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Chapter 7


"So what's up with you and him?" Alice asked while we sat in the living room after Edward had gone to bed.

"Nothing" I said firmly, because despite my feelings it was true.

"Bullshit!" she said rather loudly.

"Shh Alice." I said not wanting to disturb Edward "he is a player and is still seeing other women. I'm not going to get involved with someone like that."

"Really?" she said shocked. "Are you sure? He seemed so into you."

"Yes, he went to see one of them yesterday." I said willing myself not to cry.

"How do you know?" Alice asked.

"Jasper, Edwards's best friend and boss, came over for dinner yesterday and he got here before Edward. He said Edward had left work hours ago and he said he must be visiting one of his girls. He said it like it wasn't any big deal." I said.

"Wow that's … awful." She said looking disgusted for a moment then staring at me like she was looking for something. "You still have feelings for him though, don't you?"

"Yes" I said quietly "and I hate myself for it."

"Oh Bella its ok." Alice said while hugging me.

We sat there for a while her holding me, and me quietly crying. Eventually I calmed myself down.

"Thanks Alice." I said smiling at her "I needed that"

"No problem Bella I'm here if you need me, anytime don't hesitate to call." She said hugging me again

"Goodbye Alice. Call me tomorrow ok." I said as I walked to my room and went to bed happy with my new friend.


I was just about to get into bed when I heard someone yell "bullshit" from the living room. I decided to go ask them to please keep it down. However when I got to the doorway to the living room I was so shocked at what I heard I couldn't move into sight much less speak.

"He is a player and is still seeing other women. I'm not going to get involved with someone like that." Bella said.

I was shocked and truthfully a little hurt. Why did it hurt that Bella said she wouldn't get involved with 'someone like me'? Oh shit do I have feelings for Bella? That would explain a lot like why I spend so much time at home now and why I haven't been with another woman since Bella moved in. wait, why does she think I'm still seeing other women? Luckily I didn't have to ponder this question for long.

"Really?" Alice asked shocked at what Bella had said.

I'm right there with you Alice I thought to myself.

"Are you sure? He seemed so into you." Alice said doubtfully.

How did Alice figure out my feeling before I did? Was it that obvious? It must be for a stranger to figure it out. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. Luckily I didn't have long dwell on this unsettling realization before Bella spoke distracting me.

"Yes he went to see one of them yesterday" she said sounding truly upset.

How the hell did she come up with that idea? I wasn't any later yesterday than I usually am.

I was so glad when I heard Alice doubtfully ask "how do you know?"

"Jasper, Edwards's best friend and boss, came over for dinner yesterday" Bella said and I got a bad gut feeling about what was coming next. "And he got here before Edward. He said Edward had left work hours ago and he said he must be visiting one of his girls. He said it like it wasn't any big deal"

"Dam you jasper." I whispered to myself missing the first half of what Alice said. What I did hear however had me frozen and holding my breath.

"You still have feelings for him though don't you." Alice said sympathetically.

It wasn't a question but I was thankful when Bella answered anyway.

"yes." She said so quietly I almost missed it and my heat soared. She had feelings for me too. It all came crashing down with her next words. "And I hate myself for it."

When she started cry I got up and headed back to my room my head swimming. She was so upset it made me feel like someone had punched me in the stomach. She liked me but she didn't want to like me.

Well duh she thinks you're a womanizing manwhore why on earth would she want to like someone like that' that made me hopeful all I had to do was fix her opinion of me. Make her realize that I had changed. Then maybe just maybe I'd have a chance with Bella.

Is that really what you want? A relationship with Bella. I thought you weren't the relationship kind. My inner voice was starting to bug me mostly because it had a good point. Could I be in a relationship? The last time I was in one I was 16. I thought about Bella, I thought about coming home to her every day and her smiles whenever she sees me and how good she smells and how beautiful she is when she laughs, about how perfect she looks with her barely noticeable baby bump. Yeah I think I could be in a relationship with Bella. It won't be easy but the thought of her not there anymore hurts too much to consider. All I had to do now is tell her I was not out seeing another woman yesterday and that I hadn't been with another woman since we met and then everything would be fine.

You realize she is going to want to know where you were since you obviously weren't at home and Japer told her you weren't at work. Stupid inner voice with the good points. She would want to know that though and I guess I would have to tell her. Relationships were supposed to be based on honesty right?

You seriously think you're going to be able to tell her that? Well I probably can't tell her the whole story but I can tell her where I was that's a start right? With that thought I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I answered wondering who was calling this early.

"Hello" I answered groggily. I glanced at the clock it was 6:00 a.m. My alarm wouldn't go off for an hour.

"Edward it's jasper you need to get in here now!" cam jasper's panicked voice "the Cullen's Inc. people called and rescheduled there appointment for TODAY!"

I shot out of bed at that. "When will they be there?" I asked as I ran to the closet and grabbed some clothes.

"noon." Jasper said and I could hear the panic in his voice.

