Darkest Desire

Chapter 1: Arrival

Mr Newton cursed quietly under his breath, now wishing he had not agreed to meet the new tenant, Mr

Cullen, and hand over the keys to Oakwood Ridge. But he considered himself a good Christian man and

therefore felt it was his duty.

The wind and rain whipped wildly around the manor, and although he sheltered inside the entrance, the

exposed position of the dwelling offered no protection from the harsh elements on Topcliffe moor. He

could barely hear the approach of the horses and carriage above the wail of the elements, so he hastily

began to prepare more lanterns to alert the driver, then placing them on the posts to guide them as

close to the house as would safely allow. The thundering of hooves and the crunch of gravel alerted him

that they were very close and travelling at speed. Mr Newton managed to jump to safety, as the carriage

came to a halt in the space he, only moments earlier, had occupied. He gasped and shouted out in fright,

only to lose the words into the howling wind and rain.

Then he took a moment and laughed nervously, the horses that could have ended his life were ebony,

barely visible in the darkness of night, and the carriage was majestic in black and gold, not unlike the

images that portrayed death when he comes to collect your soul. Newton felt that he had escaped his

demise, and was glad of it.

A dark figure disembarked the vehicle, "Dismissed," he barked at the driver, before turning and stalking

towards the house.

"Good evening Sir," Mr Newton held out his hand in greeting, "I am your neighbour at High Point." He

held for the welcome to be reciprocated.

The new tenant to Oakwood Ridge kept his head bowed, his hat and the poor lighting shielding most of

his face from Mr Newton's scrutiny. He took the hand briefly, Mr Newton gasped at the icy coldness that

passed through him.

"We must shelter you inside immediately Sir; you'll catch your death in these elements."

Mr Cullen's lips pulled up into a brief sneer as his neighbour turned and opened the door, bidding him to enter.

He paused, as he entered the house, to admire the grotesque carvings of mythical beasts entwined

around naked females which adorned the huge oak door frame. Once inside he was greeted by a

majestic staircase which divided the house. Off to the left, lead to the kitchen, dining area, cellars and

servants quarters. To the right were the family sitting room, library and conservatory. Upstairs was a

host of bedrooms, and bathrooms none of which he would really be requiring.

"I took the liberty of lighting a fire in the Parlour, Mr Cullen, I hope you approve?"

Mr Cullen now exercised his extraordinary supernatural gift and, ignoring Newton's vocal ramblings of

the weather on the moors, listened with interest to the man's internal questions.

'I wonder if he'll purchase Oakwood Ridge.

He is not at all civil; I shall waste no more of my time here.

I wonder if Jessica will still be awake.'

Images of a naked blonde woman flooded through Newton's mind, Cullen smiled crookedly and whetted

his lips, 'soft,warm,' he thought.

She was on her knees with his member between her lips, (Cullen felt heat travelling up and down the

length of his hardening shaft). She was laid across a red quilt, her fingers caressing the soft wet folds of

her quim, inviting him to come to her.

Cullen felt no shame in, invading Newton's thoughts; sometimes he found that, this was one of the most

titillating things about this mundane existence. He had been around an eternity, and he needed

distractions to amuse him. His fingers twitched and curled into a fist, as he controlled his most basic

animalistic urges.

He could see the image of the woman, being taken roughly from behind, he could feel his thighs slam

into her hot skin with each thrust. The other mans thoughts and feelings were vivid and Cullen stifled

the urge to let out a groan, disguising it as a cough and snapping Newton out of his lust filled reverie. He

had a simple mind to penetrate; he was a shallow selfish creature, intent on pleasuring and pleasing

himself, he was not that unlike himself, Cullen observed.

However, it was too late for Cullen, lust and need coursed through him like fire in his veins, he needed a

release. This was the very reason he sought to come here, the middle of nowhere, to isolate himself

from society and rest his aching mind from the sex, want and need filled thoughts, which filtered

through human men and women.

