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Chapter 6:

Once we managed to get Jasper and Peter to act their age—losin' only an end table and a few magazines in the process—the day passed highly uneventfully. On more than one occasion I would feel one of them lookin' at me, most likely tryin' to figure out why I wasn't screamin' and runnin' from them after their story. I just honestly didn't see it as that big a deal; what they had gone through, they hadn't had a choice. Jasper had even said they hadn't known there was another way of livin'. And how in the world could I be frightened of Charlotte for her past?

"I'm bored," Peter whined, for the fifth time in half an hour. We had taken turns picking movies—girls, then guys, and now us girls again—and in an effort to punish them for ruinin' my end table (it had been a really pretty end table!) Charlotte and I had dug through the cases of DVDs to find the girliest movie I owned: Gone with the Wind. It was merely an ironic—and hilarious—coincidence that the movie was set durin' the Civil War.

"Just stop your whinin' and watch the damn movie," I snapped at him.

There was a long moment of silence, and when I glanced around all three of them were lookin' at me with surprised expressions.

Rollin' my eyes I grabbed the remote and pushed 'pause'. "What are y'all lookin' at?" I asked impatiently. "I'd really like to get back to the movie."

"You're talkin' with a southern accent." Charlotte's statement came out as more of a question.

I huffed out a breath. Oh. That. "Well, I have this thing where I imitate accents if I'm around them for any extended period of time," I explained. "And watchin' this movie doesn't help any." I shrugged. "I don't know how to stop it; I'll start talkin' like normal soon. Maybe."

More silence. "That," Peter said slowly after a long minute, "is so weird and awesome!"

"I actually find it highly annoyin'," I huffed. "Now can we please get back to the movie?"

"Yes, let's," Charlotte nodded and took the remote from me. "I rather like this movie."

"No!" Peter yanked the remote from Charlotte—bein' careful not to crush it—and turned back to me. "Say somethin' else."

"I am not gonna speak just so you can have a few giggles."

"Please! Just once!" I shook my head and crossed my arms over my chest; Charlotte huffed in impatience and rolled her eyes at him. "But it's so awesome!" Peter whined. "Jasper, bro, back me up here!"

Jasper—who was busy tryin' and failin' to wipe the amused grin off his face—put his hands up in surrender when Charlotte and I both turned to glare at him. "I am not gonna get in the middle of this."

"Good," Charlotte reached over and patted the top of his head twice before turnin' to look at Peter. "Now, baby, give me back that remote or I'll be forced to withhold from doin' that thing that you like, you know, the one where I—"

"Okay!" Peter shoved the remote into Charlotte's hands and we all laughed at his embarrassed and repentant expression. "I'm sorry, Char, just please don't—"

"I won't," she smiled sweetly at him before winkin' conspiratorially at me. "The only way to train a guy is to find a sex position he loves and threaten to withhold it from him."

My cheeks were beginnin' to get sore from laughin' so much. "I'll be sure to remember that."

"Yes!" Peter jumped up, dislodgin' Charlotte from his lap, and fist-pumped the air. "She spoke!"

"Oh for the love of—" I turned to Charlotte. "If you would be so kind," I looked pointedly at her hand and then gestured to his head.

She smiled and nodded. "It would be my pleasure," she giggled, and then smacked him in the back of the head. "Now, on with the movie?"

"Please." Ignorin' Peter's grumblin' about us gangin' up on him we turned back to the TV.

Peter provided a very sullen—and highly amusin'—commentary through the whole movie about how unfair we were and how Jasper was a cold-hearted bitch for not comin' to his aid. There were only ten minutes left of part one when he began insultin' Jasper; I was quite surprised that Jasper had yet to punch him in the face. "You are so pussy-whipped and you're not even gettin' any," Peter hissed at him after a few minutes.

"He's gonna be gettin' more than you if you don't shut your goddamn mouth this minute, Peter Whitlock," Charlotte's voice was drippin' in sweetness.

"Yes, ma'am," Peter grumbled, and then let loose what was probably a string of expletives—he said it too low and fast for me to hear.

When at last part one was done I stood from my spot on the couch between the vampires—Charlotte was sittin' on Peter's lap—and turned the TV and DVD player off. "I'm sick of movies," I declared, and Charlotte made a noise of displeasure—probably at the fact that we wouldn't watch part two.

"Well then, what do you wanna do, Bella?" Peter asked.