"I'll be there in twenty minutes." I said hanging up and jumping into the shower not caring that it hadn't warmed up yet.

I showered dressed, and gathered, my, keys wallet, phone, and coat. I jumped in my car and started speeding towards the office. I was stopped at a red light when I thought of Bella. She was going to wonder where I was. I pulled out my phone and sent her a quick text. 'Had to go to work early see you tonight.'

I ran into my office and jasper was there with files and a panic stricken expression.

"Jessica can you get me a coffee." I yelled to my receptionist a frizzy blonde who was overly flirtatious.

"Sure Mr. Masen." She said

We spent the next couple of hours working out all the kinks in my presentation. Finally 11:45 rolled around and I took all my stuff to the meeting room. I took a deep breath to calm myself.

Then Mr. Cullen walked in. OK I can do this I said to myself.

"Hello I'm Edward Masen." I said standing up and shaking his hand.

"Hello I'm Carlisle Cullen." Mr. Cullen said

"It's a pleasure to meet you." I said with a smile "shall we get started?"

"Let's" Mr. Cullen said with a nod that indicated I should start.

"we here at Whitlock Advertising have looked at the history of your company and the values that are important to you and your company and come up with an idea that we think will be perfect to advertise you…" I was interrupted by my phone going off. "I'm so sorry." I said to Mr. Cullen

I looked down and saw it was Bella "Uh… I need to take this, I'm sorry I'll be right back."

I answered as I walked to the door. "What is it Bella? are you ok?" I asked as I closed my door. She had never called me at work so I was scared of her being hurt or something.

"Nothing is wrong I just noticed you didn't take anything for lunch. I wanted to make sure you were eating something." She said

"I will." I told her realizing that now that I knew Bella was ok I needed to get back to Mr. Cullen.

"You haven't yet though?" she asked.

"No not yet. Listen Bella I have to get back I'll call you back after I have lunch." I told her.

"ok." She said "goodbye."

"goodbye." I said

I turned then and went back to the meeting room. "I'm sorry it was my wife, she usually doesn't call when I'm at work." I said. I noticed that his face softened at the word wife.

"I completely understand." Mr. Cullen said. "Is everything all right?"

"Yes she just knew I had skipped breakfast and wanted to make sure I was eating lunch." I said slightly embarrassed.

Mr. Cullen chuckled "I've received my fare share of those kinds of calls from my Esme." He said.

I laughed with him for a moment glad that he understood and wasn't going to hold it against me.

"Ok so like I was saying ..."


"What is it Bella? Are you ok?" Edward asked as soon as he answered.

"Nothing is wrong I just noticed you didn't take anything for lunch. I wanted to make sure you were eating something." I said.

I realizing after the words were out that I probably shouldn't be so concerned about him. I mean I'm trying to keep my distance from him to try and keep myself from getting hurt. Oh well he needs to eat.

"I will." He said sounding rushed.

"You haven't yet though?" I asked not sure why I was so concerned

"No not yet. Listen Bella I have to get back I'll call you back after I have lunch." Edward promised sounding like he needed to get back to something but didn't want to be rude to me.

"Ok, goodbye." I said letting get to back whatever he had been doing before he answered the phone;

I sat in the kitchen feeling agitated. This morning when I woke up to find that Edward had left I was kind of sad I liked seeing him before he went to work. I missed him and so when I saw that he hadn't taken any of the leftovers I decided to call him and make sure he was eating something. I was realizing now that I was getting too attached but I couldn't seem to stop myself Edward just seemed to pull me in.

I got up and started cleaning but that didn't seem to take long. I looked around and couldn't find anything else to do. I was bored and agitated. I went to the kitchen and got started on some lunch. I was grabbing leftovers out of the fridge when the idea hit me. Edward had said that he hadn't eaten yet and he was obviously busy I could take him food and then I could make sure he ate and we would get rid of some of the leftovers. So I grabbed a few containers put them in a bag and head to Edwards office. I was in the elevator of Whitlock Advertising when it occurred to me that this might not be the best idea.

I took a deep breath and walked out of the elevator and onto Edwards's floor. I realized then that I had never been to Edwards's office and had no clue where it was. Luckily I heard a high pitched voice saying "Mr. Masen is currently in a meeting may I take a message?" I walked towards the voice and came to a frizzy blonde who was just hanging up the phone.

"hello." I said smiling at the woman who seemed to be about my age

She seemed shocked at me greeting. I understood that I remembered all the snappy uptight people I had to deal with as a receptionist. She must be shocked that someone is treating her like a human.

"hello." She said "are you here to see Mr. Masen?"

"Yes I am I brought him lunch." I said showing her the bag I had brought.

Her smile instantly turned into a frown. Oh no this could not be good sign. She eyed me with disdain as if she was sizing up the competition. Someone obviously had a thing for there boss.

"Do you have an appointment?" she asked with a clipped tone of voice.

"no." I said like it was ridiculous because truly it was.