He and his family had lived amongst humans for a very long time, as vampires had done for centuries;

one of their laws was for their kind to remain undetected. They survived by taking advantage of their

own beauty and exploiting human weakness, their prey so desired to be seen in the presence of a

member of the prestigious Cullen family. His family threw the best parties in London and only the rich,

royal and beautiful would be invited. To attend secured your position in the social ranks of the upper

classes. They exploited these occasions to feed freely from their guests, lured from the revelry and into

private rooms, the guests would be hypnotised and fed from, then returned to the party, ignorant of

the violation that had occurred against them. 'Hiding in plain sight,' was what his father, Dr Carlisle

Cullen called it.

Cullen was weak, having refrained from feeding whilst on his journey, he deemed it too much of a risk,

but now he needed blood, and the human in front of him would have to suffice.

Removing his hat, he stood erect and intimidating, glowering down at Newton. He took a step closer,

fixing his hypnotic stare on the man, who ceased his inane chatter and froze. Cullen's exceptional sense

of smell picked up the scent of fear, and he could see the panic flit through his victim's eyes.

"There's nothing to worry about..." His voice purred deeply, searching his mind until he found what he

was looking for. "Michael." His meal visibly relaxed and nodded in response, he was already under

Cullen's spell. The Vampire felt no satisfaction at the ease at which he accomplished the task, he desired

a challenge.

"You will remember how cordial I was," Cullen commanded, "We conversed pleasantly a while, before

you left for home. Do you understand?"

Newton nodded, not taking his eyes from Cullen's dark hypnotic stare, golden flecks appeared to be

dancing around the pupils, he watched, unable to remove his gaze.

"Now drop your breeches."He demanded.

The blonde man immediately complied, Cullen had him enthralled, and he could not disobey. Newton

should have felt some degree of shame as he stood in front of the stranger with his breeches around his

ankles and his manhood upstanding against his undergarments. Tonight, Cullen's blood lust was

stronger, and he needed to remain focused, there was no room for error. He would find it tiresome to

be moving again so soon, which would be necessary if he took a human life.

The Volturi , the vampire law makers, had decreed that in order to go undetected, they should not take

human lives as a direct result of feeding, so vampires learned to take just enough blood from their

victims and leave them alive.

Cullen pulled Newton's clothing to one side, blanking out the lustful thoughts that screamed to him.

Newton closed his eyes in anticipation, and his head lolled back, excited beyond measure that this

beautiful man was on his knees in front of him. He groaned out loudly in pleasure and pain, as Cullen's

teeth bit into his groin and he began to draw blood. This was Cullen's preferred method of feeding; the

more intimate and sexual the experience was for the victim, the hotter and sweeter the blood tasted.

Newton groaned, and held on tight to the back of Cullen's hair, as he sucked mouthfuls of sweet thick

blood into his mouth. He relished the taste and enjoyed how it coated his tongue and tonsils, as it

flowed smoothly down his throat, soothing the burn that had plagued him for a century. When he'd

taken what he could, he pulled back and licked the wound clean; Newton's body trembled as he

released his ejaculate, whimpering in ecstasy. Both men were satisfied.

Cullen sat back on his heels, closing his eyes and licking the remaining blood from his lips. The colour

drained from Newton's face, and he began to sway now that Cullen had removed his strong, supportive

hands from his lower body. Moving at vampire speed, Cullen had Newton fastened back in his clothing

and seated in the chair by the fire.

"I suspect you are exhausted at the lateness of the hour, Mr Newton," Cullen planted the idea in his

head; he poured him a glass of wine. "Drink Sir, it may help revive you." Newton weakly protested,

attempting to stand before falling back into the chair with a moan. Cullen sneered inwardly at the

weakness of this man, he had barely had his fill of this paltry creature and he was swooning like a feeble

woman, he should feel sick to the stomach at ingesting his blood.

Warmth flooded Cullen's body as the human blood filled his belly making him feel alive once more, he

was stronger, faster and each of his senses more intense and aware. Lust replaced hunger as it always

did after feeding; he needed to be inside a woman, pushing deeply in and out of her quivering hot


Newton took the wine from Cullen and drunk deeply, "My lady wife will be fretful if I do not return

home presently," he sighed and rested back in the armchair wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Cullen could smell the alcohol as it entered his bloodstream, Newton fought to keep his eyes open.

