Darkest Desire

Chapter 20; Forever

He watched with pride as his wife, his lover, his entire existence, stalked with beauty and grace to take

down the great stag, it was nearly twice her size. Her laughter filled his ears like tinkling bells; he had

never grown tired of that wonderful sound in the hundred years that they had been together.


He smiled as he recollected the day she awoke, immortal, in his arms. She had explored, with the

innocence of a child, everything in the house, she touched, stroking, breaking, tasting, which she disliked

and spat out in repulsion, much to his amusement. He followed her from room to room, then across the


His family had made themselves scarce, promising to return soon and spend time with the newest

member of their family.

Swan, her father, was nearby and had agreed to give her some time to adjust, as they couldn't be sure

how she would react to his new scent.

Finally, her curiosity was sated, she turned and looked at him, at Edward, her husband, her desire; it was

as though she was seeing him for the first time. Her sight was so much more acute through her new

vampire eyes. He was devastatingly beautiful, she had thought, she reached out tentatively as she

attempted to touch him, strength was something else she was going to have to get used to. He boldly

enveloped her to his chest and embraced her with wild abandon; he no longer had to be careful; he no

longer had to be gentle.

"You have a promise to keep," she managed huskily between his needy kisses, "You promised to fuck me

like I deserved to be fucked." Isabella raised her eyebrows and cocked her head at him, she

was laying down a challenge.

Lust took over from that moment, Isabella's' clothes were shredded in an instant and she was once

again laid in the heather, like the first time he had taken her. She threaded her fingers into his hair and

pulled him towards her, crashing their lips together; their tongues swirled and danced around seeking

dominance in each other's mouths. Isabella quickly rolled Edward onto his back and straddled him, "It

is unequal my love," she purred seductively in his ear, "That you remain clothed." Before he could

respond, she shredded his clothes in the same manner. Isabella cast her eyes up and down, licking her

lips, as she took in his exquisite form. She kissed him deeply, passionately, before pulling back and

declaring her love for him, she kissed and licked her way down his taut rippling body until she was level

with his huge hard member.

"Always so ready for me," she whispered as she enclosed her mouth around his engorged organ, he let

out a growl of pleasure as she swirled her tongue around the mushroom tip before sucking her way down

his length, taking him deep, he felt her throat constrict and squeeze his tip. Never stopping, she moved

steadily up and down his length hollowing her cheeks as she sucked, he leant up on one elbow to watch

as he disappeared in smooth swift mouthfuls, he held her wild mane up out of the way, giving him

purchase to drive her further and further on to his aching cock.

Her mouth still felt warm to him, her skin still a few degrees warmer than his.

Edward let go of her hair and attempted to reach for Isabella, he wanted to feel, to taste her, she

resisted, looking up and growling at him from her kneeling position, she looked feral, wild and possessive

over the act she was performing, claiming him as hers. The sight had overwhelmed him and he groaned

as he felt his body explode with pleasure; Isabella turned quickly and engulfed him, taking all he had to


They lie entwined and content in each other's bodies, he ran a finger up and down her spine, enjoying the

way she thrust her breasts against him; she ran her hand across his cool hard chest, relishing the feel of

him. His every touch, kiss and caress sent a pulse of pleasure coursing through her body, desire begin to

build within her belly, her arousal flowed between her thighs. He grinned as her scent reached his

nostrils, his cock enlarged and stiffened in response and anticipation.

"Run," he whispered, Isabella's eyes widened momentarily before she swiftly left his side.

She felt powerful as her new strong legs carried her, the wind whipped around her hair and the scenery

passed in a blur, but she saw it all, each blade of glass, even the insects she passed; nothing went


Isabella could sense his presence, before she felt his strong hands and his body covering hers, taking her

tumbling to the ground. She lay panting beneath him, her arms pinned above her; he pressed firmly

between her open thighs, his erection grinding against her heated centre.

"It's time to keep my promise," he growled, before he covered her mouth with his. With one smooth

movement, he adjusted his hips and his cock was buried deep inside her, Isabella's head swam with the

sensations of immeasurable pleasure which exploded within her orbit. He withdrew, and slammed deep

and hard, out, fuck, hard, deep, she felt as he passed every single pleasure receptor and nerve ending

within her quim.

"I need, oh... I need..." She screamed as he continued his pumping.

"Anything my love," he paused to give her chance to speak.

"To feel," she pulled at his hair; he saw the devilish look on her face, "Your tongue."

"With pleasure," he extracted himself quickly plunging his tongue deep inside her.

Isabella felt dizzy as his soft wet tongue plunged her depths, his nose nudged at her swollen clitoris, she

arched her back, thrusting her full round breasts into the air, the wind seemed to caress her taut, aching

nipples. Edward used the flat of his tongue and moved slowly up to her throbbing bud, he took it

between his lips and sucked her into his mouth.

