You Have No Idea

Summary: What if he hadn't asked her that question at that particular time and place? Would things have been different? Or, would she still have wanted her 'wide open future' without the limitations of him?

Authers Note: Ok, hey i'm Emma :) this is my first fic, so i hope its ok! I'll try not to make this note too long but there are some things i need to say. obviously this is a gilmore girls story because I am IN LOVE with gilmore girls and i think the whole storyline is amazing! Rory & Logan all the way! So, I know lots of people have done different stories with lots of different plots/storylines and MANY of them I have read, however I am yet to come accross something with the same storyline as this so hopefully its something new and not something you've already read.

The story is set in different POV's, from mostly Rory and Logan's although sometimes it will be from another character, however it may also have no POV, but it will say!

A few alternative universe thigns, firstly, so this story makes sense, Logan never asked Lorelai for permission to marry Rory, secondly, you know Rory applied for two jobs, one she got and the other was the Resdon fellowship at the New York Times, which was un unpayed internship. So she got the job but after thinking about it decided to decline in hopes of still getting the fellowship. so she placed her bets on the fellowship and unfortunately didn't get it and was very upset as it was her dream to work at the new york times. well... in my story she never applied for the job and the NYT and she got rejected for the other one.
Also, if I say HPG it means Huntzberger Publishing Group, if there is anything like that you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask!

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Chapter 1 – Recreate the Memories

Rory's graduation party... Rory's POV

"If I could, I'd also like to say a few words about my girlfriend of the past three years" Logan said, he came and stood in front of me, looking in to my eyes with love and affection.

"You amaze me, Rory Gilmore, everyday, everything that you do, everything that you are. This past year I realized that I don't know a lot more than I thought I knew" I furrow my brow in confusion, what did he mean by that?

"If that makes any sense. Sorry, what I'm trying to say is, I don't know a lot" he continues to look at me seriously, his warm brown eyes full of sincerity and passion. "But I know that I love you" I feel my heart skip a beat, three years later and he still gives me goose bumps! "And I am so incredibly proud of you! With each passing day you amaze me a little more, whether it's your outstanding journalistic abilities, your passion for the articles your write, your likeability, or the copious amounts of food you can consume" my lips curl up into a smile and this earns a chuckle from the crowd who I momentarily forgot were even there. "And just when I think it's completely impossible, I fall in love with you a little more. You are the smartest person I know, the most beautiful, the wittiest, and an Ace reporter, my Ace reporter." I feel my eyes well up with happy tears.

He comes around me and I turn to the side so he's standing behind me. He places a necklace around my neck, I look down at it, it's beautiful, it has the word 'Ace' encrusted with large diamonds, and the word is on a sapphire stone with diamonds round the edge. It's gorgeous!

I smile up at him "You made me the man I am today, Rory, and for that I am eternally grateful. I will always love you"

He leans down and kisses me; it's full of passion and emotion. "I love you so much Logan" I say in a voice barely above a whisper. I kiss him once more before he starts to speak again.

"Lorelai, Christopher, Emily, Richard, you have the most spectacular daughter/granddaughter, she means the world to me and you should be so proud of her right now" as he says it he threads his fingers through mine.

"I think I can safely say, we all wholeheartedly agree. We're all so proud of you kiddo" Dad says, stepping forward and giving me a hug.

Grandpa grabbed two champagne glasses and handed them to Logan and me, "To Rory!" he exclaimed to the room. "To Rory!" they all repeated in unison, raising their glasses.

Everyone began to mingle again and talk. Logan and I walked off from the stage area into the centre of the room, our hands intertwined.

"Oh, Logan, that was lovely, you two are so wonderful together" one of the DAR women, Tweeny, gushed walking up to them "you've got yourself a fine young man!" Logan smiled and encircled his hands around my waist from behind; I leant back into the embrace

"I quite happen to agree" I said looking into Logan's eyes over my shoulder.

"Mind if I steal these two away from you for a moment?" Mom asked interrupting the moment.

"Oh, of course not!" Tweeny confirmed

"What's up?" I asked my mom.

