Chapter 1


Renesmee's POV

I opened my eyes to a helicopter full of madness. Bella was screaming along with Tanya. Edward and Riley were trying to calm them down. Alec was trying to wake me up.

"What's going on?" I asked, sitting up and looking around

"Someone out there's trying to kill us" Bella replied "They've killed James"

"Not on my watch" I said, taking Riley's gun and getting out of the helicopter

"Mettez vos mains et déposez vos armes" (Put your hands up and drop your weapon) A voice shouted to me. I threw my weapon down "Quel est votre nom?" (What is your name?) He asked

"Mon nom est Renesmée Cullen" (My name is Renesmee Cullen) I replied

"Que faites-vous ici?" (What are you doing here?) He asked

"Je me suis échappé de l'Angleterre. De l'infection" (I escaped from England. From the infection) I replied

"Etes-vous infectés?" (Are you infected?) He asked

"Non je ne suis pas infecté" (No, I'm not infected) I lied

"Tu vas venir avec moi" (You're coming with me) He said, walking over to me

"Sur mon corps morts" (Over my dead body) I spat, grabbing his gun and aiming it at his head "Maintenant vous être un bon garçon et laissez-moi et mes amis passent à travers?" (Now will you be a good boy and let me and my friends pass through?) I asked

"Oui ratez Cullen" (Yes Miss Cullen) He replied, putting his shaking hands up

"Bon garçon" (Good boy) I mumbled, taking the gun away "Guys, we're clear!" I shouted to the others.

After a while we were somewhere around the Eiffel Tower. We're still together. Still lost

"How did you do that?" Bella asked

"Do what?" I asked

"I mean, get the gun from that French guy. Speak fluent French" Bella replied

"My mum taught me French when I was little" I answered. I heard everyone else whispering quietly behind us. I knew they were talking about me. I turned around to face them "You weren't talking about me were you?" I asked

"No" Alec replied. Liar, liar pants on fire I sang inside my head

"I know you're all lying" I sang

"No way" Tanya groaned

"Got something to hide?" I asked, raising one eyebrow

"No. Why would you even suggest a thing like that?" Edward joked, hugging me

"Because I'm your sister and I know you better than you know yourself" I replied

Edward smiled and took my hand "Last one to the top is a rotten egg!" He shouted, running off towards the entrance of the Eiffel Tower

"Wait up!" Bella screamed, running after followed by everyone else

We were all at the top. Completely breathless, completely contempt with ourselves. This was the life we wanted, needed. I jumped at the sound of Lighters by Bad Meets Evil Feat. Bruno Mars. I looked at Alec and he smiled back

"Close your eyes, Nessie" Alec said, putting his hands on my waist

I closed my eyes and felt my whole body being lifted. I smiled at the feeling of a cold wind blowing through my hair

"Nessie open your eyes" Alec whispered. I opened my eyes and screamed in delight. I saw the whole of Paris in front of me.

"I'm flying Alec!" I joked, smiling

"Open your arms, Nessie" Alec whispered behind my ear. I opened my arms out wide and embraced the cold wind. I closed my eyes and for the first time in months. I felt at peace.