"Fuckkkk," she screamed as her orgasm exploded without warning, her hands clawed up the earth

around them, he held her hips in position as he lapped at her sweet arousal, he continued to kiss her

gently until her body relaxed.

"Fuck, you're exquisite," his mouth was by her ear, she felt his cock stroke her clitoris, then slide between

her velvety folds, into her slit torturously slow.

"Harder," she whined and pushed to meet his thrust.

He chuckled, "Patience, sweetheart." He continued his deliciously slow impalement, Isabella moaned as

she fought to drive him harder and deeper. Occasionally, he rewarded her with deep fast thrusts; he

ignored her pleas for more, revelling in this most heavenly torment. Isabella, now more aware of her

body and its needs, could feel her clitoris swell with wanting once again.

"On your knees," he flipped her, as he spoke.

She could feel him behind her, waiting, the cold air, caressed her most intimate places, sending a shudder

of pleasure throughout her body.

"So wet," he whispered as he plunged his fingers deep inside, "Do you trust me, my love?"

Isabella nodded.

"Keep very still," he pumped his fingers in and out, Isabella fought to stop herself rocking onto his hand;

she bit her lip hard and closed her eyes. She gasped slowly as he slid his fingers past her quim and slowly

towards her back entrance. Isabella was sure she could hear her phantom heartbeat, but she stayed still,

curious. He firmly pressed against her tight rosy hole with one finger until it slid smoothly inside, Isabella

stifled a moan of pleasure, Edward grinned as he pressed a second finger, his other hand reached until he

caressed her breast, circling her nipple teasing it, she relaxed; he slipped in a second finger. Edward

moved his fingers back and forth, surprised with the erotic sensation it was eliciting, Isabella rocked

further onto his fingers. He was delighted when she groaned in displeasure when he withdrew his

fingers; he paused momentarily as he lined his length up for entry. Isabella turned to look over her

shoulders with lust lidded eyes and moved her arse provocatively at him, that's all he needed to press


"Oh fuckkkk, so tight my love," if he had breath, he would have lost it as pushed deeper inside of her.

Isabella screamed at the divine intensity, she felt every throb as he impaled her, her arms and legs

trembled as he pumped in and out. "Yes, yes, yessssssss," she yelled over and over again, her body

bombarded with exquisite sensations she had never experienced before.

He pumped harder and faster, profanities falling from his mouth, lost in her, in their shared pleasure.

"So close, so close," he managed, he reached forward and pinched one of Isabella's swollen bud, it was enough

to send her spiralling into her orgasm, she bucked and spasmed, taking him with her. He held tight, stars

exploded beneath his eyelids as he shot load after load of ejaculate deep inside her, before he finally

collapsed on the ground beside her.


He groaned at the memory and adjusted his now straining cock; Isabella lifted her head from her meal

and smiled knowingly, she stood and beckoned him with her finger; seductively she began to remove

her clothes.

"Fuck, you're so beautiful," he said quietly, she would hear him.

"Come and get me," she taunted playfully, turned and flitted through the forest, he smiled, she knew

what he had been thinking about, their connection had grown and strengthened over the years

together. Dr Cullen had said he had never seen anything like it, Isabella had the ability to protect and

give Edward what he'd needed to aid him, even as she lay dying in his arms, she had reached out with

her mind and comforted him, their bond was now unbreakable.

Recently, she had been testing her ability to include others; it was working on those that seemed to

have a close connection to the pair.

"Stop daydreaming," she whispered into his mind, "and come and get me."

"You need a head start," Edward replied cockily.

She snorted, "I just need some head."

He dropped his clothes as he flitted after her, she would be easy to find; he could smell her arousal in

the air and he really was quicker than her.

He stopped suddenly, her scent seemed to have stopped, he looked up, expecting to see her clinging

high in a moss coated tree; there was no sign of her.

He scanned the area, quickly he spotted the lake; she was in the water, she must have jumped from tree

to tree and landed in the water, she was good, he hadn't heard her. The water rippled gently, no tell tale

signs of anyone entering, but he knew she was in there, he dived into the icy depths, the freezing water

had no affect on him, he plunged deeper, looking for his love; a movement alerted him to his left as she

shot out from behind a rock, like lighting, she was across the lake's silt bottom, she stirred up little as

she moved as gracefully as him. In the early days of her transformation, she had been a little clumsy as

she adjusted to her new strength, but she quickly became accustomed and now her movement matched

his in fluidity and stealth.

It excited him beyond measure to chase her, they played this game regularly, both knew how it would

end, this was the first time she had led them into a lake. He caught her by the ankle and she fought to

shake him off, anyone that could witness, would fear for her life as they fought and struggled, rolling

around at speed in the water. He used her legs to pull himself along her still wriggling body, through

the water, when he reached the apex of her legs, he plunged two long fingers into her already slick

pussy, she was always ready for him and the chase; she loved the chase too, helped. Isabella turned as

quickly as the water allowed, her hair moved, swirling around her head like it had a life of its own. She

reached out her hands and grabbed Edward's perfect face before lunging forwards into a passionate

embrace, her body drawn to his, as though they were a pair of magnets. She slid herself straight onto

his waiting cock, pushing herself down hard, tightening her legs around his waist; never once breaking

their kiss.