"Well, actually, I was wondering if I could have a word with you, Logan? Outside?" she asked.

I could feel his hand tighten around mine, my mom had never really liked Logan, I guess he was nervous about what she had to say.

"Errm, sure Lorelai" Logan said. Mom began to walk off so Logan followed; looking back at me giving me a look of confusion as if asking me what it was about. I just shrugged my shoulders and gave him a reassuring smile. I spotted my grandparents talking to a couple of their friends and decided they would be the only people that would have a slightly interesting conversation here. These society parties are such a drag, I guess I can't complain though, seeing as it was for me!

Logan's POV

"Well, actually, I was wondering if I could have a word with you, Logan? Outside?" What! What did she want to talk to me about? She doesn't even like me? I squeezed Rory's hand, nervous about what was to come.

"Errm, sure Lorelai" I then followed Lorelai outside, briefly looking back in Rory's direction to try and ascertain what this was about, she just shrugged, I guess she didn't know either.

We walked out of the building and out into the Yale courtyard. Lorelai stopped and turned to me, she obviously noticed I was nervous as she said "Relax, I don't bite" I gave her a small smile before she continued.

"Look Logan, I've had my doubts about you-"

"Lorelai I-"

"No, let me finish." I remained silent and let her continue "I've had my doubts about you, and weather you were right for Rory. You're a very spontaneous, spur of the moment guy, and well... Rory's not. She's always thoroughly thought things through and made a pro/con list about it before making any decisions. And she's not always necessarily taken the most fun options in life; she does things based on what's best for her future, her career. And you... you do what's fun and exciting, what you feel like doing at the time even though it may not be the best thing to do long term. I've seen Rory start to do the same and I blamed you for that. But now I realize that I shouldn't be blaming you, I was exactly the same when I was young. I guess I just always wanted Rory to have more than I did and now I realize that she does have more than I did - she is still her cautious self plus she knows how to have fun, and it's because of you. You make her so happy Logan, I admire you for bringing out this side of her, you've done what no one else could. I see how happy she is with you, how much she enjoys life. And seeing her happy makes me happy"

WOW, I wasn't expecting that! I'm very pleased that Lorelai is finally on my side, I've always liked her, she's just an older Rory.

"So Logan, I'd love it if we could just start over?"

I smile at her before nodding "I'd love that"

She smiled at me before saying "You know, my mother's probably already picked out the china patterns for your wedding. We probably shouldn't leave Rory alone in their much longer"

I let out a light chuckle "We wouldn't want that, would we? So we'd better get back inside" We turned to walk back inside before I stopped.

"Oh Lorelai"


"Thanks" she smiled at me before pulling me into a hug. This was good.

Rory's POV

As I stood there listening to my grandma go on and on about some DAR function, numerous people came up to me and congratulate me, half of which I didn't even know. I started to wonder what my mom was saying to Logan, they'd been out there for some time, I hope she isn't being too harsh.

I suddenly hear Logan shriek with laughter and turn to see who he was talking to; to my surprise it was my mom! I don't know what she said to him out there but it must have been good! I saw Logan whisper something into my mom's ear; she then turned to look at one of the DAR women before bursting out into fits of laughter. Ok, this is weird, what could she have possibly said to him out there?

I walk over to Logan and mom "what's so funny?" Logan leaned his head close to mine, pointed in the direction of one of the women in the DAR and whispered "look at her skirt" I turned my head to the women and saw a piece of toilet roll hanging from the waistband of her skirt!

I threw my head back, roaring with laughter before burying my head in Logan's shoulder trying to stifle my laughs. Dad had now wondered over to us and said "guys, where are you staying tonight? Your living in New York at the moment aren't you? Surely you a) wouldn't want to drive all the way back there now, and b) you would have to get up pretty early to have enough time to get ready and make the journey back here in the morning, and trust me, I've had plenty of experience trying to wake a Gilmore girl up, and let me tell you, It's no easy task!"

Logan chuckled "Oh believe me, I know! We're staying at our loft in New Haven right near Yale"

"The one you guys lived in the past year or so before you went to London?" Dad asked.

Logan just nodded.

