A/N: A collection of Young Dracula one-shots, largely set within the series three point. Will feature a variety of different ships, different genres... basically, it'll be whatever I feel like writing at any one moment in time. Unless otherwise stated, assumed they're all disconnected. On with the show!


"So, you've finally chosen a tutor?" The Count sweeped into the main room, cape swishing around his feet. Erin looked up from her seat. Ingrid was still sleeping off the effects of Renfield's last potion, so didn't react, something Vlad was glad of.

"He's trained for this job, Dad," Vlad responded.

"For 400 hundred years," Bertrand added, making his way into the room. Erin jumped, and Vlad rolled his eyes. "I suggest, Vladimir, that we begin the training." Bertrand looked at Vlad seriously. "The sooner your training begins, the better." The Count gave a smirk.

"He's keen. Excelllent, just what you need!" The Count clapped his hands, giving a bellowing laugh. "Good luck with the training, Vladdy, I'll bring you back someone nice to eat." He flitted from the room. Erin looked across at Vlad nervously.

"He meant something nice, right?"

"No." Vlad's response was tinged with annoyance.

"Vladimir." Bertrand pressed, sounding harranged. "We really must get started."

"Alright, I'm coming," Vlad gave Erin a tight smile. He walked to the training room. There was a moment after Vlad left the room, where Bertrand turned, and simply looked at Erin.

"It would be wise, half-fang, if you do not look to him all the time," he said. "The Chosen One has more important things to do than to teach a fledging abandoned by their Sire." There was an undercurrent of ... something in Bertrand's voice, that Erin couldn't place. He glanced at Ingrid, before giving one last harsh look at Erin, flitting from the room.

Erin stared, twisting to look at Ingrid. Still asleep. She turned back to look at the door.