Red stared up at the long flight of stairs leading up towards the indigo plautue registration building. "So this is it, remember your in it to win it" thought Red as he started running up the steps. "Look who it is", "I haven't seen him in a while" said two voices from the top of the steps. "Who's there?" Red yelled. "Wow you don't remember me..." said one of the voices as the two stepped forward."Agatha and Lorelei?" said Red. "Foolish child, of course it is us who else would it be, two random online authors" said Agatha. "Why are you here?" asked Red. "Because they wanted the strongest trainers to compete in this and I believe that we fit that class of people," said Lorelei. "We also wanted to see our pupils again," replied Agatha. "You're what?" asked Red with a very confused look on his face? "Our students, you know. Yours is that one perverted kid," responded Agatha. "One how the hell do you know about Gold, and two he got better than me so I let him go" Red responded. "Still dumb, guess something's never change" Lorelei said with a smirk on her face. "WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSE TO ME!" Yelled Red angrily. "Come on Lorelei, you offended the brat" said Agatha walking inside the registration building. "I'm not dumb," mumbled Red under his breath as he walked up the steps.

After getting registered Red started the long journey through victory rode. Every once in a while you would hear Red yell "Saur Frenzy Plant, Gyra Surf, and Pika Thunder". After an hour or more Red could see the light of the exit, then. "Red, I'm not surprised to see you hear." Said Lance. "Lance, your here to?" said Red once again confused. "Yes, my student is in it. She is one of the elite four," replied Lance with a grin on his face. "Wait I thought Koga, that Bruno guy, and from what I have heard from Blue two weirdo's were the Elite four" responded Red. "Times have changed Red, Kanto split from Johto. Have you really been on Mt. Silver all this time?" "Um..." replied Red as Lance collapsed anime style. "Well, I will see you at the tournament then" replied Lance walking away. "Geez what's his problem" mumbled Red

While Red was making his way through Victory Road Yellow, Blue, and Lyra had all arrived and were registered when they reached the cave entrance. "How do we get through boss?" asked Lira who was starring confusingly at the cave entrance. "I got an idea," Blue said. Red had finally made out of the cave as Blue and Lira came down from the air on Blasty, and Yellow on Kitty. "Red" Yellow said landing on the ground and running over to Red. "How did you get here so fast?" asked Red confused. "I didn't see you in the cave" Red finished. "We flew over it" Blue said while she finally landed. "OH" Red said realizing his stupidity (Took Him Long Enough). "You want to... um go inside?" asked Yellow who was blushing madly and stumbling with her words. "Um... sure" responded Red, who was once again confused. The pair then walked inside the building leaving Blue and Lyra outside. "Aw young love, you just don't see that anymore," said Blue with a smile on her face. "What about me and Silver" responded Lyra offended. "Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetie?" Blue said walking towards the building. "That bitch" Lyra mumbled walking towards Blue.

"Shut up you two assholes, we were invited so you two have to come and the only reason I have to chaperone you guys is because you two would never remember to make it" said Crystal litterly dragging Gold and Emerald inside the registration building as Silver followed. "You know I can walk super serious gal," said Gold obliviously pissed. "I agree with him," responded Emerald. "If either one of you guys want to see puberty you will both SHUT UP" Crystal yelled. "I already reached puberty" Gold responded. "Right" Silver muttered under his breath. "Everybody just shut up now," Crystal said. After the four arrived at the cave Gold said "great how are we going to get pass this get damn cave." "Two things Gold, one you can get pass it yourself and two stop you're swearing while Emerald is here," Crystal said really ticked off. Before anyone else could say anything she got out Xatee and used teleport. "Great, just fucking "Hey Silver one question" said Gold as he, Silver, and Emerald made their way towards the end of victory road.

"What?" said obliviously annoyed Silver.

"Why didn't we just fly over like Crys did?" asked Gold. This caused Silver to look annoyed and glare at Gold. "And you mention it now!" yelled Silver at the perverted breeder. "Why are you blaming me, your supposed to be smarter than me" said Gold glaring back. "Geez you two are just as bad as the lovebirds I normally hang with" said Emerald who was walking behind the bickering duo. This caused the two to stop bickering and avert there glares to Emerald. "SHUT UP" said the pair as they went back to arguing. Suddenly there was a strange noise and the trio turned around to see another trio made up of two boys and one girl.

"Ah senior Gold, senior Silver, and senior Emerald please to meet you in here" said Platinum. "It's so weird calling the short one senior" whispered Pearl to Diamond. "I HEARD THAT!" yelled Emerald who looked close to exploding with anger. "DO YOU THINK I GIVE A DAMN!" yelled Pearl back at Emerald. "Pearl language" said Diamond. "Pearl don't listen to him all he does is shove his mouth with food what does he know" said Gold starring at Diamond directly. "Gold you're supposed to be setting a good example for your juniors and making fun of one is not going to help" said Silver. Soon enough everyone but Platinum were arguing until Platinum yelled

"QUIET!" This caused everyone to quiet down the Platinum said "let's be reasonable, one senior Gold please apologize to Dia, and Pearl apologize to your senior" both Gold and Pearl whispered there apologies and then Platinum said "okay let's get out of this cave. So the group of six started towards the exit as another pair showed up at the entrance.

"Hurry up prissy boy!" yelled Sapphire Birch as she ran up to the entrance of victory road.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Ruby yelled back.

"Being a smart ass" Sapphire said as Ruby finally caught up to the girl as they starred at the entrance to the cave. "Come on Ruby lets go in." "I'm not going in there I will ruin my perfect cloths." "So how are you planning to get pass this cave?" asked Sapphire. "Let me borrow your Tropius" said Ruby.

"Why should I?" asked Sapphire.

"Because as soon as I leave you can go run around and get yourself all muddy in that dirty cave.

"Fine" said Sapphire as she called out her Tropius and ordered it to listen to Ruby. As soon as Ruby had flown off Sapphire ran head first into the cave.

*5 Minutes Later*

"Was that senior Sapphire who just ran past us" asked Platinum. "I think it was" said Gold looking in the direction the girl ran

great," Gold said looking at his two friends.