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Four Months Later…

Randy sat at one of the white, linen covered tables, looking out over the room where Ted and Cody's wedding and now the reception were taking place and was in awe. Not of the wedding, though even he had to admit to himself it was beautiful, not of the perfect weather they'd had on the day, but he was in awe of how damn handsome his partner looked.

He was watching John make his way from table to table catching up with his colleagues and taking his time getting to know Ted and Cody's friends and family from their hometowns.

"Anyway, Phil mentioned earlier that they were originally looking at North Carolina to get married but it fell through, what happened?" Barbie asked, bringing Randy out of his thoughts, and constant staring.

"Hmm, what?" Randy asked. "Oh, um, North Carolina don't perform gay marriages, don't recognize them either."

"So who came up with Vermont? I bet it was you," Barbie said, placing her hand on his tuxedo-covered bicep.

"Actually, it was John and Ted together that came up with it. Cody was fretting, so John helped Ted do some research and they came up with this place," Randy said shifting in his seat so he could discreetly get away from Barbie's obvious attention.

He wasn't sure why she was coming at him, but in the last few weeks, it was getting worse. He could hear her wittering in the background but Randy was already watching John once more.

His mind, as it so often did these days, drifted to his lover, even when he wasn't watching him, and he knew in time he and John would have their own wedding. He wasn't sure when but he knew he was going to marry John.

Since New Year's, Randy and John were permanently in each other's lives, and when Alanna was with them for the two weeks it was even better, they already had a family. Alanna had openly accepted John in Randy's life, helped by the fact she already liked him beforehand. Even their families were accepting of their relationship, with the exception of Randy's father, but Ted, who had been through the situation, advised them to hang on and he would come around. After all, they were talking about his son.

Randy remembered how nervous John was when they travelled to Boston to see his dad and brothers. They'd arranged to stay at Carol's so they could make a quick exit should it be necessary but John's brothers were cool with it, though shocked, and his father just told him, he'd expected something of the kind for many years. He told John when things fell apart with Liz, he suspected it was more than the two just growing apart, but didn't say anything since he knew John would tell him when he was ready.

"I never said, your match with Phil was good at 'Mania," Barb said once again bringing him from his thoughts.

"It could have been better, Phil keeps telling me it was fantastic but I always think things need improving," Randy said, brushing the topic aside so he could return to John watching. "Your match was good as well."

Now the evening was underway, Randy couldn't help but feel sad he couldn't openly spend time with John. Although they weren't able to be open in front of the wedding guests, being so close to him all day was enough to keep the good feelings he'd woken with. All he wanted to do right now, was march John off to their room so they could spend time alone. He wasn't concerned about having sex, he just wanted to be able to kiss him and let him wrap his strong arms around him while they took a break from the day.

"Randy I didn't have a match at 'Mania," Barbie said, trying to laugh off his lack of interest in the conversation.

"That's good; will, you excuse me, I need to see Emma about something," he said excusing himself from her company. Breathing a sigh of relief, he was finally away from her constant touching.

He stole one last glance at John, smiling that he was still only half way around the room; Randy remembered his comments about wishing to speak to every table. Randy found Emma sat at one of the tables near the top of the room, relaxing in Phil's arms, and he couldn't help but feel jealous that everyone could be open with the one they loved, but he couldn't. He sank down into one of the chairs and almost grunted in response when Emma and Phil greeted him.

"What's wrong with you?" Emma asked.

"Hmm, let me think. Damn near everybody in this room is here with their partner, even me. Somehow, though, I'm stuck next to the WWE's very own Barbie Doll, while my boyfriend wanders round the room greeting everyone on behalf of the two grooms, whom, by the way, are also circulating the room doing the exactly the same. Why the fuck do I have to feel crappy and he doesn't?"

"Feel better?" Phil asked sarcastically.

"What do you think?" Randy bit, kicking a chair and putting his feet up on it.

"I guess Randy's reached his people tolerance level today," Emma joked before turning serious. "Have you thought about acting as though you best man duties to attend to, and asking to steal him away for a moment?"

"Like what, everything's done," Randy said shrugging his shoulders.

"You don't have to tell them what it is, just that you need to borrow John," Emma said rolling her eyes.

As Randy went to speak, so the chairs to his right moved. He looked over and saw Ted sitting down.

"My feet are killing me," Cody groaned, falling into Ted's arms.

"See," Randy said throwing his arms up.

"What?" Cody asked.

"Randy, they've just got married you idiot," Emma snapped. "Get over it. If you want to spend time with John, go and do something about it."

The table stayed silent after Emma's outburst, with Randy picking at a thread on the tablecloth so he didn't have to make eye contact with anyone. He was still upset about being solo when he was one-half of a fantastic relationship. He listened to the small talk start up again between the four people sat at the table. He regretted letting his feelings get him down, especially when the newlyweds were there as well. He didn't want to do anything to ruin their day.