"I didn't think you had that anymore?" Dad asked

"Yeah, we never got rid of it, Rory lived there when I went to London and since I got back she's been mainly staying with me in New York or in Stars Hollow, but we still kept it" Logan explained.

"Ahh, ok" He said in understanding.

A friend of my grandma's came up and started a conversation with my mum and dad, lucky them, So Logan and I walked off in the other direction.

"Shall we get a drink?" Logan asked pointing in the direction of the bar.

I simply nodded, wondering over to the bar leaning into Logan's side with his arm draped around my shoulders.

"Champagne for the soon to be Yale graduate?" he asked grabbing the bottle of champagne.

"That would be perfect!" I smiled at him.

After he poured me a glass of champagne I said "so, you and my mum seem to be getting along, what did she say to you?"

"She basically told me that she judged me too soon and didn't like the fact that I seemed to be changing you, but now realizes that that's a good thing. She sees how happy we are, and asked if we could start over. Of course I gladly agreed and I have to say Ace, she's a pretty cool woman!" he seemed really happy when he said this.

I was so glad that my mum had finally changed her mind about Logan, after all, him and my mum are two of the most important people in my life, and to see them not getting on killed me, I'm really happy my mum finally sees what a great guy he really is!

"Logan, that's great, I'm so happy!"

"Me too" he kissed me sweetly on the lips before raising his glass "everything I said earlier was so true Ace, I'm so proud of you and I love you so much"

"I love you too" with that we clinked glasses and took a sip of our champagne.

Three hours later...

The party was drawing to a close as people started to leave. Logan and I decided to call it a night; after all I had a big day tomorrow and didn't want to be too tired.

Logan and I walked up to grandma and grandpa "Grandma, Grandpa, thank you so much for this party, it was great! And that song, I'll remember it forever! But seriously, thank you, this whole thing really was amazing" I said.

"Oh, It's our pleasure Rory, I just can't believe your graduating Yale already!" Richard exclaimed.

"Oh I know! It seemed like just yesterday you were starting Chilton!" Emily agreed.

I smiled "Well thanks again, but we should be going, got a big day tomorrow!"

"Yes of course! We'll see you back here tomorrow dear" grandma said, giving me a hug, before grandpa did the same.

"Richard, Emily, as always, lovely to see you. I'll see you tomorrow" Logan said before politely kissing Emily on the cheek and shaking Richards's hand.

Logan and I quickly went to the coat room to get our bags with things for tonight and our clothes for tomorrow in.

We walked out of the building and into the courtyard when a thought struck me "Logan, how are we going to get home? My mom's already gone and we got a lift with her here so neither of us has a car here..."

"Frank" he said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"I didn't think you used him anymore. Didn't you say before you left for London that the car service only had a couple of weeks left before the end of the lease? And obviously you didn't use it in London or at all since you've been back" I questioned.

"Yeah, the lease did run out however I renewed it when I got back"

"And you got Frank again?"

"Frank's like family, he's been my driver since I was 15, he's seen me at my worst times after some pretty big nights out. After all this time I don't think I could use anyone else as my driver"

"Fair enough" I stated.

"Anyway he's hanging round New Haven because I told him we'd need taking home. I just text him, he should be here any minute Ace" He informed me.

As if on cue Frank pulled up before them, stopping and getting out of the car.

"Logan, Rory, haven't seen you two in quite a while, how are you? It's good to be back." He smiled.

"We're good thanks man, and it's good to have you back" Logan said as him and Frank did the whole hand-shake-pull-into-man-hug thing.

"Good, good, and you Rory? I hear it's your graduation tomorrow!" He said opening the door for us.

"I'm well thanks, and it is indeed" I replied.

"Gosh, It seems like it was just yesterday you two crazy kids met! I think you were the first girl other than Steph that had been in this car more than once!" He chuckled as he sat down in the driver's seat.

Logan gave me a loving look "Best decision I ever made"

I just smiled at him and he gave me a chaste kiss.

The rest of the journey passed without much conversation, just a comfortable silence.

We stepped out of the car with our bags as Frank pulled up outside our apartment building. We said goodnight to Frank and walked inside.