I thought for a minute. "I'm not really sure," I said slowly, "We could play cards, or I have monopo—hey!" My hands went to my hips and I glared at the now-gigglin' Peter. "Y'all are just tryin' to get me to talk so you can hear my accent!" In clichéd girl fashion, I stomped my foot.

"Uh-oh, someone's in trouble!" Jacob's laughin' voice echoed down the hall; after the whole day of bein' surrounded my southern accents, his voice sounded odd. I glanced towards the doorway to the livin' room as he appeared around it, Adam right behind him. "She only ever stomps her foot when she's getting ready to beat on someone. Not," he added, chucklin' as he set the bags he held on the floor, "that she would do harm to anyone—least of all you guys." I shot a smile at him, proud at his attempt at friendliness.

"Yes, Peter Whitlock, you are in trouble," Charlotte stood and copied my stance, hands on hips and feet braced slightly apart. "What did I tell you about baitin' Bella so she'd talk?"

"I'm sorry!" Peter jumped up. "I just couldn't help it; it sounds like she's been speakin' with a southern accent her whole life, you know it's intriguin'!"

Jacob let out a loud bark of a laugh before she could reply. "So that's what this is all about?" He began laughin' loudly.

I wanted so badly to yell at him but dammit my accent! I didn't want him laughin' at me.

"It is really interesting, actually," Adam piped up, steppin' from behind Jake to be included in the semi-circle we had formed. I wonder if he realized he was instinctively stickin' to Jake's side like glue; or if he was aware that his eyes were dartin' from one vampire to the other like a scared animal lookin' at a human with a butcher's knife.

"Should've heard her after we had a Harry Potter marathon," Jake stage-whispered to the vampires. "She was 'bloody 'ell'ing for weeks!"

Against my will amusement began leakin' through my irritation; Jake always did do an absolutely terrible British accent. Jasper, sensin' this, sent me a smirk. I stuck my tongue out at him and let my hands fall from my hips.

"Hey, Bells, will you say something?" Jake turned to me. "I wanna hear you with a southern accent, just once."

"I'm sure if they—" Adam gestured to the vampires, "—stick around for any length of time, she'll constantly have one."

"No way!" Peter clapped his hands together with glee. "Sweet! So, my dear Bella, you gonna go without speakin' for the duration of our visit?" He smiled and winked at me.

And the irritation was back. They were all laughin' at me! I had half a mind to tell them all to go burn in hell and stomp off to my room, but the irritation wasn't deep-set; and beneath it I was laughin' with them. It was kinda funny.

Or, it was until Jasper spoke up, chucklin' as he did. "Hey, Bella, why don't you just say somethin' and let them have their fun? Then we can all just grow up and move on from this."

My hands went back to my hips and I snapped. "I will not speak just so they can have their fun!" I yelled. "I am not some side-show freak to be oohed and ahhed over, and I will not repeat sentences on command like a fuckin' parrot! I have had enough with y'all teasin' me, and if y'all don't stop right this minute I will kick you—" I pointed to the vampires, "—out of my house and I will stop cookin' for you!" I swung around to glare at Jake and Adam. Then I swung back around to glare at a surprised Jasper. "How's that for growin' up and movin' on, Jasper Whitlock?" As soon as the anger had bubbled up it was gone, and I ducked out of the room before I could burst into laughter at their shocked faces.

I slammed my door shut for good measure, then raced on tiptoe to the wall and pressed my ear against it—for once glad I could hear whatever was said in the livin' room perfectly through my wall.

It was silent for what seemed like forever; and then Peter spoke in a quiet, almost awed voice. "That was really, really hot." I blushed as I clapped my hands over my mouth to keep from gigglin'. "Does she do that often?" He was speakin' to either Jake or Adam. No, I thought, I didn't. And it wasn't fair to anybody how I had acted. I really should apologize.

"I have never seen her do that before," Adam replied.

"Is she still angry?" Charlotte asked, obviously directed at Jasper.

Jasper chuckled. "On the contrary; she's tryin' not to burst out laughin'." He paused for a moment as everyone let out 'What!'s and 'No way's. "She was never seriously upset, not until my comment." His voice grew apologetic. "Aside from that she was just vaguely irritated."

I heard a dull thump and a muttered 'ouch'. "Well then you better go and apologize right now, Jasper Whitlock!" Charlotte spat, and my lips rose in a half smile. She always had my back; she was like my much older and much, much prettier sister.

