And Jill Came Tumbling After

Chapter One: Group Projects, Gag Me

"Aubrey Redden you'll be paired with Reid Garwin," Professor Dickinson said above the dull roar that always occupies a high school classroom.

The old lady smiled at me like she was doing me a favor. I groaned inwardly, great, just what I need. I would get paired with the resident bad boy slacker of Ipswich. Lovely. I glanced towards him the frown upon my face surely displaying my feelings. He was glancing around, obviously with no idea who I was, it wasn't entirely shocking but considering we'd had at least two classes together each semester since I transferred in last year it was a bit annoying. His best friend Tyler Simms nodded over towards me and Reid came strutting over.

He gave me his best smile, obviously trying to charm me into submission. I had to give him props, the smile was gorgeous, and on any other girl here it would probably work. Especially considering the average IQ of the female populace at this school was insulting and they were all a bunch of hair brained, hormone following, idiots.

He slung his bag down on the desk with a loud bang, "Reid Garwin," he said, holding out his hand to shake, or possibly molest with that delicious mouth, mine.

"Aubrey," I said grudgingly, eyeing his hand with distaste.

Don't get me wrong I'm not a snob or anything, I just really hate group projects. When I say hate I mean despise. It is a volatile invention put upon students by vindictive teachers. Group projects are the bane of a student's existence. It's always impossible to find a partner willing to do an equal share of the work and put in a good effort. It's even more impossible to find someone who's schedule doesn't conflict with your own. All in all a shit storm.

It was while I mentally estimated the amount of hatred I had towards projects he said, "Aubrey was my grandmothers name." Cue the smile.

I quirked a brow, "How wonderful for you," I said as I scribbled down my number on a piece of notebook paper.

The bell rang and I tore the paper out of my book, "Look Reid, I know your M.O. and it isn't going to work with me. If you want to graduate this year with a semi-decent grade point average you're going to have to earn it like everybody else." I dropped the paper in front of him on the desk, grabbed my bag, and with one last look at the gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyed boy, she booked it out the door.

Reid Garwin stared at the retreating girl thinking that someone was in desperate need of getting laid. She was pretty enough so obviously that wasn't what was stopping her sex life. Her dark brown hair was the shade of melted chocolate paired with deep ocean blue colored eyes. Yeah, definitely pretty. Then he got a little annoyed, most girls would be grateful just to be paired with a Son. Now he was expected to pull his weight in this project. Hell no, he didn't even know what the project was on. He grabbed his backpack and picked up the scrap of paper with her number on it. Underneath the scribbled number was one word: Grams. He smirked, maybe the girl had a sense of humor after all.