As we were riding the lift up to the top floor I said "I haven't been here in ages!" then added "I remember yelling at Mitchum in this lift for sending you to London!" I chuckled at the memory.

"You yelled at Mitchum for sending me to London!" He asked both amazement and amusement evident in his voice.

"Yep, I told him he was trying to ruin our relationship by sending you 3000 miles away, then he told me I flatter myself if I think he puts that much effort into thinking about our relationship!" I stated, thinking back to that day. Although I thought Mitchum was horrible for doing that I also remember seeing his point and now I really do see why he did it and to be perfectly honest, I actually agree with him that he needed to go. Mitchum argued that Logan needed to grow up and stop going out, getting drunk every night and doing ridiculous, dangerous things with the Life and Death Brigade. And although it was really hard without Logan for all those months it really did make him grow up and realize what he wanted to do, or in this case didn't want to do. I couldn't believe he quit HPG, but was pleased he did. I think Mitchum has now also finally realized that Logan isn't going to put up with his shit anymore. Mitchum will soon come crawling back when he realizes how good and how much work Logan put into HPG.

Logan laughed before saying "I never knew that confrontation existed! I'm pleased you yelled at him though."

"Oh that wasn't the only time I've had a go at him! When you were in the hospital after the stunt in Costa Rica I phoned him up and told him he needed to come down here immediately and see you. I believe the words I used were 'And I'm figuring a guy like you, surrounded by nothing but a bunch of terrified sycophants might not have someone in his life with the guts to tell him what an incredibly selfish, narcissistic ass he's being, so I thought I'd jump on in. Swallow your pride, get in your car, and come down here and see your son, now!' I laughed, remembering what I had said to him, feeling incredibly pleased with myself after.

Logan's jaw dropped, again, amusement evident on his face "You said that to my dad!"

I nodded and he said "I have to say Ace, I'm very proud!" He then added as an afterthought "And I'd also just like to point out that you're the only one he actually takes note of yelling at him, if it's me or anyone else it just goes in one ear and out the other. After all he did come down to the hospital. Maybe it's because you aren't the type of person that would do that unless you seriously meant it."

"I never realized that" she said, facing him. They were now standing outside their apartment door.

"Thank you" he said seriously after a short pause.

"For what?"

"For saying those things to him, for sticking up for me"

"You're welcome. But Logan, you don't have to thank me for that, I love you, I'll always stick up for you" I said grasping his hand.

He nodded then said "But it's Mitchum!"

"Even if it's Mitchum!" I said smiling.

A sweet smile graced his features. "Anyway, unless we want to spend the night out here in the hall we better go in." He said, fishing his keys out of his coat pocket.

"I always did think this floor looked quite comfy!" I commented.

He just shook his head and chuckled before opening the door.

We walked into our loft "wow, it looks exactly the same!"

Logan just nodded in agreement "slightly dustier though" he noted.

"HENRY!" I shrieked running up to the suit of armour and hugging him "I missed you!"

Logan laughed then said "Ace, I thought you didn't like Henry? Something about him creeping you out?"

"Well, I guess you never realize how much you like something until it's gone"

"ROSIE!" I said rushing into the kitchen area. "Why didn't you take Rosie with you!"

"Rosie?" he asked, clearly confused.

"The popcorn machine..." I said in a duuuh voice, as if it were obvious.

"Right, how could I forget"

"Well?" I asked wanting to know the answer to my question.

"Well, what?"

"Why didn't you take her with you?"

"I hardly ever used it"

I glared at him "IT!"

Logan rolled his eyes "I'm sorry, her."

I smiled, satisfied. Then followed Logan into the bedroom area where he had put our bags and started to dig through mine to find my pyjamas. I retrieved my sweatpants and tank top from the bag and changed into them while Logan stripped down to his boxers. Once we were ready for bed he circled his arms around my waist from behind and leant his chin on my shoulder before saying "We used to have some pretty great nights here."

"Yeah, movie nights and going to Rich Man's Shoe, and hanging out with Steph, Collin and Finn, oh and remember that time when Finn was drunk, as usual, and he decided he was going to make us dinner and he-"

Logan cut me off "I actually wasn't thinking of those times..." he said seductively.