"Yes, ma'am," Jasper chuckled, and then there was a knock on my door.

Jumpin' slightly—still not quite used to how fast they were—I hurried over and opened the door to see Jasper with his head ducked and his hands clasped behind his back. The stance reminded me so much of a little boy gettin' chastised by his mother that it took all I had not to burst out laughin' at him. "Yes, Jasper?" I asked, my voice laced with humour—and still that goddamn accent.

His eyes, which had been gazin' at his feet, flicked up and met mine from under his hair that had flopped over his face. "I am deeply sorry, Miss Bella, and I hope with all my heart that you can forgive me."

I nearly swooned at the full force of his southern accent and big, pleadin', repentant ochre eyes. I felt my lust—and embarrassment—rise and I took a few deep breaths to calm my emotions; Jasper's lips were twitchin' and I knew he was tryin' not to laugh at my inner battle. "There ain't nothin' to forgive, Jasper," managed eventually. "I was way outta line; I should be apologizin' to you."

Jasper shook his head, his hair floppin' side to side. "No, Bella, I should be apologizin'; I shoulda known better than to bait ya like that; I knew you were startin' to get seriously angry. I shoulda told them to back—"

"Jasper Whitlock, you'd best stop apologizin' right this instant!" I interrupted, stompin' my foot for good measure. "I said there ain't nothin' to forgive and I mean it."

"But, Bella—" Goddamn his stubbornness!

"But nothin'!" I cut him off again. "And if you don't agree with me, turn around, and march your ass back into the livin' room I'm gonna have to ask Charlotte and Peter to beat you up."

Jasper's eyes flicked towards the livin' room—probably listenin' to somethin' Charlotte and Peter had said—and then shrugged and brought his right hand forward. I was confused as he reached towards me, as he took my right hand in his and raised it. There were no sparks of electricity when I touched him; nothin' close to the shock-like energy I had felt with Edward. There was just a glowin' sense of…peace. And lust.

Unfortunately, the latter emotion rose exponentially as he bowed slightly, pressed his lips to the back of my hand, and in his oh-so-sexy accent drawled, "Of course, Miss Bella; whatever you say."

We stayed like that for what seemed at eternity, Jasper smirkin' slightly against my hand as I tried to control my lust and not jump him; that wouldn't end well for either of us. Me because, well, he was a vampire, and Jasper because Jake would kill him for touchin' me any less innocently than he was now.

I was just about to give up and go have a shower—a very, very cold shower—when I felt a wave of lethargy sweep through me. It was so strong that for a moment I blacked out; when I came to I was lyin' on the floor in my bedroom doorway, with a gigglin' Charlotte kneelin' at my head. "What—?" I leaned up on my elbows, tryin' to erase the sluggish, foggy feelin' from my head.

"You must've been sendin' off some pretty strong waves, there," Charlotte giggled. "I haven't seen that boy move that fast since our time with Maria."

"What?" I repeated. My head was clearin', and I was beyond confused. Where in the world had Jasper run off to?

"You done scared our good ol' Major off," Peter chuckled, appearin' at my feet. "Flew outta here like his ass was on fire."

I frowned at his shit eatin' grin and Charlotte's hysterical giggles. "I don't understand. What did I do?"

Peter rolled his eyes and huffed in frustration. "Your lust, you stupid human! Don't you remember what he said? Others' emotions influence him."

My cheeks and neck heated as I blushed bright red. Oh, shit. So not only was I mortifyin' myself with unrequited feelin's, I was makin' Jasper feel all hot and bothered. It really wasn't fair to him, and had to be beyond frustratin' havin' no real…outlet. He had his hand, I supposed, but that couldn't be the same…I blushed more at thoughts of Jasper masturbatin' and pushed them far, far out of my head. Realizin' the two vampires were expectin' me to say somethin', I managed a strangled soundin' "Oh."

"'Oh' indeed, little lady," Peter cackled

Charlotte rolled her eyes and shoved him for me—sendin' him skiddin' five feet into the side of my bed. "You are such a loser," she sighed. "Come on, Bella," she added, and in less than a second was standin', her hand reached out to help me up, "let's go finish watchin' our movie."

"Deal!" I let her yank me up and then, joinin' hands, we headed down the hall to the livin' room.

"Oh, no way!" Charlotte cried when we walked through the livin' room to see Jake and Adam cuddled under a blanket on the loveseat watchin' TV. "Bella and I get dibs; we need to finish our movie!"

