Two years had passed since the events at Azazel's house and Castiel sat on the thick plaster railing of his brother's new home. He stared out at the sea, listening to the sound of Sam and Gabriel arguing over some new philosophy text Sam had picked up while Anna cooed softly to her newborn child. A hand settled on his shoulder but Castiel didn't spook even though he hadn't heard Dean walk up behind him. He'd come to recognize his lover's scent and the feel of his skin with such familiarity that he could tell who it was from nothing more than the calluses on his fingers. He'd spent many a night mapping out every inch of Dean with nothing but the dark between them. Castiel sighed happily and leaned back into Dean's chest. "They're at it again," Dean said from above him and Castiel hummed in agreement.

"You know they wouldn't be happy if they didn't have something to argue over."

Dean chuckled and nuzzled into Castiel's hair. "You're awful quiet. More so than usual. You ok?"

"Just remembering," Castiel said quietly. He closed his eyes and let the ocean breeze flutter across his face. So much had happened so quickly in the meager time that had passed and sometimes it was a little overwhelming when he thought back on it.

In the days that had followed the fight at Azazel's house, Castiel had nursed Dean back to health, caring tenderly for his wounds until they were little more than a thin, angry red line along his lover's ribs. They had spent their days enjoying the sunshine and sea air of Gabriel's new villa, making love on the beach and taking long walks. Gabriel had sold the family home in the city and used the proceeds to buy himself a sprawling place on the western coast, taking Dean and Castiel with him. Anna had moved her family down at her brother's insistence and the three siblings spent many mornings staring out at the Mediterranean and talking about old times. Anya had also found a place in Gabriel's home but as a paid and well loved housekeeper. He had freed her right away but she refused to leave the side of the only family she had ever known. They had finally laid her to rest after last winter and Castiel had taken comfort in knowing she'd died peacefully in her sleep as a free woman.

Sam had also moved in and after a lengthy and turbulent courtship, he finally relented and became an item with Gabriel. The two often stayed up long into the night bickering over the works of Plato after Gabriel had introduced his lover to the writings and Dean took to having loud sex with Castiel as a means to shut them up when he wanted rest. It wasn't long before the health leave the boys had been granted was over though and when they returned to the city to check in with their new unit, Castiel had gone with them. He joined the ranks, at last fulfilling his dream and the three of them became quickly known as a force to be reckoned with. At the moment, all of them had been granted some leave much earned over the past two years and they'd blessedly made it back to the coast in time to witness Castiel's new niece come into the world.

He let out a long quiet sigh and Dean rubbed at his shoulders. "You're thinking about him again, aren't you?"

Castiel wanted to say no but he knew his lover wouldn't be fooled that easily. "Yes," he said solemnly, "I just feel sorry for him sometimes."

"He kidnapped you and sold you to a monster," Dean said indignantly.

"He's my brother."

Dean had no real counter for that. He hated Michael and never really understood why Castiel continued to care what had become of his eldest sibling but he couldn't argue something as simple as that statement of blood relation. "You're too nice," he sulked.

"You like that I'm too nice," Castiel said with a smile, "I let you get away with a lot."

Dean chuckled. "Yeah, but I never said I wasn't selfish. I just want you to be nice to me." He stooped and nuzzled his face into his lover's neck.

Castiel chuckled and leaned into the kisses along his throat.

"Hey Cas…"


"Yours," Dean whispered.