning to battle from Diamond, Pearl, and the Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia she is a great help in battle. Now these 15 heroes must come together to save the world.