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Marina's POV

I was staring at my bedroom ceiling with a blank expression. I knew it was morning, but it was too early like 3 am or something between that time.

"Why am I nervous?" I ask quietly to myself. I felt some one curled up to me, and look at blob of black hair. It was Sonia sleeping form who apparently I was sharing a bed with. There wasn't an extra room in my grandma's house, but I don't mind sharing my bed. I used to do it with Marisol when we were small. I close my eyes trying to get some sleep, but use Sonia like a teddy bear. No, I wasn't choking her…I was hugging her like a mother will hug her daughter. Sleep came quickly to me.

Dream Sequence.

I was inside the school gym, but everything was dark you could only see the decorations Alexis and the others put. I take a step forward almost afraid, but suddenly I felt some one grab one of my hands. I look at the hand that grab my hand and follow with my gaze up to his arm that was clothed with something black. I continue to look, but when I reach his head…I couldn't see! It looked as if someone erased it!

"Let's dance my princess." I quickly recognize the voice.

"Rex?" I say wanting to know if it was true. That's when his head appeared, but I couldn't see his eyes, because he was wearing a lion mask blocking my view to his eyes.

"Dance with me." Rex says in a demanding manner. I look at him getting confused, but still accepted his offer….Why? Because around me I could hear people clapping for us. The spotlight was ours as we glided back and forth as if he was in command, and I was just his maid. I mentally growl in my mind not liking this feeling.

"Why did you want me to dance with you?" I ask in a hissing manner.

"Well, because you're all mine." Rex says with a grin. This time I growl at him, but not mentally. I roughly shove him away from me. I didn't know if this was his true personality in the real world.

"I'm not a material thing! I'm a living breathing human being!" I say angrily to him. He just continues to smirk. This time the whole gym was illuminated, and I could see the people clapping. I was staring shock at the volleyball team, and some teachers. I knew Dixie and her best pals will be clapping, because she will be extremely happy that her competition quit.

"Marina….You belong only to me." Rex says whilst pulling me to him. I start to get nervous this couldn't be true! Then suddenly a hand stops in between Rex and me.

"She doesn't belong to you." I hear that southern voice I love so much. I suddenly feel my body being pulled away from Rex, but to crash into someone's chest. "Because she has the rights to choose." I close my eyes, and smile dreamily. I look at my savior and my smile turn into a grin when I see Jesse behind me, but was wearing a jaguar mask blocking his beautiful teal eyes.

"Jesse!" I exclaim happy, not wanting to hide it anymore.

"Will you dance with me?" Jesse asks in a gentle way.

"Of course." I say with the same grin as before. Yet again the place goes black, and the spotlight shines on us. I decided to finally look at my dress, too see it was just a plain white dress. I mentally shrug not caring if is plain, and look at Jesse who was wearing a white polo shirt with a blue tie, and the pants you have to wear to complete the look same with the shoes. He looked more handsome than Rex.

Jesse grabs my hand gently whilst he places his arm on my waist. We both start gliding the dance floor as one. We were working as one in this slow dance. I know you can't hear the music, because this time clapping was heard from the other side of the gym. I wanted so bad to look at who was clapping for us, but I was hypnotized by his every movements in the dance floor. I was his partner, but the way he was leading me was like he was waiting for my turn to do the leading, in which I comply with his silent request.

"You're good at slow dances Marina." Jesse says softly. I look at him and give him a smile.

"You too." I say not wanting to insult him, like I do in the school. This was just a dream I knew that, but if it happened in real life….Well was that I didn't give up on hope to be with him. I let go of his hand and decided to circle his neck with my arms. He puts both his hands on my waist, and gives me a warm smile.

"Maybe you should look at our audience." Jesse suggest in a whisper. That's when the light's in the gym turn on by themselves illuminating the whole place. I look at the people who were clapping to gasp in surprise. It was the whole gang clapping at us with big grins on their faces, except my sister who was smirking. I roll my eyes at them. I was suddenly pulled closer to Jesse. I look at him confused.

