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Viola stood near where the queen had exited the theatre. Hearing Lord Wessex voice the question that had been plaguing her. How was this to end? The dalliance that never should have been. She loved Will, he belonged to another and she newly wed to Wessex.

"As Stories must when love's denied: with tears and a journey," the Queen spoke her final ruling on the matter. Viola's heart starting to break she tried to hold back her tears. How was she to leave? Her heart left behind in England her body transported to Virginia, with a man she loathed?

The queen had continued on. While she in her reverie, was commanded to give Will his prize, the wager on true love. How fitting. Her hand used to deliver the final blow to her heart. She ran to seek him out, yearning to be in his presence again, feel the light of love left between them before she was torn away. Her set to sail on the ocean of abandon with the mourning tide.

Their final words brief, of never aging love her hand clasped in his dark curls, feeling the fissure of her heart finally tear beyond repair she ran from him while her legs would still carry her. The agony of their love would forever be seared in her mind. His soul broken shown through his eyes, would gradually destroy the strength of hers.