"Oh really?" I said with a raised eyebrow, turning around in his arms to face him. "I can't possibly think what you were referring to" I said innocently.

"You seemed to know pretty well what I was referring to last night" he said with a wink.

"Oooooh, you mean that! Yeah, we had some pretty great nights doing that as well" I smiled at him then walked off towards the bathroom, smirking as I went, knowing full well what he wanted to do.

Logan followed me in a second later "so I was thinking we could re-create some of those memories"

"Re-create the memories" I said flatly, trying to keep a serious face as I turned to look at him, amused at how he was going about this.


"And why would we want to do that?" I asked, enjoying teasing him.

"Because I dunno about you Ace, but I thought they were some pretty great memories and we wouldn't want to forget them"

"That's true... Best we re-create the memories so we don't then, eh?"

"Desperate times call for desperate measures" he shrugged.

I just laughed and put my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. He backed out of the bathroom and lowered me onto the bed.

A few hours later... No POV

Logan heard a noise and stirred in his sleep, causing him to wake up. His arms were wrapped securely around Rory's waist. He saw she had no top on the smirked, thinking back on what had taken place a few hours ago. He then looked over at the clock, it read 3:16am, he rolled back over then a realization came over him. "Ace" he whispered... nothing. "Ace" he tried again, nudging her.

"Hmmm" she mumbled, still half asleep.

"Ace, wake up"

"Logan, go back to sleep" she mumbled, Logan was barely able to make out what she had said.

"No, I need to talk to you now, which means you need to wake up" He said, trying to get her to face him.

She finally gave in and opened her eyes; turned over and propped herself up on one elbow and asked "what?"

"We fell asleep, and we didn't set an alarm, which means we're not going to be up in time in the morning, and if we're not up in time, we're going to miss your graduation!"

"Oh, shoot!" she said suddenly more awake. "Look at you being Mr. Responsible!"

He smirked "I guess the tables are turning, eh?"

She just rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, I'll set my phone alarm, but what time?" He asked grabbing his blackberry off of the nightstand.

"Ermm... well, the ceremony starts at 11:00, but I need to be there at about 10:00, it only takes five minutes to get there, plus about an hour and a half to get ready, and breakfast..." She said thinking aloud. "So I'd say about quarter to eight to be on the safe side and that gives me time for a wardrobe freak-out"

"Didn't you bring a certain outfit? What's there to have a wardrobe freak-out about?"

"Well yeah, but I brought options, I mean, It might be hot, or cold, or raining, or my feet my hurt so i might not want to wear heals that are too high then the dress I wanted to wear might not match the low shoes or-"

"Ok, I get it, plenty to have a freak-out about" he said, interrupting her rant. He always found her rants so cute! Then he set the alarm on his phone.

"Exactly! Now I'm going to sleep, I'm tired!"

"Wear you out, did I?" He asked smirking.

Rory rolled her eyes "Just when I thought the ego couldn't get any bigger..."

Logan just laughed "Night Ace"

"Night" she said leaning up and kissing him before snuggling up into his side and relaxing into his embrace.

Next morning... Logan's POV

'beep beep beep beep' was the noise that woke me from my, up until then, peaceful sleep. I rolled over to find my phone to make the irritating noise stop. I rubbed my eyes and sat up, then looked over at my sleeping Ace who was dead to the world. I can't believe after today we will have both graduated Yale, I mean it's like the end of an era. We met at Yale; we spent most of our time at Yale and planned our schedule around it. Now all of a sudden it's no longer a part of our lives. It wasn't so weird when I graduated because Rory still went there so it still featured a lot in our day to day lives. But now... it won't.

I smiled as I took in her sleeping form then leant down, kissed her forehead, then got out of bed, retrieved my boxers from the floor that found their way there after last night's activities and putting them on before heading to the kitchen to get her some coffee, figuring that was the easiest way to get her up. I came back a few minutes later with two cups of coffee in hand. I sat on the edge of the bed next to her and placed one of the cups on the nightstand and slowly nudged her saying "Ace, you gotta get up, it's nearly eight!"

