I don't know how they could not have heard my heart hammering in my chest, and I was trying my best to control and quiet my labored breathing. At the moment, I was precariously perched on top of a large hardwood cabinet after being boosted up there just a minute ago by my fellow fugitive, to whom I was for the moment very grateful. So how did I get into this predicament? Funny that you should askā€¦

Well, my elevated pulse and respiration rates at the moment correspond directly to a combination of physical exertion and outright fear. In my younger days, the physical exertion part would have been less of a factor as I had once been a successful long distance running competitor, but aging, health challenges and a more sedentary lifestyle had rendered me out of shape, overweight and barely able to run. The fear, however, was caused by being pursued by an unknown group of aggressors. Following my fellow fugitive, we traversed down the corridor of a building we had entered before ducking through this doorway, which led to what appeared to be a laboratory with no windows or other entrances. The room itself was illuminated by a pair of recessed fluorescent lights that appeared to provide continuous minimal lighting for the lab, while the majority of the lights remained off. We could hear the heavy footfalls and shouts of our pursuers and looked furtively around for somewhere to hide. My companion indicated the set of large hardwood cabinets in a darkened corner. Great, I thought, if only I were 20 years younger and could somehow clamber up on top of them! But he indicated that he would boost me up there. Heck, I had no option but to try, and to my surprise, he impressively hefted me up to where I could manage to get myself to the top of the cabinet. From there, I writhed further into the darkened corner. My companion jumped and then pulled himself up as well, joining me in pulling back, away from the edge and away from immediate view. Not but a few seconds later, the door to the lab burst open and our pursuers entered the room. If my heart had slowed down at all, at this point it quickened again and was pounding rapidly and heavily in my chest.

From my perched position, I counted five armed troopers roaming through the lab in search mode. My heart nearly skipped a beat when one of them moved under the fluorescent lighting and I was able to make out the distinctly simian features of his face showing beneath his helmet. Only just now did I realize what my fellow fugitive had meant when he said that we needed to flee from the gorillas. I thought that he had used the term differently, more along the lines of the word guerillas, but now I realized that he meant gorillas as in members of the ape family. It was then that I recalled also that animals can smell fear and in general had keener olfactory senses. This being seemed to be somewhat deviated from any apes I had ever seen, but it was definitely of a simian, and not human, nature. I glanced over at my companion, whose name I did not even know, but he was focused on the largest of our pursuers as the creature was making his way across the lab in his search. At this point, the beast raised his face, sniffing the air, and then reoriented himself so that he was facing our corner. He had smelled and then seen us. With a deep, angry sounding bellow, he addressed his cohorts, "Up there, seize them!"