"If you ask if I want to go on a freaking trip one more time, Doctor, I will hurt you."

I knew he was here the moment I heard that wonderful sound, if he didn't wake us with that noise we could never catch him in time, and like always he popped his head out.

(he was grinning ear to ear like the goof he always and will forever be)

"Do you want to take a journey, Miss Lane?"

I socked the joker right on the shoulder, being such the bony mass he is now my punches hurt even more, causing him to cry out.

(you would think the doctor could handle a tiny punch)

"Still counts, weirdo. And take a look at me, Doctor, I'm eight months pregnant and about ready to pop, so traveling through time is not in the future for me."

I was watching the clock, ever since the baby started baking Clark never stayed away for very long, not wanting my husband to find my guilty pleasure.

(after all I was thinking about going along with this lunatic)

"May I?"

He was eyeing my belly like it was a creature from another world just like himself, and his hand was twitching like he wanted nothing more but to touch me.

"Go ahead, it doesn't bite."