"What are you doing?" I ask confused by his actions. The Jesse I know isn't this bold. He gives me a playful smirk.

"Something I always wanted to do." Jesse says whilst brushing his lips to mines. My whole body tenses up, and a blush appears on my face. I mentally curse myself for letting this girly act show. What? I think blushing is something girly! Don't judge me! I'm hypervilating inside no.

"Jesse…" I say in a whisper this time we were both leaning in for a kiss, but it never came why?

End of dream sequence.

"Wake up big sister! Grandma is calling for you!" I hear Sonia say happily an evil smirk appears on my face, and I open one eye.

"Tell grandma her dream might come true." I say playfully. She looks confused not understanding. I open my other eye and sit up on a sitting position on my bed. Yeah some people might be angry when there woken up from a dream they always wanted to come true, but not me….I knew it was fake since the beginning.

"What does that mean big sister?" Sonia asks tilting her head to the side cutely. I pat her on the head like an older sister.

"Just go tell grandma I'll be down in a second~" I say with a smile.

"Okay!" She says with a grin whilst she runs out of my room. I close my eyes and touch my lips.

"They idiot isn't that bold." I say quietly to myself whilst getting off the bed, and walking to my closet that ouch I need to organize it.

I quickly gather some parts of the uniform the only thing that was missing was the socks. I put the uniform on, and underneath the skirt I wear my volleyball shorts.

"Where are does socks?" I ask myself whilst looking around the floor. I always wear the long sock, because I dislike showing some legs….Even though I show them when playing volleyball, but that's the only time. It's not because I don't like my body…It's I'm that kind of girl who is shy in those parts….I think? Well any ways I found the socks and head downstairs.

When I reach downstairs I see my grandma giving Marisol, Sonia and grandpa there breakfast. I sigh and walk into the kitchen with a bored face.

"Buenos dias!" I say with the same bored face.

"Buenos dias Marina!" My grandparents say at the same time with a grin on their faces.

"Good morning." Sonia and Marisol said together.

"You want your breakfast now or you're going to take an apple like the usual?" My grandma asks with humor lace on her voice.

"I want the breakfast now please." I say with a grin.

"Good~ Then I'll give it to you know." My grandma says cheerfully.

"Hey! En esta casa se habla nuestro lenguaje natal." My grandpa says with humor.

"Grandpa! Relax we won't forget our ethnicity!" I tell him happily. I giggle in my palm when I look at Sonia's lost expression.

"Good! Then I'll should be going." My grandpa says whilst standing up and leaving the house. Everyone in the family knows that he works in a run-down store, but gets enough money to sustain the family.

"Maybe I should get a job." I say whilst I start digging to my breakfast. Marisol gently picks up grandpa and her plates and puts them on the sink.

"You will get fired on the first day." Marisol says with a smirk. I growl at her.

"Nuhuh!" I say angrily.

"Yesh!" Sonia joins the conversation. I look at her shock, and place my left hand on my chest.

"Ow! Didn't know you of all people will choose her side." I tell her whilst ruffling her hair.

"Well big sister I don't want you to have a hard time working." Sonia says taking my empty plate away.

"It seems you have a little sister now." Marisol says with a smirk whilst taking the plates from Sonia, and giving her a gentle pat on the head.

"So do you! Any ways bye guys we are going to school now~" I tell them whilst standing up, and getting everything I need for school. Marisol does the same. I close the door when we are out.

"So Marina are you going to ask Jesse to the dance?" Marisol asks me whilst looking at the sky with a bored look.

"I go old fashion! The guy has to ask the girl Marisol." I tell her with a smirk.

"Someone might steal him away from you or the other way around." Marisol says quietly. I look at her confused with the part where she said "other way around." She simply shrugs not caring explaining it to me.

We reach the school with free minutes to ourselves, but I decide to head to the student committee classroom to check on Jaden and Alexis. When I reach the place….I was about to knock on the door, but the conversation they were having made me press my ear to the door to listen to it closely.

"Jay? What are you doing! That's not supposed to go in there!" I hear Alexis exclaimed surprised.

