A/N: Yes! The return of Trey!

Don't Get It

"Stakes and garlic, jump the man and get it over with," Trey rolled his eyes, slouching into the training room and looking round with an expression of barely contained boredom. Vlad looked up, still trying to pull off one of the boxing gloves.


"You and Tutor Man," Trey explained. "You could cut the UST with a knife, man. One of you needs to jump the other, and getting laid will probably make you less … edgy all the damn time," he said. He picked up a dagger, tossing it around in his hand.

"What? Bertrand?" Vlad gave a panicked sounding laugh. "I don't fancy Bertrand."

"Yeah," Trey snorted, "and I'm not the Bite." Vlad's expression became dry and Trey set the dagger down, holding up his hands in a placating maner. "Hey, to each his own. The whole tall, dark, and broody thing doesn't quite do it for me, but if that's how you get your kicks..."

"Trey!" Vlad's voice had a note of urgency. "I do not fancy my tutor," he said, a slight strain in his voice. "Even if I did … he's my tutor, my … my valet. It's just, nothing could happen because that would be the best mixture for scandal." Trey stared.

"Fuck it man, that whole vamp hierarchy bullshit again?" He sounded irritated. "Keep the half-fangs and women opressed, yeah, 'cause that ain't outdated and going to get you staked." He folded his arms over the chest. "Fuck 'em, you're the Grand High Vampire, King of all us mere vampires. Do what you like."

"It's not as simple as that," Vlad said quietly. "It's … there's more to it Trey, you're from a promiment half-fang line, you don't know half of the divides that exist. Your family managed to get pass it and, all that's just … " He trailed off, not sure how to finish. Trey was quiet for a moment, taking this in.

"I still think it's bullshit," he said. "And the sooner you jump B's bones, the better."