Adam gasped quietly and Jake growled when she skipped at top-speed to stand over the pair, her hands on her hips as she leaned threateningly over them. "Don't even think about it, leech," Jake hissed.

"Jake!" I stomped over and copied Charlotte's stance. "Don't you dare call my friends names! You take that back right now, mister, or so help me I will—"

"Okay, okay!" Jake interrupted and held his hands up in surrender. "I apologize! Geez."

"What movie were you watching?" Adam asked as Charlotte huffed and nodded once.

"Gone with the Wind," We all—well, Adam and I—jumped slightly when Peter suddenly spoke up from Charlotte's right side.

"Ooh, that's such a good movie!" Adam clapped his hands in excitement and turned to Jake. "Baby, can we watch it with them? Please?"

Jake sighed as Adam unleashed the full fury of his puppy-dog eyes; Jake never refused the puppy-dog eyes. "Fine."

"Yes!" Adam cheered—even doin' a fist-pump—and then relinquished the remotes to Charlotte, who immediately flitted to the TV to change channels and get everythin' set up. "Can we start from the beginning again?"

"Sure, why not!" Charlotte beamed when Peter and Jake groaned. "Peter Whitlock you best sit your ass down on that couch and if I hear so much as a sigh outta you I am gonna—"

"Okay, I get it, no complainin'!" Peter grumbled, throwin' his hands in the air and shufflin' like a petulant child towards the couch. "Good God, woman."

"I see you've trained him well," I snorted as I settled on the far end of the couch.

"It only took four decades," Charlotte sighed, winkin' playfully as she sank onto the cushion beside her mate. "We all settled?"

"Absolutely!" Adam replied enthusiastically.

"Sure," Jake sighed, placin' his arm around Adam's shoulders.

"If I must," Peter grumbled.

"Yep." I smiled at Charlotte and, noddin', she pushed 'play'.


"You go change it. I got everythin' set up."

"No way! Jake, you do it."

"I don't fucking think so, I didn't wanna watch the damn movie in the first place."


"Not likely."

"Peter, you go do it."

"No way in hell, woman! I'm with Jake on this one."

We all glared at each other. I could practically hear Adam and Charlotte tryin' to will someone with their minds into switchin' to part two so we could continue our movie.

"Jasper will do it!" Peter declared loudly. Charlotte nodded enthusiastically and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Deal!" Jake cheered.

"What am I doin'?" Jasper walked around the corner into the livin' room and leaned against the wall, smilin' slightly as his eyes flicked around the room. Jake and Adam were still huddled under the blanket, smilin' innocently now but I would wager a lot they had been doin' somethin' under that blanket. Peter and Charlotte's barely concealed giggles and little side glances had been enough to all but confirm my suspicion. The two vampires were on the other side of the couch, Peter cross-legged with Charlotte sittin' in his lap. And I was curled up on the couch, wrapped snugly in a blanket.

"Switchin' our movie to part two," Charlotte replied. "Please?"

Jasper sighed, rolled his eyes, and walked to the TV. "Why couldn't one of you have done it?" he asked, amusement thick in his voice. "What would y'all have done if I hadn't come home for hours?"

"We'd have sat here until you got back," Charlotte told him.

"Is it bad that that doesn't surprise me in the least?" Jasper chuckled, steppin' back from the entertainment centre. "There you go."

"Watch it with us!" Peter half-begged. "If Jake and I are gonna be subjected to this horror, you should be too."

Jasper smirked and raised an eyebrow at his brother. "Why? I ain't got a lover who can threaten me with no sex if I don't." Then he shrugged. "Besides, I rather like this movie."

"Of course you do," Jake rolled his eyes. "You get to relive your glory days when you watch this."

"On the contrary," Jasper replied, flittin' over to the couch and ploppin' down between me and the two vampires, "I relive a century of war the likes of which you couldn't imagine in your darkest nightmare. I'm just a closet romantic."

There was a moment of strained silence—for now that Jasper had brought it up Peter and Charlotte were thinkin' of their time with Maria, and now I was, too—and then Adam cleared his throat. "Shall we—shall we get on with the movie?" he asked tentatively, as Jake's expression twisted momentarily with apology. Jasper nodded his head—agreein' with Adam or acknowledgin' Jake's silent 'sorry', I wasn't sure—and Charlotte pushed 'play'.

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