"Please be my guest this evening," Cullen whispered closely in his ear, Newton shuddered at the

closeness of the cold breathy words, "I will attend your wife."

Newton snored, faintly.

Cullen left the house without a sound, shrouded by the darkness, he moved swiftly on foot to Newton's

estate, arriving minutes after he'd left his own dwelling.

Upon entering the grounds two gun dogs, pointers, came bounding towards him, wagging their tails and

barking loud enough to wake the estate. Upon the realisation he was a predator, their stance altered

and hackles rose, low warning growls came from within them. Cullen laughed darkly, if he wasn't in a

hurry to claim his prize, he would have taken satisfaction in ripping the throats out of these mangy


His body dropped into a defensive position, he bared his teeth which glistened in the moonlight, then

emitted a low menacing snarl. The sound was fiercer than anything the dogs could muster. They both

retreated in submission, tails between their legs, whimpering. Cullen leered triumphantly.

He strained to hear if anyone was awake inside the grey brick manor house. Three beating hearts

thrummed slowly, as in a resting state. Two at the far end of the house (he surmised they would be

servants) and one from the room above him, which must be Jessica. Salacious urges returned. He lived

for moments like this, scattered intermittently throughout his long existence, his only desires were to

hunt, feed and fuck, but still he felt that something was missing, something evaded him, left him


He scaled the walls with ease and landed without a sound on the small balcony. Peering through the

glass doors, he could see her, spread across the bed, her blonde hair fanned across the pillow and her

white cotton nightgown positioned midway up her parted thighs. Now, driven by longing, he reached

down to the door knob, cursing under his breath when he found it locked. He squeezed the brass sphere

and it twisted under his grasp, allowing him access to the sleeping woman.

Jessica stirred in her sleep, wrapped up in dreams of riding; she was astride her favourite mare,

galloping through a meadow. The sun shone, and the wind blew in her face. Cullen paused for a

moment, feeling the sensations that came through her. The daylight in her dream was suddenly

replaced by night, and the air turned cooler, Jessica shuddered.

'Intriguing,' he thought, 'Perhaps even in dreaming her subconscious is aware of the near danger.'

She moved again and her nightie slid higher, revealing her nakedness. He drew breath, and filled his

senses with her warm scent, swallowed deeply and stalked towards his unknowing victim. Kneeling

upon the floor beside the bed, with his fingers he caressed gently up the inside of her thigh. Her skin

was hot to his touch and warmed his hands, the heat prickled up his arm. Jessica moaned in her sleep

and parted her legs further, as if granting him permission; he stroked his fingers through the warm, wet

folds of her quim, she gyrated in response, to gain more of his touch.

"M mmmm," She gasped quietly, her cheeks flushed in response.

Cullen expertly parted her lips and circled her clitoris with his thumb, then slid two fingers deeply inside.

He had many years to study and practice the art of pleasuring women, he blew cold breath onto her hot

sex, she groaned and arched her back off the bed, he continued his ministrations, she then pushed

wantonly onto his fingers. He increased the speed of his thrusts, he could feel her muscles tightening

and relaxing as her climax approached.

"OH GOD, OH GOD," Jessica thrashed around as the throes of her climax began to consume her and

bring her to consciousness. Cullen leaned across and put his hand over her mouth to quieten her,

Jessica's eyes widened in a jumble of thoughts, Cullen almost smiled, she had thought it was her selfish

lover of a husband, who had finally discovered how to bring pleasure to a woman.

Cullen shook his head at her, he could smell the fear that now mingled with her arousal, making it a

potent and inviting combination that he would not be denied, he denied himself nothing.

Staring into Jessica's eyes he smiled softly, hypnotically, and her now racing heartbeat began a steady


She gazed back into his dark eyes, and recognised her own need, reflected in them. Already she knew

what joy he could bring her and she craved more, heat and wetness flooded her quim and she began to

throb at the thought of his touch. The beautiful stranger glowed eerily white in the soft moonlight, he

breathed in deeply and smiled knowingly, her heart palpitated.

'He's an angel,' she thought, 'a dark angel; please let him touch me again.'

She didn't know he would take her, even if she resisted him.

"Jessica...I can evoke feelings that will leave you breathless with joy, and give gratification beyond your


Jessica whimpered, and her eyes widened. 'I want him, god I want him.'

