"We're both created to be more then what we are, take the world and control it. Make it ours, as you and I know. We have the power to do so" Rhona smiled holding her gunrod

"I could care less about controlling the world. What's the point? Have you looked around" Alicia pointed out "There's not one single soul to control"

"Makes it even better for the best of us, we'd be like gods in what's left of humanity" Rhona muttered as she walked in the moonlight staring down at the fallen city. "Join me Alicia"

Alicia thought about it, not knowing what to say at the moment, she froze as she looked at the world she saved only 3 years ago. Only to see nothing has changed. It was basically the same world, less demons but with more war over territories. Something she didn't know would happen after killing the body, in her mind, she thought humanity would rebuild the world but nothing. All her work for nothing; Rhona stood beside her as the cold wind brushed their hair.

"What do you say?" Rhona whispered.

"No!" Alicia answered.

"Typical Alicia" She laughed "all this power and no will to use. What a waste" Rhona muttered as she walked away.

"What are you going to do Rhona?" Alicia turned to Rhona "If you try I will be bound to kill you"

"Aw just like daddy? Alicia you can kill demons but you only took one innocent life. Are you ready to take another?" Rhona explained standing on the edge of the rooftop.

"If I have to" Alicia replied slowly placing her gunrod in hand.

"hm, Interesting Alicia…really, Pathetic yet interesting" Rhona said happily "I don't have time to play your little games so I'll head out. I'm going to The eye"

"Rhona you won't!"

"Good-bye Alicia"

Alicia ran towards her as Rhona jumped by the time she got to her, Rhona was gone. Her heart started to race knowing exactly what will happen if Rhona get to the eye, she'll unleash something more dangerous than demons.

"Here we go again?" Alicia muttered loading her gunrod