Series: Eternal Nile

Disclaimer: Yugioh is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi.

Prompt: #9 "dash" (30 Kisses LJ challenge; unofficial)


By Lucidscreamer

Afterward, he was never quite sure how he'd let Yami talk him into it, but here Yugi was with his new husband carrying him over the threshold. Like a bride. The only thing that made suffering this indignity worthwhile was that he was in Yami's arms – and they were married. And entering the honeymoon suite of an exclusive resort hotel (Seto's grudging wedding present to the happy couple). And less than ten feet from a bed.


"You understand, of course, that this in no way makes me the girl," Yugi stressed, even as he wrapped his arms more snugly around Yami's shoulders and nuzzled his neck.

Yami chuckled. "Beloved, I never have – and never will – mistake you for a girl."

Well, that was good to know. Yugi rewarded Yami's good sense by nipping at an earlobe, then laving his tongue along the quickening pulse in Yami's throat. He received a deep voiced groan for his efforts.

"Keep that up, Aibou, and we won't make it to the bedroom." Somehow, Yami managed to support Yugi with one arm while sliding his free hand beneath Yugi's posterior in an intimate caress that brought every cell of erectile tissue in Yugi's body to rigid attention.

"Pot, kettle!" Yugi yelped, twisting so that he was half-wrapped around Yami's torso, hips twitching in an involuntary thrust. He leaned up far enough to catch his husband's lower lip between his teeth, tugging lightly, then nearly melted when Yami parted his lips to let Yugi claim his mouth in a searing kiss.

When they broke apart, both panting as if they'd just completed a marathon, Yugi groaned and buried his face in his husband's neck. Suddenly, ten feet seemed entirely too much distance. "If you want to finish this on a bed, I suggest you move a lot faster."

Clasping Yugi to him, Yami ran for the bedroom.