This is a strange idea that popped into my head while I was driving to work. I just thought I would toss it onto the word processor and into the Internet Winds and see what people think.

Disclaimer: I am not sure I even own the idea, much less the characters involved, so don't sue me. I don't have anything you want anyway.

Greater Tokyo General Contracting Experts Company

A commercial.

Sports Reporter: And the Tokyo Dragons pulled it out in the ninth, five to four.

Anchor Man: Sounds like a tight game. (Turning to the camera.) And when we come back to the five o'clock news, our Medical Reporter will discuss the new discoveries in Male Pattern Baldness.

Now for a word from our sponsor.

[News music plays, then the scene changes to a husky man in a work shirt, standing in front of a work site, where apparently they are repairing something that blew up. Under his name is "Hiro Kanadeke, Owner."]

Hiro: Hello, My name is Hiro Kanadeke, and I would like to ask you something. Have Unreasonably Powerful Martial Artists wrecked your restaurant? Or perhaps those obnoxious aliens have destroyed your workplace. Why, now a day you can't rule out Youma or Demons damaging your home.

And me, and my staff of professional contractors, plumbers, and electricians are ready to help you, with your rebuilding needs. I even guarantee 100% satisfaction guaranteed, AND that we will do it faster and better then anyone else.

But don't take my word for it, listen to our past customers!

[Scene changes to show Kasumi Tendo standing in front of the Tendo Dojo.]

Kasumi: Oh my, yes! The last time Ranma and his friends got a little rambunctious and knocked down the Dojo, the GTGCC was out the next day, and had it up again in just a couple of days. The nice workmen even complimented my cookies [Kasumi smiles, instantly causing this commercial to become VERY popular with the 18 to 24 male age groups.] I just wish they did plumbing.

[Scene changes once again, to show Hiro once again.]

Hiro: Still not convinced, then ask Ms. Meiou.

[Scene change to show Setsuna Meiou, with a cryptic smile on her face. She is sitting on a park bench.]

Setsuna: Yes, the men and women at the GTGCC did a wonderful job on this park after the last youma went through it. And I suspect they will the next time, too.

They also did a fine job with my plumbing problems last week, as well.

[Back to Hiro.]

Hiro: There you have it. What ever you need done, we will do. If it can be fixed we can fix it, and if not we can rebuild it. We even do original, normal contracting work as well. Call any of our three offices, in Down Town Tokyo, Juuban, or Nerima, or visit the School of Anything Goes Contracting Martial arts in Nerima and see for yourself how skilled our workmen are. [Numbers flash on the screen]

I thank you for your time, and hope you remember us for ALL your contracting needs.

[Blue screen, with the numbers on it once again. Another announcer speaks.]

Announcer: Rush service not garanted after an attack by Godzilla. Plumbing service not available in Nerima due to unusual licensing problems. All other areas receive full service.

If you have construction or military experience, we have a job opening for you. Apply at any of our offices.


Short, and really silly, possibly stupid I know...but I couldn't help myself. I now return to writing the more sensible "The Kingdom Comes Again" so please come read that, in the Ranma section, so you don't forever think me a lunatic.

Okay...maybe the commercial thing got to me...gaa.