Chapter 1


"What do mean you putting Cheney in charge of the Cullen Industries job? I am the best advertising consultant in the business and you know it Jasper." I seethed.

I had been working for Whitlock Advertising for five years. About three months ago Jasper, president of the company had told me that Cullen Industries was thinking of advertising there newest project through us. I was sure I would be put in charge of the project I was the best add consultant in this company and Jasper knew it so I couldn't believe that he was going to let Ben Cheney the short stuttering man who looked like he belonged in accounting.

"Edward I'm sorry but Ben is good, not as good as you, but good, and he is what the customer wants." Jasper said trying to calm me.

"What dose Ben have that I don't have that makes him better for the job than me?" I asked.

"Angela and Molly." Jasper said with a raised eyebrow.

"Angela and M… you mean his wife and kid?" I asked confused "what the hell do they have to do with this."

"Cullen Industries is all about family and children. Ben is married with a little girl and another one on the way. You're with a different women every week and cringe and the mention of children. Who do you think the Cullen's will feel more comfortable with." Jasper was right of course and I hated him for it.

"Jaz this is the biggest case do you know what this would do for my career? I need this job." I begged.

"Edward the Cullen's haven't signed yet and if I send you in there and you show up to a business dinner with one of your girls I have a feeling they'll never sign." Jasper said.

Jasper and I had been friends since we were in seventh grade so I knew he was only doing this because it was in the company's best interest. I just didn't like so I wasn't settled down with the wife and the kids and the pet cat and the white picket fence that shouldn't matter but I knew jasper was right and that it would matter to these people. Then an idea hit.

"What if I had a wife?" I asked jasper.

"Unless you've been keeping something from me you don't have a wife Edward." Jasper said suspicious.

"Well no but hear me out Jasper. I get some girl to pretend to be my wife just till I'm done with the Cullen case." I said smiling at the genius of my plan.

"Edward … "I cut him off

"Come on Jaz the Cullen's would be happy thinking they have a family man working for them and you would have your best man on the job." I said playing to his weakness his desire to make his parents company the best it could be.

"She couldn't be one of your normal bimbos" he said seriously.

"So I go and find me a good old fashion wholesome girl, or at least a girl who is good at acting." I said dismissively.

"And she'd have to be able to keep her mouth shut about the fact that you're lying to them." Jasper said.

"I'll pay to make sure she doesn't say anything." I said figuring it wouldn't cost too much to make sure a girl keeps her mouth shut and I could afford it if it did cost a lot.

"Ok," jasper said. "It's a plan then."

I smiled and said "thanks Jasper you won't regret this."

"I hope not." Jasper said.

I got up and headed for the door already going over where I was going to find women who would pretend to be my wife and be good enough to impress the Cullen's. I was almost out the door when Jasper spoke.

"Oh and Edward?"

"yeah." I said turning back to him.

"If this gets out that you're lying to the Cullen's, I'll deny knowing anything about it." He said.

"Don't worry" I told him "it won't get out"

With that I left Jaspers office and went to find myself a wife.


I can't believe this is happening to me. I am every girl's worst dream. I'm homeless, broke, unemployed, single, and pregnant. The ironic part of the situation is this morning I had a job, apartment, and boyfriend. I didn't know I was pregnant and I was still broke but them everything went wrong.

I got up late this morning because Jake, my boyfriend now ex-boyfriend, had broken the alarm clock yesterday when it wouldn't turn off. So I was already late and to make things better as soon as I got up I threw up just like I had the last couple of days. I arrived at Meyer publishing incorporation where I was a secretary to Miss Lauren Mallory about five minutes late and Miss Mallory herself was at my desk staring at the clock waiting for me.

"You late Swan." She said in her clipped nasally voice.

"Sorry Miss Mallory our alarm clock is broken." I said apologetically.

"I don't want your excuses Swan this is the third time this month you've been late you're fired." She said briskly and the turned to walk away.

"No Miss Mallory please, I need this job." I begged on the brink of tears. If I lost this job we wouldn't make rent this month and we would not be eating much this month.

"You should have thought of that before you showed up late." Miss Mallory said with a glare that told me she really could care less if I starved or became homeless. "Now clean out your desk I expect you gone by lunch if not earlier."

So I cleaned out my desk and headed home. Jake had already left for the local garage where he was a mechanic. I started cleaning the house and working on supper knowing it would make Jake happy and since he was going to be pissed when I told him I lost my job anything to put him in a good mood was a good thing. Jake and I had been together since out freshman year of high school and after we graduated we moved in together. Jake got a job as a mechanic which was his dream and I took a secretary job to help pay bills while I worked on my dream of becoming an author. I was cleaning the bathroom when it happened I found my tampons and realized that I was about two and a half weeks late.

"Shit." I said to myself this couldn't be good.

I slipped on my shoes and coat and ran to the convince store around the corner. I went to the pregnancy test and grabbed the first one I saw and paid for it. I ran home and went into the bathroom. I tore open the box and read the directions. I went pee on the stick and then I waited for the three longest minutes of my life before the stick showed one pink line and I cried.

That's how Jake found me, crying on the bathroom floor.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked with mild concern in his voice.

"I got fired today." I said figuring I'd start with the easy news.

"What!" Jake thundered "Bella how do you expect us to eat and pay rent now?"

"I don't know Jake." I said "there's something else."

"What?" he asked. I could tell he was still angry about me losing my job.

"I'm pregnant." I told him.

It was silent the only sound was my breathing. Jake just stared at me for a long time.

"What?" he said in a scarily calm voice.

"I-I'm pregnant." I said again a little scared of the anger in his eyes.

Jake turned and left I sat there on the ground stunned. I cried again until I finally decided that I need to go talk to Jake about what we were going to do. I got up and walked out of the bathroom only to see Jake setting bags down next to the front door. I was confused, what on earth was he doing? Was he going somewhere?

"What are you doing Jake?" I asked timidly.

"I'm getting your stuff your leaving." He said.

"WHAT?" I screamed. "You're kicking me out? What about the baby."

"That's your problem it's over Bella there's your stuff now get out." He said pointing at the door and glaring at me.

I was in shock I had been dating Jake for seven years and now he was kicking me out. I stood there and stared at him not believing him. This had to be a joke, but the look on his face said that he was dead serious.

"I said get out Bella." He said in a low menacing voice and I listened. I grabbed my stuff and I left.

So now here I was sitting on the road outside my old apartment building staring at a pay phone about to call my parents the only people I had left in the world. I took a deep breath and dialed the number.

"Hello Swan residence." I heard my mother's chipper voice on the other end.

"Hi mom." I said fighting tears.

"Oh Bella dear how are you?" she asked.

"Not so good mom that's why I called actually." I told her.

"What's wrong are you ok you aren't hurt are you?" she asked panicking just like she always did.

"I got fired today and Jake broke up with me and kicked me out of the apartment because I told him I'm pregnant so now I'm homeless, broke, unemployed, and pregnant. I need help mom I don't have anywhere to stay or food to eat." I started to cry.

"Oh Bella I'm so sorry but we can't help you." My mom said

"What?" I whispered

"Bella we told you when you moved in with Jake instead of going to college that you were on your own now and we meant it. You got yourself into this mess you'll have to get yourself out." My mother said and I could hear the sadness in her voice.

"Goodbye mom." I said angrily.

"Oh Bella I'm ..." I hung up on her.

This was just great now I was homeless, broke, unemployed, pregnant, and completely alone. This was just perfect what was I going to do.