"It is supposed to go in there." Jaden says seductively! That can't be true! Am I hearing right or not?

"Okay…I trust you push it all in." Alexis says nervously. I lean away from the door, and stare at it with a shock face plus a blush on my face. Man I was even scared to open it now! Suddenly the door opens and Jaden comes out with a dusty air conditioner panel and with Mr. Ryoga behind him. I give them a look of shock still, but my blush goes away.

"Oh Good Morning ." Mr. Ryoga says happily with a cup of coffee in one of his hand. I look at Jaden and notice he was covered in dust.

"Don't even ask." Jaden asks with a pout on his face.

"I wasn't really planning….Mr. Ryoga can I see Alexis?" I ask Mr. Ryoga knowing my face turned to normal.

"Of course! Well Mr. Yuki you know where to put that panel my boy." Mr. Ryoga tells Jaden and I. Jaden nods and walks the way I came to the student committee classroom. "Well I should go to my office now." Mr. Ryoga leaves. Leaving me standing alone in the hall way.

I take a deep breathing getting those images out of my head….And walk inside the classroom at first I don't find Alexis, until I go to the back of the classroom to see her sitting on the floor looking tired already.

"Morning Lexie!" I tell her happily. She gives me a tired smile. "What's wrong? Didn't sleep well?" I ask her worried.

"You could say that." She says yawning in her hand.

"Lexie Lexie you need to relax~ Sleep is the most important thing in the world for a girl I think?" I tell her tilting my head to the side with a smirk.

"I do relax, but in ways you don't know." Alexis says whilst standing up. I look at her trying to have a straight face, but failed. I burst out laughing at what she said.

"Oh my gosh Lexie re-phrase yourself please!" I say between laughs. Her face turn really red and she gives me her back.

"Shut up." Alexis says giving me her back. That's when the bell rings indicating this hellhole….I neat safe place called school starts. "Well shall you get going? I'm still finishing the last arrangements for the dance with Jay's help." Alexis giving me a secretive smile. I raise one of my eyebrows at her.

"Okay? We'll have fun with Jaden….You pervert~" I say the last part with humor lace on my voice.

"Whatever second pervert." Alexis tells me sticking her tongue at me.

"I'm proud of it~" I tell her leaving the classroom. I close the door remembering the dream. "If you were that bold well my life will be easy!" I say angrily.

I walk angrily to the classroom, but when I see Rex waiting for someone outside of the classroom with an orange rose. I mentally growl already knowing who the rose was for. I quickly turn to collide with a chest hard making me lose my balance and close my eyes, but my butt didn't touched the floor, instead someone wrap their arms on my waist and saved me for falling to the ground.

"Marina are you alright?" I hear Jesse's voice I open my eyes not wanting to be right, but yup it was Jesse.

"Marina!" I hear Rex scream worried from behind me. Oh great….just great! "Anderson don't touch her!" Rex says angrily at Jesse whilst Jesse gives him a glare in which way makes him look hot…Ugh it's not time to think like that.

"Guys take it easy….Please?" I say to them, because I felt awkward being in the middle of their fight, when am the one in the middle for reals!

"Marina!" They both say at the same time which proceeds to a glaring contest. I roll my eyes and look at them waiting for them to talk, but when they don't well.

"What!" I ask them angrily. They both turn towards me with serious looks. I gulp from the intense stare.

"Will you be my winter dance date!" They both ask at the same time. I was look at them shock, but I was shock that Jesse asked me to the winter dance, but my answer made me so angry at myself.

"You guys have to prove yourself then." I said without thinking. I mentally face palmed. "Wait that's not what I…" I couldn't finish myself, because of Rex's answer.

"That's not a problem for me then! What about you Andersen?" Rex asks Jesse.

"Why not? I'm up for the challenge" Jesse says and I have a feeling without thinking, because he never answers like that quickly. I was about to speak yet again, but they left for the classroom still glaring at each other.

"Oh great my luck when to the dumpster…I can seriously say I'm stupid!" I say angrily to myself.