"Well I'm afraid I can allow you in to see Mr. Mason without an appointment?" she said sounding a bit too happy for my liking.

"What do you mean I can't see him without an appointment?" I asked getting upset at this point.

"I'm sorry it's the rules now I'm going to have to ask you to leave and make an appointment next time." She said with a sneer.

"I'm his wife! I don't need an appointment." I said raising my voice. Sure I wasn't really married to Edward but we had told me he wanted jasper and now alike to be the only people who knew that so I figured it would be ok to tell this woman I was.

The woman looked disbelieving and I was about to yell at her when I heard a voice that calmed me.

"What's going on here?" said a very familiar voice. I turned to see Edward and I vaguely registered a blond man behind him.

"This woman is claiming to be your wife." The receptionist said rolling her eyes like the idea of Edward being married was the most ridiculous thing in the world.

I was ready to scream in her face that I was his wife but Edward stopped me. "she is my wife Jessica." He said matter-of-factly as he glanced behind him.

The reseptionest, Jessica, looked like she had been slapped she quickly recovered "I'm sor… I didn't me… I didn't know … I'm sorry." She said flustered. It didn't escape my notice that this apology was only for Edward.

"Its fine Jessica, you couldn't have known you're new and this is the first time you've met her." He said trying to end the whole thing.

He walked over to me then and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I was shocked this was new but I guess it made sense. We were supposed to be married and married people would kiss hello. But when he kissed me I felt a zing of electricity that both excited and scared me.

"hello love, what are you doing here?" he asked and I almost melted when he called me love and he was so close and smelled so good I could barley remember my name.

Somehow I was able to answer his question. "I wanted to make sure you ate something today so I brought you lunch." I said holding up the bag of food. He smiled and I swear I turned to goo. I seriously needed to learn to control my reactions to this man.

"Thank you love." He said.

He turned suddenly back to the man behind him.

"Mr. Cullen, I'm sorry, how rude of me this is my wife Bella." He said leading me over to the man that had been silent behind him this entire time. Now that I finally looked at him I realized I knew him he had been the doctor who confirmed my pregnancy. It's a good thing I had told him the story and not the truth.

"I believe we've already met. It's nice to see you again Bella." Dr. Cullen said shaking my hand.

Edward looked at me with a look of utter confusion so I decided to tell him about my meeting with Dr. Cullen. "Dr. Cullen here was the one who confirmed my pregnancy." I told him. "It's nice to see you again too Dr. Cullen."

"I assume your husband took the news of your pregnancy well?" Dr. Cullen asked with humor in his eyes.

"Yes he did. You were right I had nothing to worry about." I said smiling at him as I took Edwards hand.

"That is wonderful well I'll leave you to your lunch then. Edward I'm sure I'll see you again soon. Bella it was wonderful seeing you again." He said and with that he left.

Edward lead me into his office then and I caught Jessica glaring at me as we passed and being the mature adult I am I stuck my tongue out at her.

"You did wonderful out there Bella with Jessica and Dr. Cullen." Edward said after he had closed the door.

"Thank you." I said as I walked towards his desk it happened then that I started to fall after tripping over nothing.

I braced myself for the impact of hitting the ground but it didn't come. Instead I felt two strong arms holding me.

"You ok Bella?" Edward asked as he set me on my feet.

"Yeah I…" I realized how close he was then.

His emerald eyes boring into mine his hand which had been brushing some hair out of my face now caressed my cheek. I leaned into it unconsciously. He slowly started to lean closer, our lips were about to touch when I regained some rational thought.

"Edward no." I said turning my head.

He sighed and let me go. I took a few steps away from him needing the space to clear my head.

"I'm sorry Bella. I just really like you." He said with a sad smile. My heart fluttered at this. He liked me maybe as much as I liked him. Maybe we could have a relationship. NO Bella he is with other women.

"I won't be another one of your girls Edward." I said with conviction.

"I know that." He said. "I heard you and Alice talking in the living room last night."

I was stunned he had heard? So he knew how I felt and he tried anyway? How dare he!

"You're wrong you know." He said quietly stopping from yelling at him.

"About what?" I asked confused

"I'm not still seeing other women. I haven't 'seen' any other woman since we met." He said seriously.

I was shocked this couldn't be true. What about the other day? "But Jasper said…" I trailed off at the flash of annoyance I saw in his eyes.

"Jasper made a very wrong assumption." Edward said sitting down in his desk chair.

I took a seat in one of the chairs across from him. "Where were you the other night then?" I asked still not sure if I believed him.

"I was visiting my parents graves." He said in the smallest saddest voice I had ever heard.

"oh." I said not sure how to respond to that "what happened to them."

"I'd really rather not talk about it." He said "I might tell you someday but not now ok."

I could see this was hard for him and he really didn't want to talk about it so I let it go with a simple "ok" and got out the food. We ate in relative silence and after we finished I left. As I was walking out of the building I realized I was happy that I decided to come visit Edward. Now I knew more about him and I realized that a relationship with him might be possible.

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