"Ted, Cody, it's time for the first dance," Randy heard Brett tell them. He heard Ted's brother disappear and Randy finally looked up at the others to find them staring at him, pointedly.

"Randy, this would be the time to sort to something about it," Cody said, reaching over and squeezing his hand. "I promise I won't get mad at you."

Randy smirked at Cody's little joke, and nodded, just as John reappeared from greeting everyone. He nudged Randy's legs, silently telling him to move them from the chair they were on. Randy looked up at John and smiled, knowing the nudge was a gesture, a touch, something to get them through the evening. However, Randy needed it twenty minutes ago.

"Okay, since we're altogether, there are a couple of things I need to talk about," Emma said, straightening in her chair, becoming the tour manager they all knew and loved.

"Please don't talk about work," they all cried, including Phil.

"It's related to the wedding, I promise," she said holding her hands up in defense. "John, Randy, I know you both asked for the change in roster for Randy, so you weren't in each other pockets twenty four seven."

"God, yes, there is no way I can put up with him that much," John joked, turning his dimpled smile on full when he faced Randy.

"You've been fine with the last four months," Randy quipped, kicking him under the table.

"Ted, Cody I wanted to let you know the change for Ted transferring to SmackDown well, it's part of my wedding present to you," Emma explained. "I know you've found it hard being apart so much, especially this month, so I thought you'd both prefer to be on the same tour."

"If I didn't have my hubby on my knee, I'd be getting up to hug you right now," Ted said with a tear in his eye.

"My feet hurt," Cody reiterated from when they arrived at the table.

"Is this a bad time to remind you about a certain dance we have to do in a minute?" Ted said quietly.

"Not if you plan on carrying me through it," Cody said, curling his head into the crook of Ted's neck.

"Not this time sweetheart," Ted whispered in Cody's ear. He took Cody's hand and helped him onto his feet, wrapping his arms around his waist.

"Before you go, there's one more thing," Emma said turning to Phil for approval. When he smiled and nodded she turned back but not before taking Phil's hand and letting a grin spread across her own face. "I'm putting the house in Tampa on the market, Phil asked me to move to Chicago with him."

"Em, that's great," the four men cheered at the good news, before going over to hug Emma and shake Phil's hand.

"Okay, Mr. Dibiase," Ted said grabbing Cody's hand one against. "Time to dance."

Ted led Cody onto the dance floor as the DJ announced them to the room and they received a large applaud, much like they did when they first entered the reception. Ted took Cody into his arms as the music to 'I Swear' started and they started dancing to the music. Soon enough, they were indicating for Emma and Phil to join and Cody made a plea with his eyes to Randy to do the same.

"Fuck," Randy breathed.

"What's the matter?" John asked looking at Randy, puzzled from his swearing.

"You know how we made a toast at New Year's about no more problems, and we all wanted a quiet year," Randy hinted.

"What about it?" John asked none the wiser to what Randy was thinking.

Randy suddenly stood and held his hand out for John. John immediately looked around, worry etched on his face as Randy continued to stand with his hand held out for him.

"What are you doing?"

"Something I need to do before I go crazy trying to hide it," Randy said. "Now hurry up before the song ends."

John, though shocked from the move, smiled, took hold of Randy's hand and let the taller man lead him to the dance floor.

"We started at a wedding, make sense we go public at a wedding as well," Randy said focusing on John so he didn't see everyone going wide eyed at the public showing.

"Does he know about this?" John asked indicating Cody.

"He told me to do it," Randy smiled, pulling John closer to him, and wrapping him in his arms as John slid his around Randy's neck. "Not sure whether we can kiss as well, do you think it will be too much for him?"

"How about we find out," John said.

John pulled Randy in by the neck and caught Randy's lips in a soft kiss. Randy quirked an eyebrow when John moved out of the kiss and chuckled. John tilted his head toward the left and Randy looked over to the happy couple, who were too lost in their own kiss to notice John and Randy's kiss.

"Then I want you to keep kissing me if they're none the wiser," Randy said chuckling. "And you better make it count, Cena."

"Remind me, how did it go last night?" John said as the music died out.

"How about we go for a walk outside, we can try and remember together," Randy said, as John started dragging him toward the exit before he finished his sentence.

"Anything to get me alone," John complained, turning around to loop his arms around Randy's neck, as he captured his lips again. "Let's not go for a walk. I want to stay here."

This time Randy seized John's lips, nipping John's bottom lip before soothing it with his tongue. When John whimpered, Randy pushed his tongue in his mouth and took control of John's mouth. Feeling desperate for his lover's caress after being starved for it all evening.

"Happy now, boys," Emma asked as she passed the couple.

Randy broke the kiss and leant his fore head against John's, smiling at the question.

"I'm happy, are you?" Randy asked.

"I was happy the first time we kissed."

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