He wrapped his arms around his love, his wife, his only desire and pushed himself hard and deep within

her needy body, withdrawing and plunging again and again, whilst they moved as one through the

swirling depths of the water. Together, they broke through the surface of the water, laughing and

kissing, still locked in each other's bodies, eyes focusing on the other, their movements began a sensual

dance meant to please the other, both intent on bringing absolute joy in their actions. They had a

hundred years together and still their aim was to bring, give pleasure to their mate. He slipped his hand

to the point of their joining to caress her clit, Isabella released her grip from him and lay her body out on

top of the water, revelling in his caress, she felt the tingling begin in the pit of her stomach as her climax

began to blossom, she screamed out his name as she felt her body explode in sheer bliss. He reached

forward and tweaked her rosy nipples that poked through the water's surface, her body spasmed

around him again, he groaned as his own release pumped over and over, coating her silken walls.

Isabella opened her eyes and smiled, her face shone with love and happiness of one who is truly fulfilled

in their life, "I love you," his heart swelled, he would never tire of hearing those words.


Isabella was hit by the olfactory essence as she entered Oakwood Ridge, her senses overloaded by

visions from her past. It had been nearly seventy years since they had lived here and yet, she would

always consider this place to be her home. Her eyes stung with emotion as memories flooded her mind,

if she closed her eyes she could almost hear Mrs Cheney, the housemaid, her friend, bustling along the

hallway or giggling as they shared a private joke. She looked towards the ceiling as she recollected Mr.

Cheney hanging the huge bunch of mistletoe; he had continued that tradition up until his death.

When Edward and Isabella left to begin again, Mr and Mrs Cheney were offered the house to live out

the rest of their lives together in comfort. Isabella smiled as she remembered they were overcome with

gratitude at Mr Cullen's generosity, Mrs Cheney had thrown herself into his arms, kissing and crying over


As the years wore on, they often called back to see them, now good friends. Isabella was saddened as

each time her friends had grown older and frailer, then finally it was to say goodbye to her friend, Mr

Cheney had gone some years previous, Isabella had wished the tears would flow as Angela, Mrs.

Cheney, was lowered into the cold damp earth.


The rest of the family would be joining them in due course after spending time on the continent, there

was talk about more travelling and the possibility of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to America


Edward moved from room to room, removing dust sheets and opening drapes, they had to play the part

of being human. They would pay a visit to the village at some point in the week, it had doubled in size

and more properties had sprung up over the landscape since they last visited the area.

"I'm going to see my father, "Isabella put her arms around Edward's neck and kissed him, she could

never resist him for too long.

"You want me to accompany you?"

Isabella shook her head, "Maybe next time."

She recollected how difficult it had been in the beginning, but Edward and her father had formed a

truce, and a respect for each other which resulted in a happy home life for the three of them. Her father

had embraced existence as a werewolf, which had given him a new lease of life, something which had

been sadly missing since the loss of his beloved Renee. He also spent time with the werewolves, at

William Black's grand estate, where he eventually married a lovely lady named Sue Clearwater, with

whom he had lived a long and happy life, with the pack.

Isabella knelt before her father's headstone in the small village graveyard.

"Hello father," she smiled sadly and began to clear away overgrown weeds and wayward plants to

reveal Charles Swan's name etched in the weathered grey stone. "It's been a long time."


Edward strolled around the house; they had a few days to be alone before the rest of the family

descended, then together they would depart Britain, time to discover new worlds his father had

exclaimed. The house would remain Cullen property; he felt sure he and Isabella would return one day.

"I'm in the library," he barely raised his voice.

Isabella was by his side before the front door clicked shut, the fire danced and crackled in the hearth, he

looked bewitching by firelight, the golden glow flickered casting light and shadows over the room and

his handsome face, his eyes looked intensely black, not with hunger, with lust, Isabella thrilled at the

thought that she still had that affect on him after all this time.

"I believe I have some reading to finish my love," his voice almost a purr, he held up the book.

Isabella rejoiced at his choice, 'Tales from the Nunnery.'


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Chapter 1; Introductions

As the end times approach the battle for souls on earth begins, so many people have yet to choose


Heaven and Hell have opened the gates and let loose the best they have to offer, the gates closed and

nothing may re-enter until the battle is won, unless, that is, you perish.

Demons returned to earth in the form and with the talents they had, when they were human, no

memory of who they once were, filled with battle strategies and the desire to cause chaos where ever

they go.

Angels returned to earth in the form and with the talents they had, when they were human, no memory

of who they once were, filled with battle strategies and the desire to protect the innocents.

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