Raven and the Marko family was greeted by a panicked looking Hank and Alex, when they were seated, waiting for her brother and mother. Hank gasped for air, as Alex quickly explained to her what had happened outside of the auditorium, before going inside. She compiled, beckoning at the short details and ran off, leaving the boys behind and gave a quick nod to Cain.

The youngest Xavier ran out through one of the exits, to see Erik wiping his face, before pacing up to him. She was outraged for various reasons, but mostly at her mother, for causing such a scene, that probably everyone in the school would talk about for a few weeks.

Urgh, the agony!

When Charles went off to call Erik, Raven and Cain had found Mr Marko very easily as he was chatting to another adult (or teacher), unaware of Mrs Xavier's strange disappearance. They didn't think to wonder about Charles and their mother. They thought they would simply come back. After finding their seats, even Cain turned to his friend and asked about the student.

Now it all makes sense! Raven sighed.

Raven had found herself lost. Her brother had joked about her being lost in their school, but she never thought it would be possible. She ran a hand through her hair. Why couldn't she remember where she is? Panic grew, like a nasty cold, as she pondered around more, hoping to hear any late comers or any students around, to help direct her to the car park.

Nevertheless, the corridors and halls were empty of any existence, that belonged to the school, (except for the building itself.) Raven wanted to sink to her knees and give up, but she couldn't yet. Not for Charles. She knew she had to find her brother before it was too late.

How far could her mother and brother have gone?

"Look! We're going to be late by the time we get there!"

She heard a voice at the end of one corridor.

"You're the one that slept in late!"

"I was taking a nap!"

Now she had remembered the pair that was quickly nearing by. Two handsome looking students, the friends, that was with Sebastian during the fight. Or Sebastian's only friends. They quickened their pace and locked gazes with Raven, as she stood in front of them.

"Can you please tell me where I can find the entrance of the school?"

"Leaving already?" Answered the brunet looking one, as he straightened his grey suit, appearing far too old for his actual age. "You're the other Xavier twin, aren't you?"

"Yeah..." She folded her arms. "Look, I need to get out of here quick!"

"You two look nothing alike..."

"Twins don't always look the same." The other teenager scoffed at his friend. "She needs our help." He stepped forward with a grin. "Name's Azazel and this is Janos." He gestured to the male in the grey suit. "Sorry about the commotion the last time we met."

"And I'm Raven. About the fight, we don't need to talk about it anymore." Raven quickly nodded, disregarding the past situation. "It's lovely to meet you charming guys now but I really need to find Charles!"

"Charles?" Janos raised a brow.

"He was heading to the car park the last time we saw him." Azazel replied.

"Oh gosh! I need to get there now! Can you guys please help me?"

"I'll take you there. I know a short cut." Azazel said, as he pulled Raven by the elbow, leading her the way already. Concern in his eyes, the twin sister knew she could trust him. "Don't worry. I know where I'm going."

"What? Are you serious?" The latter threw his arms in the air. Frustration or jealously over Raven, she couldn't put her finger on it. "Sebastian is not going to be happy!" Janos frowned.

"And she won't be if she doesn't see her brother in time!" He said last, with a cheeky grin before disappearing at the end of a corridor.

If one were to lie about nerves getting to them, now was the perfect time. Erik wasn't one to bite his nails but he was already chewing onto his thumb in frustration, whilst he was in the wings, awaiting his turn on stage.

The text message from Charles was like a new hope and light in the cruel tunnel, he was throw in. Erik read the message five times to make sure, he wasn't dreaming, before he hugged his parents once again and went backstage. He couldn't tug onto his hair because his mother would not be happy at the state he had put it through over the day. He paced for a bit, but knew he was starting to irritate a few students.

The maximum of the first two performances would be at least ten to fifteen minutes and right now, the headmaster was talking about tonight's events, with Professor McTaggert idly by his side. It was taking another five minutes, so overall, about twenty minutes for Charles to come back. Twenty minutes felt too soon, too short for Erik. It couldn't be possible for Raven to convince their mother to let Charles go, right? But he has faith in Raven, of course, she could help her brother.

The mixed possibilities of his boyfriend not hearing him play, made his heart swell and it appeared to everyone else in the wings, that Erik was merely sick.

Someone had offered Erik a glass of water but the musician kindly said no and focused his view on the stage now. The black grand piano was on downstage left, soon to be moved on centre stage when it was Erik's turn. The first two students were going to play on their harp and violin. It was like the instrument was mocking the musician now.

Erik willed for Moira to speak a bit longer about the music department, as she took her turn on the microphone. Headmaster Shaw looked delighted as ever.

Time was definitely not on Erik's side, Professor McTaggert had already introduced the first student, as they stepped in with their violin in their hand. Headmaster Shaw and Moira moved offstage, smiling at each other and muttering under their breathes about the number of audience this year.

Yep, fifteen minutes was not enough.

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