He fingered a sensitive nipple through her night gown, elicited a small moan, and inserted one cold

finger into her hot, moist quim, then removed himself. He was her master. She protested from the loss

of his touch.

In a heartbeat she was on her knees, facing the head of the bed. Her nightgown pushed up exposing her

ample bottom. She felt his tongue lick the length of her spine, reaching round with both hands, he

pinched her nipples tightly and she gasped at the sharp pleasure / pain sensation that sent darts of

exquisite delight towards her aching clitoris. Her head and body were shaking with a combination of

thrill and fear, and in anticipation of what was to come.

"Please, please," she begged, impatient for him to enter her. He could see her arousal begin to seep

down her thighs.

Her dark angel unfastened his breeches and unsheathed his huge throbbing member, deliberately

stroked himself, slowly squeezing harder, up and down his length, using the liquid that oozed out to

grease the end. Jessica wiggled her hips wantonly, looking over her shoulder; her eyes were transfixed

by the dark figures cock. She mentally compared her husband's small member to the huge piece being

prepared for her now; a thrill ran through her body, she stiffened her arms and legs and took a deep


"Quite the little slut, aren't you?" Cullen's voice whispered huskily.

She groaned and he smelled her musky scent, he positioned himself against her cunt, ready to impale

her. The heat from her body travelled through his length, and his ability to think straight was beginning

to falter, his own base needs combined with the desperate desire of her thoughts, had him close to

losing control. He must not allow this to happen. He could split her in two if he didn't moderate his

thrusts, he must never lose focus with a human female. A growl rumbled in his throat as he pushed

slowly to the hilt, her burning hot quim wrapped around him like a velvet glove.

Jessica gasped; she had never felt so filled. Her body stretched around him and she could feel her pulse

deep inside and he throbbed back in response, Cullen paused, allowing them both a moment to adjust

to each other. His icy hands grabbed her hips, sending a wave of goose bumps up her body, making her

already achingly hard nipples peak even further, slowly he started to thrust in and out of her.

Jessica squealed with each pass he made, her head and body swam with unbelievable bliss, she had

never felt anything like it. She began to spasm as her body prepared for another crescendo. This was

something that she had never experienced with another. Any gratification she had received had been at

her own hand, after her husband had fallen asleep and lay snoring next to her.

"I-did-not-know-a-man-could-do-this," she managed to say with each thrust.

He could feel her begin to quiver around his length, and a self satisfied smile graced his beautiful face.

He never failed. He may have taken without permission, but he always brought them to climax, begging

for more and then he left, when they were both satisfied. He was an impressive lover.

"OH... Oh," Jessica began again.

"Shhh," he slowed his pace, "I must insist on your silence," He dragged a cold finger down her spine

making her shudder.

Jessica nodded her head, Cullen picked up his pace again and altered the direction of his thrust, she was

soon whimpering again, her quim squeezed and pulsed bringing him closer and closer to his own ending.

"Oh, oh... oh," Jessica thrust her face into the pillow she was holding onto, screaming into it as her

orgasm crashed through her.

"F-fuckkkk," Cullen growled as he released his icy cold ejaculate deep inside her.

"Oh my...," Jessica body trembled with pleasure and exhaustion, finally collapsing into the bed.

Cullen was fastened back into his trousers and leaning over her as she turned over. Questions flooded

her mind, but before she had a chance to ask, Cullen had her face in his hands and he leaned in close,

Jessica stopped breathing and he smiled when he heard her heart speed up.

"This was all a dream Jessica, a very, erotic dream." Jessica looked at him puzzled for a moment. The

dark angel exhaled and his sweet breath flooded her senses, she nodded her response and closed her


Her thoughts filled his mind; as she drifted back to her dreams, she wanted to feel his lips on hers.

"You will never feel my lips upon yours, Jessica," he whispered as he left the room the way he entered.

A/N Hope you enjoyed, I've tried to capture some of the language of the time, giving the story a dark atmospheric feel.

This Edward is more like the classic vampires, no venom and it's his blood that will be ingested to turn someone, also he has the ability to mesmerise his victims.

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