Charles let his feet drag him to another place. Another building. His mind blank. Unaware where he was even going. A moment ago, he was being laughed at by the entire study body, as Sebastian Shaw, once again, embarrassed him, by letting him trip when he stuck his foot out. The small brunet tumbled onto the floor, his food tray, flying into the air, as most contents of his lunch flew upon him and a few students near by. Although a few other students wanted to do the same thing to Sebastian but his control over the students, made them not do anything about it. All he got was a couple of glares and Sebastian soon disappeared with his group of laughing friends.

Without asking for any help, Charles pulled himself up, picked up the tray and put it away. He hung his head in shame, not wanting to catch anyone else's gaze. As soon as he left the canteen, he ran off, holding every fibre in his body, not to cry.

He didn't know where he was going, he just wanted to escape.

Anywhere is fine with me...Charles thought to himself, as he stumbled into an opened room.

It took him a few seconds to register in his mind that he was in the music department in the building and that he was standing in one of the unlocked rooms, where any student can play an instrument at any time of the day. A small piano was fixed into the corner of the small room. The lights automatically flicked on and Charles stepped closer to the instrument. His fingers hovered above the keys.

"N-No..." he gently whispered, a flicker of despair and anger crossing his mind.

Charles sank to the floor, beside the piano. He shut his eyes, bringing his knees to his chest, burying his face in them.

When Erik's parents sent him to a boarding school, he wasn't quite sure if he'd enjoy a whole new atmosphere. Everything was different, the environment, the buildings, the scent and the people too. The people so far was nice, his roommate was always looking down at a book, whenever he had returned to class. Although they didn't talk, Erik got the feeling that his roommate was a bit frightened to converse with him. Maybe he missed home as much as Erik did.

Rumors floated in the school grounds about other students. Rumors about others, that Erik had yet to meet, didn't bother him. He couldn't really care as much as the noisy students did. Although, one student's name was feared among the halls. Sebastian Shaw. He was a year older than Erik and age didn't matter at all to him. Sebastian was the nephew of the school's head master and everyone was pretty much cowering in a corner because they didn't want to cause any trouble.

Erik thought it was all ridiculous and that Sebastian was nothing but a scared boy, who needed his uncle up his arse all the time.

He waved off the thought of punching the older male if he had the chance and Erik found himself in a different department of the building. He checked his surroundings and looked up to see a sign, indicating that he was in the music department. The frown he wore on his face, soften, as he reminded of himself of home. And suddenly, his feet moved again for himself, without his mind thinking what was happening.

Piano! Piano! The rushing thoughts of the instrument screamed. Any room with a piano would do, he thought, going into a closed room. A piano set in the corner and a frown that was once there, was replaced with a meaningful smile.

The calming sound of notes being played, awoken Charles. He thought he was in his room, listening to the classical music radio but it was bought to his attention that he was still in the music room. But Charles wasn't playing the piano at all. Someone else was in the room.

Without a moment's thought, he jumped up, interrupting the musician's playing. The music died down at a wrong note.

"S-Sorry!" He remarked, brushing a crease out of his school jumper.

"I didn't know someone was in here..." Erik calmly spoke, his gaze on the instrument.

"That was beautiful though!" Charles quickly said, wanting to leave the room. The other male student cocked his head up at the other. "Your playing! You are very talented!"

"I wouldn't say that. It was rather choppy. The notes didn't flow properly."

"With a bit more practice, I'm sure you'll become a brilliant musician!"

Before Erik could respond, the other bolted out of the room. He eyed the other disappear, until he couldn't be seen no more. Erik breathed heavily through his nose and went back to playing a soft tune that he was taught when he was a child.

Wooo, first X-Men: First Class fic I've written! fnerjkner This has been my first fic that I've put up since my last two. My writing hasn't really improved OTL I hope you have enjoyed this chapter~

This has been inspired when me and my uni friends went into the music department and one of them started to play the piano because she had been wanting to do it since we came here. I sort of based this school like my university but it's probably a lot more different, comparing to a boarding school.

It's all made up, so it'll probably make no sense (school wise lol) xx