Today is going to get worst, because of the mistake I said….Why would I say that! I continue to walk to the classroom with a frown on the face, but I got to say that Jesse asking me was kind of bold. I sigh to myself I use to do that, because I was hard to get back in middle school….Reason's why I was hard to get? I didn't want to be use or get hurt, but sometimes it backfires.

The late bell rings and my whole body tense up.

"Dammit I'm late for Mrs. Marrero's math class! She's going to kill me!" I say whilst I notice I was near the class….I felt kind of stupid now.

After school

I sigh in annoyance whilst walking around the school hallways with Rex and Jesse behind me….Glaring at each other. I suddenly stop making them bump to my shoulders. I spun around to face both of them.

"Look guys if you want me to choose quickly wait for tomorrow…..Tomorrow I will choose who is going to be my date for that stupid winter dance." I tell them whilst placing my hands on my hips.

"Then we will be waiting." Jesse and Rex say together, and again another glaring competition.

There glaring competition was kind of annoying, but for now it's good for me to run away from them, and that's what I do. I quickly get away from them, even though I don't mind having Jesse acting that way….Wait I minute! I hate being spoiled and attention! I growl and stop too look behind me just in case the guys notice I left them there.

"I hope they don't start a fight." I quietly say to myself whilst walking around town, because apparently I ran all the way here, instead of going home…Yup I'm that smart. I sigh and continue to look at the store that sold stuff that weren't expensive that's how I like my stuff, not too expensive because you can be another thing if you buy cheaper clothes etc. I felt some one tap me on the shoulder, and I silently pray it wasn't the guys. I turned around to see an old lady giving me a toothy grin.

"You seem to be deep in thoughts~ Why don't you come inside my store if you want." The old lady says whilst walking to the door of the store and opening it for me to come in. At first I'm thinking on the lines that she might be a killer or something worst, but she looks kind in my eyes, so yeah I walk in the store.

I look around surprised at what the old lady sells. She had dragon sculptures on the shelves shirts and necklaces! I think I'm in heaven! I continue to look around, but a couple of necklaces caught my interest. One was like the left wing of an angel whilst the other one was the left said of the demon wing. I gently pick the necklaces and continue to study them.

"You got a good eye girl." The old lady says next to me making jump a little. "Oh sorry dear didn't mean to scared you, but let me explain the wings you got in your hand." The old lady says with a warm smile.

"It's alright, and huh?" I say clearly confused. She gently takes the wings from my hand, and shows me the angel wing.

"The angel wing represents the goodness of a person, and his or her true personality in which she or he makes them the angel in the relationship." The old lady explains placing the angel wing in my hand and closing it. She then shows me the demon wing. "The demon wing represents the evilness of a person, and his or her true personality in which makes her or him the demon in the relationship." The old lady finishes explaining, but she places the necklace around my neck instead of my hand like the other one.

"Huh why are you giving me the demon wing?" I ask clearly confused.

"Dearie don't worry demon wing is nothing bad, is your personality how you act, it doesn't you're a person either…You have an angel in your life right?" The old explained the first, but when she asked me that question I blush and look at the angel wing that was placed on my hand, so that means Jesse is my angel? And I'm his demon or troublemaker? Or maybe I'm Rex's?

"Yeah." I answer her truthfully.

"Well I'll tell ya what~ I'm going to give this to for free." The old lady says with a grin.

"Wait! I can't take them like that! At least let me pay for them!" I tell her in a panicking manner. She chuckles.

"It' alright Dearie! Just come back to the store when you give that angel wing to your true love." The old lady says whilst pushing me out of the store.

"But but!" I say confused. She continues to push me out until I'm really out.

"No buts! I await your next visit~" The old lady says cheerfully whilst closing the door in my face. I look at the door confused with what happened.

"That was weird!" I say out loud, but look at the angel wing. So who is going to be my true angel? Jesse or Rex? Tomorrow I will choose who I want to really be with…With this angel wing I will confirm who I want to be for eternity, and wait! I have being blushing a lot since that dream!

That dream….maybe it might come true, but no one knows…. Not even I now.

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