"Hmmm... you better have coffee" was the sleepy reply.

I chuckled then joked "Would I risk waking you up this early without it?"

She smiled then sat up "I've taught you well, young grasshopper" I shook my head and chuckled then handed her the cup of coffee which she gladly accepted before taking a large gulp then looking up at me.


"Hi" I said before leaning in to kiss her.

"You're graduating today!" I said, handing her the second cup of coffee, seeing she had already polished off the first one. I will never understand how she, and her mum for that matter, can drink so much coffee for starters and drink it so quickly! They're like Finn and alcohol!

"I know!" she said with a squeal "I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday I started Yale and met this really arrogant guy and argued with him outside my dorm"

I just shrugged and smirked "What can I say? I like a good debate"

She just laughed so I said "okay, well you better start getting ready, how do pancakes sound?"

She grinned from ear to ear then asked "with chocolate chips?" in an angelic voice.

I sighed in defeat, not being able to resist those puppy dog eyes "with chocolate chips." I agreed then kissed her on the forehead "now, up!"

She groaned but climbed out of bed quickly putting her dressing gown on when she realized she wasn't wearing any clothes. I just smirked and went to my bag to find a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt to put on as she disappeared into the bathroom. I put on my clothes then went into the kitchen to start making breakfast.

20 minutes later I felt a pair of arms snake round my waist as I finished cooking the pancakes, I smiled as she took a big whiff and said "mmmmm... smells good!"

"I'm glad" I slid the last pancake onto a plate and turned round and placed them both on the breakfast bar "chocolate chip pancakes, as requested by the graduate!"

She just smiled before tucking in. A comfortable silence settled over us as we ate.

"Mmmmm... these are really good!"

"Don't sound so surprised!" he said in mock offence.

She laughed then said "so where did you get the stuff to make these anyway? We don't live here and if you used stuff from when we did then I think we are both going to be very ill, please tell me you didn't!"

"Haha, no I didn't! I got Roger, the door man to run out and get me the stuff"

"Ahh, good old Roger. I always did like him!"

"Yeah Rogers a good guy" I nodded as I polished off my pancakes and took Rory and my plates and put them in the sink.

Rory's POV

I walked back into the bedroom area and saw my phone light up and buzz, I went over and picked it up and saw that I had 2 texts. The first was from Finn, It read:

Hey love, congratulations! We're all thinking of you!

Try not to trip, that would be embarrassing!

See you soon ;) love F, C & S x

I smiled as I read it then thought hmmm, I wonder why he put a wink face after saying 'see you soon' ? I then opened the second message, it read:

Hey girlie, can't believe your graduating today!

I did tell Finn to text you from all of us, but you know what he's like; the chances are he'd forget! So I thought I'd text you as well just to make sure!

Love, Steph xxx

I smiled again then notice Logan walk in the room "Hey, the guys text me, look" I said then handed him my phone so he could look at the texts.

I then went to look in my bag to find my clothes, hairdryer, curlers and makeup.

Just over an hour later... No POV

Logan walked out of the bathroom having just done his hair; it was strategically messy like normal. He was wearing a greyey-blue suit with a blue and white striped shirt and a dark red tie. He walked across the room to find Rory putting her lipstick back in her purse.

"Ready to go?" he asked her.

"Uh-huh" she replied with a nod, grabbing her purse and walking towards him.

He grabbed his keys and his coat off the back of the chair near the door. He opened the door and began to walk out when all of a sudden he stopped and turned around causing her to almost bump into him. She gave him a confused look and taking in her appearance he said "you look stunning" before kissing her hard on the lips. She was wearing a thick strapped, reddish pink halter neck dress that had a black band just under her bust. It came just above the knee and the bottom of the dress had a handkerchief finish. She wore a pair of simple yet elegant black heels with it. Her hair was in loose curls just the way he liked it with part of it drawn back. She looked gorgeous!

She just smiled before saying "not bad yourself Huntzberger"

He kissed her again before continuing out the door and took her hand. They rode down the lift and met Frank outside who took them to Yale.

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